CCA - Mr Michael Farrell

AIS Times Chinese

AIS Times Chinese is an online periodical publication containing campus news, diverse features, editorials and language learning resources. Through this opportunity, members of the editorial crew, consisting of a group of enthusiastic upper secondary students, have picked up a sound understanding of journalism, knowledge of print media, layout of newspaper, interviewing and writing, reporting and editing.  It has been an exciting and challenging experience for the team to create an interesting looking homepage for AIS Times Chinese, especially in light of the tight schedule. I hope you will find the series of articles to be not only informative, but also interesting and inspiring. I also wish to commend the efforts of all the students involved. I offer my heartiest congratulations to them and to everyone who wrote articles for AIS Times Chinese. It is my pleasure to announce that we are already working on the next edition and that contributions are always welcome!

Ms Su
AIS Times Chinese CCA

Some comments from the students:
My hobby is writing and reading.  Joining AIS Times Chinese provided me with a stage to further develop my abilities. Through preparing for this project, I now have a better understanding of the importance of teamwork. Overall, I believe that I learned a lot from this CCA.
- Li Yue

Congrats! Our AIS Times Chinese goes live. I enjoyed the moments where all the team members were working together to discuss the articles, editorials and the layout of the website.  It was hard work but it was fun as well. I strongly believe that our newspaper will be getting better and better in the future!
- Zoe Yin Haoyu

It is my honour to be a journalist of AIS Times Chinese editorial team.  It was the very first time I got to conduct formal interviews and write corresponding stories. I learned many new skills throughout this process, such as gathering and processing information and writing formal interview articles. It was such a wonderful experience for all of us to see the newspaper successfully issued after weeks of hard work. We love our website and will strive to do our best in the future.
- Chen Junfan

From AIS Times Chinese CCA, I l have learnt the basic knowledge of setting up a newspaper from scratch, such as planning layouts, picking suitable contents and conducting interviews. The experience has provided me with a better understanding of teamwork, which is integral for a best outcome. I hope that our CCA will be a useful platform for potential enthusiastic Chinese learners!
- Huang Junjie

Painting and Drawing CCA

Every Tuesday after-school, many students from years six to twelve gather for the creative painting and drawing CCA.

In this CCA students are able to unleash their creativity and are able to expand on and learn new techniques.

The main focuses of this CCA are painting, drawing and sketching. Each session we focus on a single piece of art and work effectively to progressively complete them. We have been able to produce beautiful paintings and sketches of spoons, love hearts and faces.

We have created many fantastic artworks and we will surely see more great pieces of art from our budding artists!

Yashica Moodley
Year 7

Scuba Diving

You take a deep breath and air flows through. You have done the impossible, you have breathed underwater. An experience which only 0.3% of all people will ever experience. I am fortunate enough to have been scuba diving and would recommend it to anyone looking for a bit of an adventure or a bit of fun.

I am just about to complete my third and fourth open water dive for my PADI diving course through the CCA’s with Mr. Marsden and I can’t wait to go on my next dive.

I was a little nervous during my first sea dive, but the theory lessons and the pool dives helped settle me.  We spent a few weeks going through the theory, learning the signals that you need to communicate and how to use breathing apparatus.  This was followed by two pool dives to put the theory into practice.

This culminated in the open water dive. We saw many different coral and fish. It was amazing!!!

I’m very grateful for this magnificent opportunity and I would like to thank Mr. Marsden and everyone who helped me do something extraordinary.

Katie Collins


This semester in the Robotics CCA a dedicated group of students has worked with LEGO WeDo Robotics kits to build a huge variety of amazing creations. These creations have included dancing birds, drumming monkeys, airplanes, ships, giants, spinning tops, roaring lions, goal keepers and goal kickers.

Students have needed to closely follow instructions to build their objects before using laptops to develop, drag and drop programs to execute the robots functions, including inserting movements, sounds, sensors and timings. Students have utilized their vivid imaginations to modify both their creations and their programs, resulting in some outstanding and unique robots.

They have demonstrated wonderful problem solving skills in managing to turn their vision into reality and have worked harmoniously and productively in small groups.

Mr McKay


Table Tennis CCA

 Every Tuesday afternoon, our enthusiastic students gather and spend an hour of fun, exercise and laughter! They have learnt the rules, attempted playing singles and doubles and even invented their own fun way of playing!

Sean Leong, our second time participant, has improved his serving skills and always scores with his hard-to-catch serves.  Brodie Alizzi’ smash is so powerful that he can kill his opponent immediately. Jared Maher is the most cheerful player and always brings laughter and cheerfulness with him. Adam Gow is a green hand in this game but he is not to be intimidated by a stronger player than him. Dylan Seah practices his skills diligently and has a great time with his friends. Dominque Goh plays against her male opponents, tired but happily.  The Lowndes brothers form a strong union and together play against others. Liam Crowe, our most keen and enthuastic player has improved his playing skills tremendously and has been a three time champion in the round table competition!

What a great and interactive game this CCA offers!

Dongping Yuan