CCA - Mr Michael Farrell

Week 2 CCAs

Due to Secondary Parent teacher interviews, Secondary CCAs on Wednesday, 23 April will be as follows:


On as normal

Representative Cricket 11U


Representative Football 12U

Sound and Lighting

Representative Basketball 19U Boys

Representative Netball 11U

Badminton Years 9-12

Korean for Beginners

AWWA Smiles Club


Riding for the Disabled


Balloon Sculpting


French Conversation


Graphic Design


Pathfinder Society


Secondary CCAs on Monday 21, Tuesday 22 and Friday, 25 April will ON as normal.

Upper Elementary CCAs will be ON as normal in Week 2

Please refer to the Music page of the Newsletter for information regarding Music CCAs

Michael Farrell
CCA Coordinator

Badminton CCA Years 9 -12

Every week on Wednesday after school, a group of students come to play badminton. Badminton is a very fun game and is good exercise. We play for one hour. I personally enjoy badminton - that’s why I joined. It’s a good way to make friends and to improve on my badminton skills.

My friend Brian is from China. Badminton is one of the most popular sports in China so he has played badminton before with some knowledge of techniques and positioning.

My friend Amit is from India. They play badminton in India but it is not as popular. He is a beginner but he is looking to improve his skills.

My badminton teacher Mrs Dethlefs is a fun and enthusiastic teacher even though she is not a professional, she too wants to improve on her skills and make new friends.

Akshay Menon 9U
Badminton CCA

International Cooking CCA

The International Cooking CCA aims to introduce students to the cuisines from across the world. Our budding chefs have experimented with various techniques like baking, stir-frying and steaming to create culinary delights. The students have understood the importance of hygiene and safety in the kitchen. They have also gained skills in group work and time management.

At the end of each session they would sit together and enjoy what they have cooked. They also looked forward to taking some of their creations home to share with family and friends.

Cameron McIntosh our esteemed Year 10 chef has a few words.

‘The International Cooking CCA is on Thursday nights after school, where we gather to cook food and enjoy the company of friends for an hour. Ms Banerjee and Ms Menon run the program, and give us tips on how to cook the food. Of course nobody could expect them to help us cook the food and not taste some of the food from time to time! So far we have cooked dishes like samosas, which were extremely tasty, and there are even more tasty dishes to come this term. If you were thinking of joining International Cooking and missed out at the start of the year, then there isn’t any time better than the present to start.’ 

Mrs Menon and Mrs Banerjee
International Cooking CCA

Scrapbooking CCA

They say a picture tells a thousand words.  Every Friday Mrs Halliday and Ms Laundy eagerly await the arrival of many excited and enthusiastic scrap-bookers.  They spend their time chatting with their friends while they snip, glue, sequin, create, draw and write.  Their photos are creatively decorated under beautiful headings.  Journaling helps them to remember the event.  Stickers and borders complete the picture.

‘Scrap-booking is about having fun.  There’s no “you have to do this and that”.  You don’t have to follow any rules.  I think it’s really great!’
Willow Butler  

‘Scrapbooking is about being creative with pictures.  We make our pages look wonderful.’
Grace Hazelwood

‘Scrap-booking is a really fun CCA.  You get to put all your past memories into one notebook.  It’s fun to decorate and write about lots of things.’
Rhea Pandey

Ms Laundy and Ms Halliday
Scrapbooking CCA