EAL - Mr Tim Hudson

Dates to Remember


Monday, 19 May – Thursday, 22 May

Years 7-9 Exams (Including NAPLAN)

Years 7 – 8 - 8.40am  – 10.30am
Year 9 - All day

Tuesday, 20 May – Wednesday, 21 May

Year 10 IGCSE Exam
First Language Japanese

Session 1 - 9am
Session 2 - 1pm

Year 10 IGCSE Exam
First Language Chinese

Session 1 - 9am
Session 2 - 1pm

Wednesday, 21 May

APSMO Math Olympiad 2014

Period 2 (Year 6)
Period 3 (Year 8)
Period 5 (Year 7)
Senior Building Class Rooms 305/301

Cambodian House Building Visiting Speakers

7.30pm – 9pm
Theatre – Year 10 Cambodia House building Students

Wednesday, 21 May – Sunday, 25 May

Year 11 Visual Arts Bali Camp

Depart 4.30pm
Ubud Bali

Thursday, 22 May

Cancer Council Biggest Morning Tea

9.00am – 11.00am
Pre-School Undercroft Area

Friday, 23 May

Year 10 IGCSE Exam
Mandarin as Foreign Language

Session 1 - 9am
Session 2 - 1pm

Performers - ICE
Auditions & Rehearsals

4pm – 6pm
Coral Dixon Theatre

Sunday, 25 May

Senior Musical Rehearsal

10am – 4pm
Coral Dixon Theatre

Parents are urged to check their child’s Assessment Calendar on the Student Portal.  This will provide details of forthcoming assessments.

Dear Parents,

The School has had a strong academic focus this week with the commencement of the Semester 1 examinations.  I have been impressed by the way the students have conducted themselves during these assessments.  Moreover, the manner with which they have utilised their time in preparation for these assessments has been pleasing.  By facilitating major assessments such as end of semester examinations we provide students with exposure to the type of conditions that will be common in their final years of schooling.  All students are to be congratulated on their efforts.

Yours Faithfully,

Andre Casson
Head of Secondary School

Mother Tongue News

Zou Xuan and Yuan Anni from the Year 9 IGCSE Chinese First Language class participated in the 8th YMCA Mandarin Speaking Awards (MSA) on 27th March, 2014. Participants are mostly from local government schools, including some reputable schools, such as CHIJ, St. Nicholas Girls’ School, Nanyang Girls’ High School and Raffles Institute. Despite the intense competition, both of Zou Xuan and Anni prepared well, overcame their stage fright, and did a great job in the contest. It paid off.  Zou Xuan won the bronze award and Yuan Anni received a Certificate of Participation. Congratulations to these two brave, brilliant girls! 


Paula Peng
Secondary School Chinese Teacher

Mandarin Update


第二语言学生- 自我介绍,我最喜欢的地方或者和所学单元相关的小文章。

The AIS Times (Chinese) Website goes Live now!  The link is:

We hope you find the series of articles to be not only informative, but also interesting and inspiring as our purpose is to establish a Chinese Language learning and sharing platform for all the enthusiastic learners.  To do so, we will continue to strive to produce good stories, useful recourses and warmly welcome contributions from all of you.

Your feedback on the articles of our website is always welcome.  If you have any questions or feedback on any of the articles, please feel free to contact us at
Contributions are welcome!

Chinese A Students- 题材不限,文体不限,400-600字
Language B Students -  Chinese Self Introduction, my favourite place or topic related articles.
AIS Times (Chinese) CCA Team

Ling Su
Secondary School Chinese Teacher

Dates to Remember

Monday, 19 to Friday, 23 May

NAPLAN testing


Tuesday, 27 May

Year 1 Swimming Carnival

AIS School Pool

Thursday, 29 May

Upper Elementary Swimming Carnival

See below for details and venue

Teaching and Learning and Technology

As a PYP school AIS is required to ensure: “Teaching and learning incorporates a range of resources, including information technologies”. Well, we have iPads now, but what does that mean for student learning? Are they just gadgets which are ‘fun’ and keep students entertained? Far from it!

In this week’s Newsletter you will read about the various ways students are using iPads to not only access information but to communicate and reflect on their learning as well as create new knowledge. It has been inspiring to see what even our very young students are able to do.

Of course it is most important that our staff know how to facilitate effective use of the devices. A significant proportion of our Professional Development day on Monday this week was for the development of these skills.

Mother’s Day 
We hope you all enjoyed your special Mother’s Day surprises on Sunday.  The children spent many hours lovingly creating your special homemade gifts.    Our Mother’s Day stall provided your child with the opportunity to purchase a small gift with their hard earned pocket money!

Upper Elementary Units of Inquiry
The Upper Elementary classes have started their third and final Unit of Inquiry for Semester 1.  The classrooms are full of energy as the students launch into the ‘tuning in’ phase.  From delving into the ancient past in Year 3; exploring and appreciating genres in Year 4; and investigating the structure of business and the importance of entrepreneurial thinking in year 5, our students are set to participate in a broad range of learning experiences over the next four weeks.

Year 3 - Where We Are In Place And Time

Year 4 - How We Express Ourselves

Year 5 - How We Organise Ourselves

Danica Holloway 
Assistant Head Upper Elementary (Curriculum)