Dates to Remember

(NO SECONDARY CCAs in Week 5 and 6)

Monday, 12 - Friday, 16 May

Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Awareness Week


Wednesday, 14 and Thursday, 15 May

Allergy-free cupcake stand

Lower Elementary School Canteen Area 2.30pm - 4.00pm

Wednesday 14 May – Thursday 22 May

Year 9 Exams (Including NAPLAN)

8.40am –10.30am - Year 7-8
All day – Year 9
Senior Library

Wednesday 14 May – Wednesday 21 May

Year 11 Half Yearly Exam Period

All Day
Senior Library

Wednesday 14 May

Year 10 GCSE Design and Technology
Mock Exam

In Class

Thursday 15 May

Year 10 IGCSE Exam – Drama
Year 10 IGCSE Exam – Mandarin as Foreign Language

Session 1 - 9am

Session 2 – 1pm

Senior Musical Rehearsal

Coral Dixon Theatre


Thursday 15 May –  Wednesday 21 May

Year 8 Exams

All Day
Home Group classrooms

Thursday 15 May –  Thursday 22 May

Year 7 Exams (Including Naplan)

All Day
Home Group classrooms

Sunday 18 May

Senior Musical Rehearsal

10am – 4pm
Coral Dixon Theatre


Information subject to change, correct at date of circulation. 

Parents are urged to check their child’s Assessment Calendar on the Student Portal.  This will provide details of forthcoming assessments.

Dear Parents,

AIS Careers Day
was an outstanding success once again this year, thanks to the wonderful organisation of Mrs Vink and Mrs Hampson Froud. A special thanks to two of our AIS parents: Mrs Leesa Rawlings and Professor Ian Woodward for being our key speakers. Mrs Rawlings gave advice to our Year 12 students on ‘How to get Hired’ as well as ‘Digital Branding’ while Professor Woodward provided our Year 11 students with excellent advice on ‘Charting your Career and Getting to Know You’. It is a real strength of the Careers program that we can call on experts within our community to provide advice and guidance as our students move towards tertiary education and the workforce. In addition to Leesa and Ian, we had displays from 35 universities and colleges, with workshops ranging from ‘Commerce and Marketing’ to ‘A future in the Performing Arts’.   

The Secondary School Assembly this week was full of student-led initiatives and the recognition of student achievements. Students enjoyed a short film created by Tom Killingback and Noah Tomich. Tom and Noah recently won the Middle School Video Art category at the Singapore International Students’ Film Festival. Over thirty students were involved in presenting at the assembly: International Captains (Jasper and Putri) promoted ICE in Week 9, Academic Captains (Meg and Ben) provided advice about exam preparation, Student Action Leaders introduced two 2014 campaigns aiming to prevent Cyber-Bullying (Delete and improve behaviour at school (Mind Your Language). There were also a number of community service fund-raising initiatives (Nepal, Cambodia, Cancer Research) introduced to the School. In addition, trophies were presented to the school for Tae Kwon Do (Jackson and James) and Soccer (Madrid tournament).

Ms Karen Chiu has been appointed as the full-time International Students’ Administrator. Karen will be responsible for overseeing students who are living with guardians in Singapore. The Secondary School has over 80 international students who Karen will be supporting on a regular basis. This is an important initiative of the School, designed to improve communication between the School and guardians, as well as provide welfare support to individual students. Karen is keen to make contact with all guardians and students over the coming months. (

Forty-seven AIS Singapore students from Year 6 – Year 12 have been selected to compete in Hong Kong this week at the annual AISA Games. The games are played across three sports: Basketball, Touch Football and Swimming. In the past, these games have included teams from schools in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates and Singapore. Opportunities such as these, that are available to our students, are amazing and endless and we wish our AIS Sharks all the best as they meet new friends and enjoy the competition available in Hong Kong.

Year 10 - Year 12 students were fortunate to listen to motivational speaker, Dan Jackson (AFL player) on Friday. Dan has played 151 AFL games and was awarded the Jack Dyer Medal in 2013 for being the Best and Fairest player at Richmond. He also was the recipient of the Jim Stynes Community Leadership Award in 2012.  

Dan spoke openly about the challenges of having a high pressure, high profile job and gave some excellent advice on how to succeed.  His top three tips were work hard, surround yourself with positive and supportive people and most importantly enjoy what you do and have fun.  It was great to see so many students from Secondary School, as well as representatives from Upper Elementary School, attend this talk and learn from Dan about the value of setting goals and routines as essential parts of your individual journey towards success.
Year 12 HSC and DP Semester 1 reports were distributed to students on Wednesday. Parents and students are advised to read the teachers’ comments closely. This report will provide valuable suggestions for improvement as Year 12 students prepare for their Final Examinations in Term 4. Parents are advised to contact (HSC) or (IB DP) if they require any explanation about reports. It is also very important that each Year 12 student arranges an interview time to see Mrs Vink ( about university applications. Australian University applications are completed towards the end of Term 3.

Next week is the commencement of Half-Yearly Examinations for Year 7 – Year 9 and Year 11 students. As this can be a stressful time for students and parents, it is important to remember that examinations are just one component of school life. Although they provide an assessment of learning, they also fulfil a more important function for future learning. Examination results provide teachers with valuable information about the strengths and weakness of individual students. Our aim is to build on the identified strengths of each student and provide strategies for improvement where needed. I encourage all students to do their personal best during the examinations and remember that all school-based examinations are preparation for HSC or DP examinations at the conclusion of Year 12.

We are extremely fortunate to be hosting music educator and creative thinker, Richard Gill, next week. Richard is one of Australia’s most admired conductors and is internationally respected as a music educator. Richard will be conducting teaching sessions for students and staff during the week and he will also hold a session for parents on Thursday, 15 May at 6.30pm in the Senior Library (Level 3 Senior Building). This event is open to all parents, and aims to give an insight into the impact that Music can have on all children and their creativity in the classroom across all subjects and year levels.   Please RSVP to if you wish to attend.

Mr Keith Rodger
Assistant Head of Secondary - Welfare and Administration

Secondary School House Swimming Carnival

On Friday, 30 May, the annual Secondary School House Swimming Carnival will be held at Yio Chu Kang Swimming Complex. In preparation for this event, we require all students wishing to compete in the competitive ‘A’ events to pre-register so that we can enter their names into the Meet Manager program.

This is an intensive process, so we seek your assistance in providing us with this information by Wednesday, 14 May. To access the Secondary School Swimming Carnival Survey please click on this link.

Please click here for the parent letter which contains more information.

Ian Forbes
Secondary School Sports Co-ordinator

Update from Year 7

The focus of the last two weeks in Year 7 has been examination preparation.    Exams can be a stressful time for all our students and teachers.  Fortunately we had the lovely Ms Terry, from the Learning Enrichment Department, come and give us some useful hints on managing our stress levels and some ideas on how to implement a healthy and realistic study schedule. Each student was given a booklet to encourage them to enjoy the process of life-long learning. Our students all have their favourite subjects, but we encourage them to try their best in all subject areas.

In order to keep our options open, we encourage our students to embrace every opportunity given. Everyone has their own unique way of learning, and we should be open-minded in adjusting and making changes based on our own individual needs, and most importantly remember that ‘success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles in which they overcame.’ (Booker T. Washington)

Ms Yeung
Head of Year 7

Update from Year 9

As you would be fully aware the Year 9 students are in the throes of examination preparation this week. Next week normal classes will be suspended and students are not required to attend school if they do not have an examination. However please note that students are not allowed to leave the School grounds if they have a break between examinations . 

Examination times:
9:00 - 10:30                 Examination session 1
10:30 - 11:00               Recess
11:00 - 12:00               Study in the library
12:00 - 12:45               Lunch
1:00                                Examination session 2
End of Exam

Students are to assemble in the canteen area a minimum of 30 minutes before the start time of each examination, in full school uniform and wait until they are called up to be seated for the examination.
Students should carry all necessary equipment (pens, pencils, calculators etc.) in clear clip lock bags. Please be aware that mobile phones, bags and notes are not to be taken into the examination room or left outside the examination room. All students’ personal possessions must be placed in lockers.

A very important thing to note is that students MUST bring their School Photo ID with them to the exam.

Examination conditions apply at all times upon entering the room. These include:

  • No student is to speak to another student during an examination

  • No student is to leave the examination room before the conclusion of an exam and all the examination papers are collected.

  • Students must not remove question papers or writing booklets from the examination room.

If your child is unable to attend an examination you must phone Secondary Secretary, Ms Usha, on 6319 2835.  A medical certificate will be required for students absent due to illness.

Finally we wish all students the very best. They have been reminded that their teachers will use these results to identify their areas of strengths and weakness so they can plan targets for improvement. These exams are not an end in themselves but a part of their journey!

In the words of Winston Curchill, ‘success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts!’

Ms Katherine Perry and Mr Mark Weber
Heads of Year 9

Update from Year 10

As you will be aware, we will be undertaking IGCSE final examinations at AIS next week for Drama, Japanese, Mandarin and Chinese as a second Language. With this is mind, please visit the Year 10 assessment calendar page on the VLE:

Under the title Assessment Documents, you will find tailored documents that will help with revision and stress and IGCSE examination regulations.

The first of these documents “ June Expectations” details the expectations for students on the actual day of the examination (from arriving on time, being prepared, bringing ID cards, materials in the examination room to behaviour in the room itself.) The second document “Revision” offers common sense advice for parents and students on how to revise effectively and sensibly. The final document, entitled “Stress Busting” offers practical advice on how to alleviate the natural increase in stress Year 10 students will be feeling at the moment.

Please take time during this long weekend to discuss these documents with your son or daughter and to offer advice on an effective revision schedule. Nerves are inevitable in examination situations, but they can be alleviated by a sensible and considered revision schedule and methodology.

Good luck to our Year 10 students!

Mr Fernandes
IGCSE Coordinator

Update from Year 11

This week marks the half-way point of Term 2 as well as the half-way point of the Year 11 academic year.

Last week 69 DP Biology, DP Environmental Systems and Societies (ESS), HSC Preliminary Biology and HSC Preliminary Geography students headed to Pang Soon Lodge, 1 hour from Chang Mai, Thailand, for a five day field trip to undertake the mandatory fieldwork component of their respective courses. In the past the fieldtrip has been conducted on Tioman Island, Malaysia and from all reports the move to Chang Mai has been an extremely positive one. The students had the opportunity to study a pristine primary rainforest ecosystem and collect data and study river pollution levels from two separate point sources. The field trip challenged students both mentally and physically and the students acquitted themselves admirably. The students are now analysing the raw data collected on the trip as part of their respective assessment tasks.
This week began with the outstanding Careers Fair organised by the marvellous Mrs Vink and Mrs Hamspon-Froud. The Careers Fair is an unparalleled opportunity for our students to speak directly with representatives from universities all around the world and beginning the process of looking toward the future.

During the Fair the Year 11 students completed a Myers-Briggs personality test and had their individual results unpacked and explained by Professor Ian Woodward from INSEAD, the director of the world’s the leading MBA provider. Our students are extremely fortunate to have such an opportunity and Professor Woodward had the students thoroughly engaged. As well as touring the Fair displays and speaking with the university representatives the students were able to attend two workshops of their choice focusing on courses and career prospects in detail from a range of career paths and study disciplines.

Once again this was a valuable opportunity for our students and our thanks and congratulations go to Mrs Vink and Mrs Hamspon-Froud.

Still ahead for this term for Year 11:

Weeks 5 and 6 - Half-Yearly examinations
Week 6 - DP Visual Art Camp 
Week 7 - AIS House Swimming Carnival
Week 9 - International Cultural Experience (ICE)

As you can see there is a great deal to keep all Year 11 students interested and involved this term. As they are an extremely capable group of students we look forward to them making the most of the experiences and challenges ahead. 

Haydn Flanagan and Aileen O’Donnell
Heads of Year 11

Spotlight on English

English is a diverse and fascinating subject.  Our students are engaging with a wide variety of texts and media. It is a subject that embraces thinking, creating, performing, understanding, expressing . . . and that is just the tip of the iceberg.  Here is a snapshot of some of the wide variety of learning experiences that are taking place in English classrooms.

Year 12 HSC
Year 12 students undertook their Half-Yearly English examinations at the end of last term. The results have helped provide guidance for their preparation for their Trial HSC examination and beyond. The HSC classes are now well into their second module and are rapidly moving towards their final topic of study. The Advanced classes are now looking at the impact context has on text through a study of Frankenstein and Blade Runner. These challenging texts have proved to be rich sources of learning for our senior students.

Tips for Year 12

  • Review and complete past papers

  • Read widely

  • Talk to your teacher. They have many of the answers you are seeking, but you have to ask the question before they can share all that they have to give.

Year 11
Year 11 HSC Standard English classes are studying ‘Gary’s House,’ a classic tale of Aussie battlers. They have enjoyed exploring drama and acting out the scenes.  Drama is a mandatory text type in the HSC course and students have been challenged to move from a more passive relationship with the text to actively acting out the tragic events surrounding Gary and his loved ones.

Tip for Year 11
Re-read your Area of Study Text before the next examination.

Year 9 and 10
Year 9 and 10 are currently discovering the wit of Oscar Wilde, as they study ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’. It is exciting to see the enthusiasm with which they are embracing this classic, and appreciation of Wilde’s sense of humour and insight into human nature demonstrates the timelessness of great literature. Year 10 students are deeply engaged with the language Wilde uses and his ability to use words to entertain makes him a useful writer for study. It is hoped that our students will become better writers themselves after reading this text.

English Department