Dates to Remember

Wednesday, 11 June

Prep Swimming Carnival

AIS Swimming Pool

Friday, 13 June

ICE Festival – Dress up day

Various Locations

Elementary School Notices / Announcements

On Friday, 13 June the Elementary School will be taking part in AIS’ International Cultural Experience, also known as ICE.  This is a school-wide celebration of the 50+ nationalities within our student body, as well as the cultures many of our students will have also experienced during their travels.

We are very fortunate to be able to celebrate this with the Secondary School through the fun and engaging opening ceremony as well as the ICE showcase. This is a concert that highlights a selection of cultural performances from the Secondary School.

The rest of our ICE day will be spent engaging in Year Level activities, highlighting the wonderful array of cultures we have at AIS. Children will be exploring foods, activities, music as well as having an international dress up day.

Prep Swimming Carnival

Wednesday, 11 June

Prep Swimming Carnival
8.40-9.40 - PDI, PIT, PSY, PCO
9.50-10.50 - PLO, PWH, PJA, PHO

AIS Pool

Prep students are currently participating in a Swim Scheme program. As a celebration of the end of the program students will participate in a Swimming Carnival. This carnival provides an opportunity for the students to demonstrate skills they have learnt and practiced during the program.

Date: Wednesday, 11 June
Venue: AIS Pool
Times: 8:40am – 11am

Please click here to view the Prep Swimming Carnival 2014 parent information letter

From the Head of Elementary: Mignon Weckert

What makes the learning at AIS different?
Don’t all schools ‘do’ the same basic subjects within the curriculum? It’s so interesting reading websites or articles about learning in schools. It can be a minefield of ‘edu-jargon’ at times!

At AIS we often talk about ‘authentic’ learning where students use the skills of literacy, numeracy and the various transdisciplinary skills within a ‘real’ context rather than school learning which can be disconnected to reality. An example of this is the Year 5 Market Day Culminating Task. As part of the Year 5 “How We Organise Ourselves” unit, the Year 5 students have been working towards creating a product or providing a service for their class Market Day. The Markets have taken place during lessons this week. Year 3 and 4 students were invited to purchase items at the Market Days.

Of course this has involved students developing a business plan that includes market research, an advertising campaign, and a budget to ensure they cover production costs and possibly make a small profit. Certainly ‘real life’ application and the start of some wonderful entrepreneurial thinking!

Mignon Weckert
Head of Elementary

News from Upper Elementary

Let’s hear from some of our Year 5 students about their Market Day

“If running a business is this much fun, I can’t wait to grow up!”
Juliette Ruming

“I learned about supply and demand in businesses.  When  there is low supply, the price is high; when there is a lot of  supply , the price is low; when the demand is high, you produce more if you can”

Alex Mayoral-Serna

“It is interesting to see how much people are willing to pay for your products and that you can change the price depending on demand”

Grace Rosdjo 5T

“The best thing about running a business is making a profit and seeing how much people like our products”
Amanda Devairakkam

“When supply and demand change, you need to change the prices to match”

Nicole Jacob

Upper Elementary Swimming Carnival - Report and Result

 Visit the Sports Section of this Newsletter for the write up and results from last week's Upper Elementary Swimming Carnival.

Miranda Teves
Elementary Sports Coordinator

News from Lower Elementary

Year 2 in the spotlight – learning from primary sources
This week, Year 2 classes ventured out of the School to explore Fort Canning Park and tour the Singapore National Museum. This excursion enhanced the student’s inquiry into their current unit, ‘Where we are in place and time’. The students were able to explore and experience what life was like in Singapore in the past and how the history of Singapore has helped to shape the Singapore that we know today. During the course of the day, they participated in a role play at the museum that retold Singapore’s history from the perspective of the early travelers to the island of Tamasek and discovered how Singapore got its name, they also learnt about the significance of Fort Canning Park to the history of Singapore, in particular learning about the ‘secret stairwell’ near the Battle Box or the British Command Centre, where the decision to surrender to the Japanese was made in 1942.

This experience built upon and confirmed their current knowledge and enabled development of further questions, which will help to drive their inquiry. It also provided students with further knowledge and understanding that could not be gained from a book or the Internet.

Arabella, shared her experience about inquiring into evidence from the past:

‘We got to look and touch this ancient history’.
She also shared her experiencing about what she learnt as a result from the excursion.

Upon return to school, 2FO completed a ‘Fishbone’ (graphic organiser) to help to organise their thinking and recall facts about the excursion and then used the fishbone to reflect on the key ideas and facts to craft a recount.

Arabella, in her finished piece, recounted what she learnt about tigers:

"Did you know that back in the olden days, tigers lurked on every street? Brave men called Cues tried to catch them with bamboo cages and meat bait on a string. The Cues put the worst tigers in metal cages"

News from Preschool

What a wonderful week we have had. How proud we feel to have had a number of opportunities during the week to once again showcase the uniqueness of our amazing Preschool.

New Classroom and Staff Notice
We are excited to announce that due to overwhelming demand for Preschool places we will be opening a new class in Term 3 called ‘The Kookaburras.’

This week we are also able to announce the return of a very experienced and highly qualified classroom teacher, Jude Winten, who returns to Singapore and AIS.   

We look forward to welcoming back a valued and dedicated former staff member to our team in Term 3.

Year 12 Buddies

This week saw the end of our highly successful Preschool and Year 12 Buddy Program. One of our regular relief teachers gives you her impressions of the celebration below:

"Today was the official farewell celebration of the Year 12 buddy program.   The Year 12 students, Preschoolers and staff joined together in the POD area to have an assembly.  There were plenty of hugs, lots of hand holding and gentle signs of enjoyment as the children sat together and sang.  After the power of a sing-a-long, it was time to head back to classrooms for presentation of gifts, more playing and, to top it off; each Year 12 student gave our Preschoolers a cupcake.

As an observer, it was wonderful to see these very different ages connect and enjoy the power or ‘hero’ of ‘being significant.’ Young children give genuine responses to others and love making new friends. I would hope that this experience has given the Year 12 students a break from study and that they leave the Preschool feeling ‘loved’ and ‘appreciated’.  Their responsibility, as leaders of AIS, and the impact they have had on young children has been wonderful to observe.  This experience bridges the youngest and oldest in our school community and brings a closer connection to all."

Suzy Baird
Relief Teacher

We always welcome parental involvement, particularlywhere cooking is involved. Parents regularly love sharing their culinary skills in our purpose-built Preschool kitchen. This week Max’s mum, from the Emus class, shared her special chocolate chip and blueberry muffin recipe with the Emus. This hands-on experience in the kitchen allowed our very eager chefs to ‘read’ and follow a recipe, measure ingredients, count muffin trays, and mix and spoon the mixture carefully. This experience was shared in our regular Teacher Assistant meeting, as was the recipe for other classes to try. One of the Emus displayed the attribute of being a risk -taker by trying blueberries, despite adamantly sharing with us her dislike of them. Please feel free to enjoy cooking muffins with your child over the upcoming school holidays. We have attached the recipe for your enjoyment, click here to download.
Open House Tour
On Wednesday morning, we proudly toured an enthusiastic group of parents on an interactive journey through Preschool. We shared the quality learning which occurs in our classrooms daily and answered questions about curriculum, routines, and orientation. One topic of interest to many potential parents is toilet training.  Please click here for a few tips on toilet training from an expert.

An email received after the tour, described the value of this unique opportunity when experiencing a day in the life of an AIS Preschooler:

“Thanks for today, it was very impressive.  Werner thought the Preschool was amazing and Seb didn't want to leave ‘big school'”

We never tire of sharing our wonderful learning environment with current and future families, as well as our extended community.

We are looking forward to sharing the last week of Term 2 with our Preschoolers next week.  The children will be engaged in secret Father’s Day shopping, International Cultural Experience (ICE) celebrations, and the delivery of the Semester 1 written report.

Have a lovely weekend.

Judy Eveans and Kirsti Hitz-Morton
Head and Assistant Head of Preschool

Single Subject Spotlight: Visual Arts      

The second half of this term has been an industrious and exciting time for Prep art students; as they complete their paper-mache dragon lizard sculptures. These lizards have been painted in natural colours and have had frills and eyes added to complete the pieces. Students are excited about finding a home for their dragon lizard next week. Preparatory student have thoroughly enjoyed ‘The art of Camouflage’ unit and their fine motor skills have improved immensely.

Year 1 artists have worked diligently toward completing their paper-mache birds. This artist practice was a component of representation of movement in an artform. Last week the students painted their birds in bright colours and applied feathers and eyes. We are sure you will agree the end results are impressive. Some students are excited about hanging the sculptures in their bedrooms. Year 1 students have also recently commenced their next unit titled ‘Artists are influenced by the place in which they live’. Students are in the process of investigating and sketching the elements of a condominium. Please feel free to discuss and highlight aspects of places and spaces at your home (and how they could possibly lend themselves to artistic representation) with your Year 1 child.

Year 2
art students have been expressing their imagination in the world of fantasy creatures. They have inquired into the features of fantasy creatures and have also considered the adaptation features of fantasy creatures to suggested environments. The unit commenced with a fantasy creature plan which comprised of information all about the creature. This included the creature’s name, sensory features and environmental and predator adaptation features. Our creature plan was re-created into a large multi- media art piece including the creature’s environment. This was decorated with oil pastels, an ink background wash with highlights made with collaged colour paper. The students then constructed a mini version of their fantasy creature using plasticine to be accompanied with an environment. To complete the artist practice of this unit, students will be moving onto a mask construction of the creature’s face. The students have particularly enjoyed the planning and construction components associated with this creative unit.

Year 3 artist have been studying Still Life in Art. They have been inquiring into examples of still life artworks both in the past and present in a variety of mediums (painting, drawing, charcoal, photography and 3D forms). Students then emulated their own still life artist practice by depicting still life arrangements in the art room. These ranged from flowers, fruits, kitchen utensils, a chainsaw and random objects from the shed. Students experimented with the medium of oil pastel drawing and will be moving onto other media’ such as charcoal and collage’ early in the next term.  The students’ skill development focus for this unit has been on tone, in particular the use of light, shadows and colour blending, perspective and horizon line representation. Throughout this unit iPads will be used to capture and record the students’ still life artist practice journey. This will include oral recordings and short movies. These will be compiled in order for the students to share at our Student Led conferences later on in the year.

Year 4 students have completed their unit ‘Cultures, beliefs and values can be represented through Art’. During this unit students manipulated images using oil pastel blending techniques. The students confidently considered composition and colour representation when working-on and editing their images. Upon completion of their artworks, the students wrote a rationale explaining what the image is and why they selected the image as a representation of the theme. The students work (together with their rationale) will be displayed in the Year 4 cluster area early in Term 3 .

Year 5 students have been inquiring into the ‘Art of Expression’ and looking specifically at the difference between ‘Art that represents what we see’ VS ‘Art that represents how we feel’. Students recently completed their emulation of Munch’s ‘The Scream’ with some fabulous individual representations. The students are now researching the genre of expressionism as a component of their art in society art theory.