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Inventors and Mentors I Australian International School

Inventors and Mentors

Internationally renowned thought leaders and experts join Australian International School in a series of lectures and round table discussions to inspire our community and students to achieve excellence. 

Thank you to the following figures for visiting AIS and inspiring all of us to achieve more:

elbaradei Beutler schmidt richardgill petersullivan NickKyrgios

Nobel Laureate
for Peace

Dr Mohamed ElBaradei

Dr Mohamed ElBaradei is an Egyptian law scholar and diplomat recognised for his efforts to prevent nuclear energy from being used for military purposes. The 2005 Nobel Peace prize winner was also formerly the Vice President of Egypt and the Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Read about Dr ElBaradei’s visit to AIS here.


Nobel Laureate
for Medicine

Professor Bruce A. Beutler

Professor Bruce A. Beutler is recognised for discovering an important family of receptors that allow mammals to sense infections when they occur. The 2011 Nobel Laureate for Medicine currently serves as the Director of the Center for the Genetics of Host Defense at UT Southwestern Medical Center and continues to be an influential figure in the field of immunology. Read about Professor Beutler’s visit to AIS here.


Nobel Laureate
for Physics

Professor Brian Paul Schmidt

Professor Brian Paul Schmidt is an astrophysicist known for his research in using supernovae as cosmological probes. He holds an Australia Research Council Federation Fellowship and is recognised for discovering the accelerating expansion of the universe and was awarded the 2011 Nobel Prize for Physics. Read about Professor Schmidt’s visit to AIS here


Music Educator
& Conductor

Richard James Gill OAM

Richard James Gill OAM, internationally renowned conductor and music educator who has earned multiple awards for his work. He was appointed Music Director of the Melbourne Victorian Opera in 2005. Mr Gill worked with AIS teachers and students to teach the impact of music on creativity and learning, and the value of music in education. Watch Richard Gill OAM’s TED talk here


Maths Curriculum

Professor Peter Sullivan

Professor Peter Sullivan was the lead writer of the national Australian Maths curriculum. He holds extensive experience in research and teaching, having spent 8 years as the editor of the Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education. He is currently Professor of Science, Mathematics and Technology Education at Monash University. Read his full profile here.


Professional Tennis

Nick Kyrgios

Nick Kyrgios is an Australian professonal tennis player who won the boys’ singles event at the 2013 Australian Open and the men’s doubles event at the 2013 Wimbeldon Championships. He visited AIS to launch our Athlete Development Program, sharing with students what it takes to become an elite athlete. Read more about Kyrgios’ visit to AIS here.



Regan "HA HA" Tamanui

Regan "HA HA" Tamanui is an internationally acclaimed, professional street artist based in Australia and is recognised for establishing the Melbourne Stuckists. He spent one month at AIS for an in-school residency to work with our students on various stencil art projects. Read about Regan's visit to AIS here.


US National Athlete

Lynn Kachmarik

Lynn Kachmarik is a former professional athlete and coach for the United States National Water Polo and Swim teams. She led transformative leadership workshops for our young athletes, sharing the importance of sports in character building. Read about Lynn's visit to here.

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