CCA - Mr Michael Farrell

The importance of Cocurricular Activities

“CCAs are an integral part of our students’ holistic education. Through CCA, students discover their interests and talents while developing values and competencies that will prepare them for a rapidly changing world. CCA also promotes friendships among students from diverse backgrounds as they learn, play and grow together. Participation in CCA fosters social integration and deepens students’ sense of belonging, commitment and sense of responsibility to school, community and nation.”
From the Ministry of Education (Singapore)

In order to assist students in finding this balance, AIS has a fantastic program of Cocurricular Activities, (CCA’s).  More information on this program can be found on the School Website.

Sign up process for Semester 2 CCAs will open on Day 1 of Term 3 via the VLE.

Mr Michael Farrell
CCA Coordinator

Upper Elementary Cooking CCA

During Term 1 and 2 our students were risk takers as they learned to become our very own ‘AIS MasterChefs’, creating dishes within a very short time period! The students used their communication skills and worked co-operatively together, assigning each other different tasks in the cooking activity on that day, of which also included tidying up and washing pots, pans, plates, bowls and utensils. Attention to detail played a vital role as the students used their knowledge and carefully followed recipes, creating dishes that were absolutely delicious to share.  The proof is all in the eating. Most importantly, they had a great deal of fun!

One of our Cooking CCA students, Sophie Lawson, commented, “I love cooking classes because we get to make different foods and use different ingredients. My favourite thing we have made has been the brownie in a cup.”

Students needed to carefully measure out the ingredients and follow the steps of the recipe, adding specific ingredients at a certain time in the making process. Once the ingredients made a dough mixture, it was cut into circles and baked in the oven on a tray. Whilst waiting for the biscuits to bake, the students diligently washed up utensils used and cleaned the working area. The Cooking CCA is a real team effort! The photographs below show students making ‘sugar cookies’.

Erin Bastion, Jennie Carney, Cally Slider, Dee Dee Gao, Kerry De Ruyter and Martina Horn
Upper Elementary Cooking CCA Staff Team

Futsal CCA

Futsal CCA has brought around an excited group of footballers together to play some great games of futsal. Ready to get fit and be fit in the arena, these footballers bring on their A-Game to the Kovan Sport Centre. For all students at Futsal CCA it has become much more than that, it is a place of retreat, learning about each other through laughter and cultivating a strong body and healthy mind.  It is a place of good clean competition across Year 6 to 8, with some very efficient technical skills developing amongst all students of short passes in confined areas. The Year 6 students are really cracking the whip to show their dominance in the league that we have started to organise. The awesome foursome, Nathan, Ben, Remy and Francesco work really well as a unit to push the ball up field quickly before other teams can get into place. Putting their excellent footwork, team execution and aggression into good use, they exert their dominance on court.

The Year 7 students on the other hand, show a very diverse tactical and technical skill set which when put to good use, show some very spectacular set play in action. Sebastian, Jae Min, Jeffery and Alexis bring their footloose out, taking the ball down the wings at a very fast pace with quick successive passes through to the middle and straight into goals. Textbook style attacks that seems to work wonders every time.

The Year 8 students bring with them enthusiasm and courage to face any attack that comes towards them. Working as a team, they take on their opponents with consistency, holding their ground with strong defences.   I enjoy developing their technical skills, all students’ company, their antics and of course the competition that each students bring to this CCA.

Mr Tang
Futsal CCA

Maths Problems and Puzzles CCA

Well, things get pretty crazy in the Maths Problems and Puzzles CCA. If we’re not finding new prime numbers, we’re solving algebraic equations. When we’re done with that, we like to stun each other with logic problems or prove our solutions to Maths Olympiad questions. It gets very competitive in C102 on a Thursday afternoon and if walking past the room it’s not uncommon to hear loud guffawing when we’ve spent 30 minutes on a problem only to find we’ve overlooked a basic premise. Yes, folks, you might think the real exercise is happening on the sports fields but the average brain in the Maths Problems and Puzzles CCA is working out harder than Jane Fonda in an early eighties aerobics video. We love Mathematics. We love Mathematics in a way that others find unfathomable. Please send us your puzzles, problems and mathematical questions and we will find you a solution. Or at least talk about it quite a bit.

Ms Gibson
Maths Problems and Puzzles CCA

Science Club CCA

Every Tuesday afternoon a group of very enthusiastic Upper Elementary School students meet to do science. Each afternoon we are greeted with questions, mostly asking, “What are we going to do today?”

We have a standard response, “Just wait and see!” It’s always so exciting!

We do all sorts of great activities. We have used bunsen burners, beakers and ‘chemicals’ to perform interesting investigations. We have designed Barbie Bungies, looked at ants under the microscope and we have imploded coke cans. Currently we are building parachutes to save eggs from breaking when they are thrown off the 2nd floor.

Whilst having all this fun we learn about the qualities of a good scientist and the scientific method. The students undertake the experiments with great enthusiasm and thoroughly enjoy this CCA. Their passion for Science is evident every session!

Ms Pauline Zwanikken and Mr Tim Duffield
Science Club CCA