MUSIC - Mr Simon Hughes

AIS Annual Music Ensemble Evening 2014

The Music Department Ensemble Evening was a huge success on Wednesday evening this week. On reflection, I believe that it is the best concert we have ever produced as a Music Department.   All of our students in Ensembles rose to the occasion performing beyond our expectations. The Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music Concert Hall was a superb venue and the event was sold out.

I would like to thank the Music Department for their tireless work with students in the Ensemble Program and the extra effort they all put into making the Ensemble Evening a success. It was a very long day, beginning at 7:30am with bumping in a truck load of instruments amps and choir risers, followed by constant rehearsals through the day and a two and a half hour concert beginning at 7.00pm.

Congratulations to Wayne Elliott, Annette McKerrow, Marillize Prins, Karen Manskey, Murray Winton, Jodie Winton, Jo Clark and Fiona Johnston from the Music Department. I have never worked with a more balanced, professional, skilled and dedicated team of Music educators. Our two Music Assistants, Mrs Katrina Merten and Mrs Naomi Davis, did an amazing job of booking food, bus logistics, front of house, cleaning up, chasing students, organising hire vehicles, session musician payments and picking up whatever job needed to be done. We are very lucky to have them working as a part of the Music team.

Thanks also to Ashleigh Huxtable, Martha Bentley and Mark Weber from the Drama Department who supervised our students all day and stayed to help with the concert. The maintenance team form AIS were on hand to help pack and load the truck and the venue staff were professional and skilled.
I must also thank Ailsa Morrison and Claire Ettinger from the School’s Marketing Department, who produced all of the promotional material including programs and signage as well as running the online ticketing system and working front of house on the evening. They were absolutely fantastic and we could not have held the event without them.
We have received many wonderful emails from parents who took the time to thank the Music Department. Here are some of the comments that were made:

"I would like to add my congratulations to those already shared in relation to last night’s Music Ensemble.  The enthusiasm, quality, diversity and excellence in all the performances was wonderful to see and hear.  Our Music Department, participants and all the contributors came together to provide us with an outstanding evening.  Isaac Tan’s performance of Piano Concerto No 5 by Beethoven was magnificent."
Dr Miller
"To all the wonderful Music Department staff involved in this week’s musical extravaganza. Wednesday night was an absolutely wonderful showcase of the children's talents. We thoroughly enjoyed the evening from the very sweet and entertaining Elementary Choir right through to the incredibly impressive and beautiful Concordis Beethoven performance.The passion and enthusiasm of the Music teachers along with the children's enjoyment was clearly evident in each and every performance.”

"I wanted to thank you and your team for the incredible evening. The level of student talent was astonishing and the dedication, skills and passion of your music staff team was clearly evident and, I think, unsurpassed by any other school I've seen. Thank you all so much for your continued hard work encouraging our children to strive for excellence and develop a passion for music in all its beauty. Just sitting in that concert last night enjoying all the music on offer was good for my soul.
I also wanted to pass on my thanks to your students who are incredible role models for little ones like mine coming through the school. The event was aspirational as well as inspirational and it was a joy to see students, who I've seen excel in other arenas such as academia or sports, also excelling in and enjoying their music. To see older rugby boys singing well and with enthusiasm and commitment is such an inspiration to younger boys and the senior girls were also outstanding. I don't think we can overstate how important their example is to the younger ones at AIS.
One of the things I was most struck by was the strong sense that any AIS student interested in music would have a place in your department - if an ensemble doesn't exist, the department would create one to make sure each student can be part of something bigger. That is a rare and precious gift to give our children and I'm sincerely hoping we are able to be at AIS long enough to take advantage of all the music department has to offer, because I have no doubt my children's lives will be all the richer for it.

Thanks again for everything you and your amazing team have done and continue to do. We are very, very lucky parents to have such a fantastic music department.”


CCAs in Week 9

We will continue with a select number of CCAs next week. Please watch the inbox of your email for any last minute updates.

Music CCAs 2014


Percussion Ensemble


Music Room 2


Secondary Chamber Ensemble


Music Room 1

Yr. 3 - 5 Choir


Music Room 5


Elementary String Quartet


Music Room 3

Elementary Strings


Music Room 6

Secondary Recorder Ensemble

12:55 – 1:35

Music Room 3

Brass Ensemble


Music Room 3

Guitar Ensemble


Music Room 1