CCA - Mr Michael Farrell


I am excited to announce that our Secondary CCA students have submitted six entries to the Singapore International Student Film Festival 2014. It is with great anticipation that we will be attending the SISFF Gala at the Canadian International School next Tuesday evening, 29 April. Whether or not we bring back any trophies, this has been a fun, fast learning experience for all and has produced some informative and entertaining films.

High School Documentary Category:

The Hidden Truths Inside Their Shoes. Director: Dylan Alexander

Middle School Video Art Category:

The Wild Side. Directors: Tom Killingback and Noah Tomich

Mother Nature’s Gag Reel, Director: Michael Hamill

My First Scuba Dive in Lombok, Director: Holly Stanton

Middle School Narrative Category:

Playing with DEAD Magic, Director: Safia Farry

The Long Way Home, Director: Holly Stanton

Congratulations and Good Luck to all involved!

Katherine Perry

Primary Woodwork CCA

Woodwork has been a popular choice again this semester. The students have enjoyed making a pencil holder and have started on a toolbox. These projects have allowed the children to develop many skills such as measuring, drilling, cutting, screwing, painting, gluing and sanding. Some of the equipment used includes squares, sanding blocks, screwdrivers, vices, cordless power drills, electric pedestal drills and handsaws.

“I like using the power drill to put screws in”. Hunter Absalom

“We like using the handsaws but it’s harder than we thought it would be”. Elyse Lu and Akari Okubo

“I liked spray painting. I had never done it before, it’s fun.” Prokop Schneuwly

Mr Hayes and Mr Steggles
Primary Woodwork CCA

Rock Band CCA: It Ain’t All Rock

I originally joined the Rockband CCA in 2011 as a favour to a friend of mine.  I had occasionally thought about joining before then but out of a mixture of laziness and the prospect of added pressure, I avoided it.  There was also the fact that I didn't particularly enjoy rock music.  I didn't hate it, if anything, I was mostly apathetic.  I grew up listening to Hip-Hop records;  Tupac Shakur.  N.W.A.  Eminem.  The Notorious B.I.G.  Big Daddy Kane.  It was the one thing that I had known since I had been four years old.  But under pressure from my aforementioned friend, I agreed to do it.  And so, my friend, the rest of our band and I became the first Hip-Hop act in the CCAs history. 

Looking back upon my early days in the CCA, it was a great time.  The music we were making at that point was the definition of mediocrity, but in all honesty, that wasn't the point.  Rock Band provided me with an outlet to practice, perform and grow.  It was a place to meet new people, exchange ideas about music and let loose.  Those early one hour sessions that the band spent in a cramped cupboard of a room were some of the most enjoyable moments of my time in this school. 

By this point in time, the majority of my original band has either left Singapore or quit the CCA.  As for myself, I'm in the final stretch of my time in the program, with my final performance coming at ICE.  Looking back upon these past three years, I have had the opportunity to broaden my horizons musically and as a person.  It's hard to put all my feelings in regards to Rock Band into words, but I will say this, my participation in the program has been one of the, if not the most, rewarding things that I have done in school.

Jun Xiang Tan, Year 12
Rock Band CCA

Soccer Development CCA

Throughout Term 1 and 2, twenty-six students from Years 3 to 5 have been honing their ball skills and building their knowledge of football.

Under the excellent guidance from Coach Douglas the boys and girls have practiced a wide variety of drills. Their diligent practice, motivation and dedication to training every Thursday afternoon in the heat is definitely starting to pay off!

During training this term the students have been putting their skills to the test in friendly matches against each other.

These matches are becoming very entertaining to watch. If you are walking past the field next Thursday afternoon stop and watch our developing young soccer players.

Rachael Symes
Soccer Development CCA

Yoga CCA

Students in Yoga CCA have been stretching, bending and breathing their way through this invigorating CCA.
Here the girls demonstrate some impressive side stretches.