Dates to Remember

Friday, 20 June

Year 6-9 and Year 11 Reports posted to parents



Week 1, Term 3

Thursday, 10 July –
15 July

Year 10 – 11 Indonesian Language Trip

All Day

Indonesia Yogyarta
Years 10 – 11

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Parents are urged to check their child’s Assessment Calendar on the Student Portal.  This will provide details of forthcoming assessments.

Dear Parents,

I spoke with the students at assembly this week about the fact that the end of term always brings with it equal amounts of excitement and sadness.  Excitement about the impending holidays and the adventures that will unfold – even Heads of School love the holidays!  Sadness at the fact that the end of each term means that we will have to say good-bye to a number of students.  Our talented students are one of the most amazing aspects of teaching at AIS.  They are the most delightful young men and women that I have had the pleasure to work with in my 21 years as a teacher.  To all those students and their families who will bid a bon voyage to AIS at the end of term I wish you all the best for what I know will be a superlative future.  Thank you for your contribution to our wonderful school, our lives have been enriched by having you in them.  Please remember that you will always be welcome back.

In addition to our departing students we bid farewell to three teachers this term.  Mrs Robinson, Mr McNalty and Mr Schneer, thank you for the immense contribution that you have made to AIS; for your passionate and innovative lessons and for your enthusiasm and support for our CCA Program.  Most importantly, for the genuine care and support you express for our students.  The teachers at AIS are magnificent practitioners who give so much of themselves each day.  To our three departing colleagues – good luck in your future endeavours.  You will always be welcome at AIS.

As was mentioned in the Newsletter earlier this term, students in Years 6 – 9 and Year 11 will have their full written reports posted to their home on Friday of next week – 20/06/2014.  By posting the reports the teachers have been able to include an additional week of teaching before the final examinations for the semester.  If any students do not receive their report they should contact the Secondary Secretary –

Term 2, like all terms at AIS, has been an extremely busy but fulfilling one.  So much wonderful work has been achieved.  I am immensely proud of the efforts of all of our community, for their positive outlook and pursuit of excellence.  As is the case each term I send a letter home with the reports that summarises our achievements.  Along with this letter I attach a Term Events Calendar for the next period of schooling.  I attach both of these here for your reference.

Secondary School Events Calendar for Term 3.

Year 6 - 9 and Year 11 Secondary Report Letter.

I cannot think of a better way to end a term than with the annual ICE Festival – “the coolest day of the year!”  The students really got into the spirit of the day by dressing in a myriad of national dresses.  Moreover, they engaged fully with the workshops on offer that allowed them all to experience a taste of different cultures.  A huge vote of thanks must be extended to the School Captaincy Team, Mr Michael Farrell, Ms Kirsten Murphy, Mr Paul Carney and Ms Ailsa Morrison.  The efforts of this brilliant team made the day possible.

To all in our community I wish you a safe holiday.  Enjoy the break – you have all earned it!  Travel safely where ever you may be heading.  See you back in Term 3.

Yours Faithfully,

Andre Casson
Head of Secondary School

Readers and Writers Needed for Examinations

Dear Parents,

In Term 3, Year 10 students will be sitting their mock IGCSE examinations and Year 12 will be sitting their trial Higher School Certificate examinations. In order to compete on the same basis as their peers and to demonstrate their true understandings of the curriculum, some students have been granted the use of a reader or writer for their examinations.

We are seeking interested volunteers to assist with acting as a reader or writer for students during these exams. The examination period extends from Monday, 21 July to Friday, 8 August. Full training will be provided.

If you are available and would like to volunteer to assist during this examination period, please contact Kim Terry at

Mrs Kim Terry
Head of Individual Needs

CCA Program Semester 2

The Enrichment and Sport CCA Schedules for Semester 2, 2014 are now available for viewing on the School’s portal here (click here). You will need your parent login details to access the school portal.

Online registrations for the Semester 2 CCA Program will commence at 10am on Monday, 14 July 2014 and close at 4pm on Wednesday, 16 July 2014. Please ensure your parent login details are working properly prior to the commencement of registration. Please also refer to the Schedules prior to completing the online registration so you are aware of when and where the activity is taking place and any associated costs.

Should you have misplaced your login details or have trouble logging in please contact the AIS IT Help Desk for assistance. This help desk is manned Monday – Friday from 9am – 5pm. 

The CCA Program will commence in Week 3. However, the majority of Representative Sports will commence in Week 2 as noted on the Schedules.

Simone Stokes
CCA Administration Assistant

Year 6 Update

Mr Andrew Mowat, Head of ICT and Mrs Robyn Rudd, Secondary School Counsellor recently led a session for Year 6 students reminding them of the importance of laptop security and the responsibility that comes with using their laptops appropriately.  School expectations were reinforced as students were reminded of the disciplinary procedure and structure as printed in the Student Organiser:

  • “Any student found accessing information deemed inappropriate, will receive a ‘strike’ as per the ‘3 strike policy . . . and will be required to return their laptops to the ICT Department for a determined length of time.”

  • No chatting is allowed.

Students were further encouraged to think carefully before making choices regarding the use of social media on their devices. A poor choice or inappropriate remark can quickly escalate from a minor disagreement to a cyber-bullying issue. Stickers placed on their laptops act as a visual prompt to remind students of these facts each time they open their computers.

In Technology, students have completed a variety of units including the Muffin and Hand Puppet Projects.  Working in collaboration to design the most nutritious and delicious muffin was top priority and many trial baking runs led to happy tastings and discoveries about ingredients and methods used. The Hand Puppet design brief was embraced with glee as favourite characters came to life in felt fabric using machine stitching and hand embroidery skills. Students enjoyed the opportunity to enact short skits with their characters.

Year 6 students were  also enthusiastic participants in the Cake Cooking Competition for the Cancer Council Fundraiser recently. Judges had to check the age group before judging the Years 6-8 category; such was the standard of the entries! Congratulations again to Skye Radatt on her win and the other deserving entrants.

Ms Joannidis
6X Home Group Teacher

 Year 8 Update

The Year 8 Pastoral Care Program focused on the Vietnam Camp in Term 1 and study skills and responsible use of social media in Term 2.  The focus for Term 3 will be based around the development of self-esteem and awareness using a program called ‘Rock and Water’. All Year 8 students will participate in a series of activities in the large gym that are designed to give them confidence in social interactions. They will be taught body language skills including eye contact, how to handle difficult and confronting situations, and how to deal with bullying and aggressiveness.

Both Mrs Bhogal and Mr Nitschke have undertaken training in the Rock and Water Program in Australia, and four of the current Year 8 Home Room Teachers have had experience in the delivery of the program. There will be five one hour activity sessions in the large Gym to deliver the Course.  We are looking forward to the benefits this Pastoral Care Program can provide for the Year 8 students in Semester 2.

Mr Wayne Nitschke and Mrs Anne Bhogal
Heads of Year 8

 Year 10 Update

“One doesn’t discover new lands without consenting to lose sight for a very long time of the shore”   
Andre Gide

We can all relate to Andre Gide’s quote above and count the blessings that we have the opportunities for discovery offered by living in Singapore and attending AIS.  We sadly farewell seven Year 10 students from our group, Khadija Ali, Yi Ryong Kim, Michelle Ran Frost Fuglsang and Elizabeth Van Straten from 10V, Bec Anderson and Dylan Cullingworth from 10X and Jackson Tomich from 10W.  We wish these students and their families well as they move to their next exciting overseas posting or to home shores.  You will be missed and we hope you will keep in touch.  Special mention goes to one of our captains, Jackson Tomich, who has made a wonderful contribution to Student Action.

The key to really experiencing discovery is involvement and our Year 10s have certainly demonstrated involvement across the school during recent weeks.  We were very proud to support Dylan Douglas, Theodore Forsberg, Mark Robinson, Hideo Uedo and Sam Wilkinson as members of the winning Under 19 Soccer team.  The game was very exciting and the sportsmanship demonstrated by our players was exemplary. 

Food and Technology students participated recently in The Great Australian Morning Tea fundraiser for Cancer by baking cakes for the cake competition.  The competitors are too numerous to list here but their cakes were testament to the enormous creative potential in this group of students.

Our Cambodian House Builders also demonstrated creativity in fund raising ventures at the recent swimming carnival by offering house points to the house that could fill a house coloured map of Cambodia. 

Over thirty of our Year 10 students performed at the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music Concert Hall in the Ensemble Evening last week.  The range of musical talent just within Year 10 was impressive and the quality of their work was wonderful.

You may wonder with all these cocurricular opportunities whether students have time to squeeze schoolwork in, but they certainly do.  They took home their interim reports this Wednesday and many students can take pride in their achievements in the classroom this semester.  For those who still need to manage improvement in their results, the mentoring process is in place to support this. 

Students will sit their IGCSE Trial Examinations in Weeks 2 to 4 of next term, 21 July to 8 August.  These examinations allow students to experience what their final exams will be like in October / November.  They will also serve as indicators of students’ strengths at this point and the areas that need further revision.  Normal classes will run during the examination period.  This will allow teachers to assist students to engage in structured study so that they are best prepared for examinations.  Allowances will be made to students who have no morning exam but do have an afternoon exam.  They are allowed to stay home for the morning but must be at school at 12 noon to begin the afternoon examination.  Students must wear full formal school uniform for their examinations.  One complete set of sample papers in each subject has been posted to students “Being in Year 10” site on Scholaris.  Students can access this by going to “My Workspaces”.  Parents also have access to this site.  Mark schemes have been posted with the sample papers to allow students to use the papers for revision practice and mark their own work at home.

The final examination dates for IGCSE are now available and run from Friday Week 1 Term 4 (10 October) to Monday of Week 7 Term 4 (17 November).

Many uniform passes have been issued over the last two weeks, mainly for ties.  Students are reminded to check uniforms (and possibly lost property boxes) before they return to school next term.  It is expected that all students will be in full uniform from the first day onwards.  Students are also reminded to have a strong lock on their lockers.

We wish you all a happy and safe holiday and look forward to seeing you back for the start of Term 3 on Monday, 14 July at 8.25am.

Mrs S Kiehne and Mr L Tyson
Heads of Year 10

 Year 11 Update

It’s been another busy period for our hard-working Year 11 students. As we wind down at the end of Term 2, it’s a good time to remind Year 11 that although the deserve a good rest over the holiday break, with only one term of Year 11 to go on their return, that some work over the holiday break may be required.

This is not to say that no fun is allowed but to encourage them to balance fun and work commitments - just like the adults in their lives do.

Speaking of fun, the ICE festival is on Friday and promises to be a fabulous day to end the semester. Many of our students are taking leading roles in this event and demonstrating their leadership skills in the most practical ways. Well done to all involved!

Congratulations to the Year 11 students involved in the Nepal Fundraising program who have been extremely busy this term with the Second-hand Bookstall, the Lamington Drive and the Swimming Carnival BBQ. The Bookstall raised $1,568.65, the Lamington Drive $2,944 and the Swimming Carnival BBQ raised $938.25. Thanks to all staff who supported these activities and to students and families for their generosity.

The students fundraising activities continue into Term 3 kicking off with the Run4Nepal to be held on Sunday, 3 August. Information for this event is below. Sign up and enjoy a fun and active morning on the East Coast with family and friends.

Run4nepal – Signup This Term! 

ALL students from year 6 to 12 PLEASE sign up for the Run4Nepal via this link:

Please enter this promo code: PARUNN. There are 5km, 10km and 15km options. 

The deadline for signup is Saturday, 5 July. Early next term, registered staff and students will be given a donation card to collect sponsorship for their run and the moneys raised will go to help school children in Nepal. 

Enjoy the break (and some study!)

Mr H Flanagan an Ms A O’Donnell
Heads of Year 11

Year 12 Update

It’s been another busy period for our hard-working Year 12 students. As we wind down at the end of Term 2, it’s a good time to remind Year 12 that although we call the period from 14 June to 14 July a ‘holiday’ they need to call it a ‘study break’. This is the time when they can consolidate their notes, start revising hard, target areas in which they are less confident and ensure they are prepared for the HSC Trial exams in Week 3, Term 3 and IB Diploma trial exams in Week 6. This is not to say that no fun is allowed but to encourage them to balance fun and work commitments - just like the adults in their lives do.

Speaking of fun, the ICE festival is on Friday and promises to be a fabulous day. Many of our students are taking leading roles in this event and demonstrating their leadership skills in the most practical ways. It will be a special day for all being the last ICE festival at AIS, as this is such a memorable event every year. Well done to all involved!

Our Buddy program ended last Wednesday and it has been a delight to see the big kids and the little kids form bonds though play. Year 12 has collectively thrown itself into the sandpit, the model making, the picture book reading, the obstacle course and the cuddles with enormous enthusiasm. Thanks must go to Preschool staff for being so welcoming and organised. It’s an oasis of calm over there and a soothing, enjoyable experience not to say a welcome respite from study for our students. The Year 12 students are encouraged to take a break from studies and reconnect with their buddies throughout the remainder of the year. There is a selection of reflections and photos from the final buddy program session below.

Enjoy the break (and the study!)

Reflections from the Preschoolers
Scarlette – I wish Ellie can come back everyday.
Charlie – I wish you could stay with us forever so you can play with us.
Sammy – I wish you (Rino) could be in my house so I could play with you the whole time.
Solange – I wish Undram could play with me all day and come to my house for your birthday.
Teagan – I wish you could be with you all the time, Oda!
Emma – I wish I can make a cupcake for you because I like making cupcakes with the icing on.

Reflections from the Year 12 buddies
Lauren – I really enjoyed the program as it was a nice break from Year 12 work. I always looked forward to going down and spending time with my buddy :)

Angela – it was always the highlight of my week going down, playing games and listening to all the stories my buddy would have for me. Would do it again!

RossThe program was an amazing experience for me, going to see my buddy who was always excited to see the Year 12s coming in, and then taking me around to do fun activities. So much fun would do it again anytime

SunnyIt was a fun experience as we got to spend time outside of the classroom with peers in Year 12 and the buddies.

Mr Marc Capstick and Ms Indranee Banerjee
Heads of Year 12

LOTE Update

Every Thursday after school, the French Conversation CCA runs, where no English is ever spoken!  Among other things, students describe photos in relation to Health problems and debate environmental issues in the Francophile world. On Tuesday, Marien, a French poet, visited the Year 12 IB DP class and presented a show which was followed by a debate on environmental issues in Singapore as well as in countries with French ties. Students enjoyed applying their language skills to real-life situations.

To enrich the understanding of Chinese culture and language, Year 10 Chinese classes recently launched ‘Chinese Idol’, where students competed by performing songs, a dragon dance, cultural presentations, tongue twisters, poetry recitations, storytelling and more! The judging panel were highly impressed with the efforts of all contestants and congratulate our inaugural winners;

First Place:                         
Dragon Dance

Joshua Brennan, Jack Doyle, William Nicholas, Dionysios Tsinonis, Brett Bovis     

Second Place:                   
Song in Chinese

Jodie Smith, Sarah Loo, Olivia Marsden

Third Place:                        
Song and Dance (Old MacDonald)
Amy Jelsma, India Brown, Andy Smith
Speaking of talented students, the Year 6 Indonesian class have been honing their performing arts skills by learning a traditional Indonesian dance, under the guidance of a group of fabulous Indonesian ladies and Bu Nuttall. The ‘Tari Piring’ from Sumatra is part of the line-up for the ICE Festival and we are certain they are going to be a huge success.

Finally, during the holidays, senior Indonesian students are travelling to the cultural mecca of Java, Yogyakarta, for a language tour. Meeting at 8:45am on 10 July at Terminal 1, all students are keen to try out their Indonesian skills and visit iconic temples such as Borobudur and Prambanan. Next term, watch this space for photos and an account of their adventure!

Bernadette Ward-Daniels
Head of LOTE/ Language B 

Summer reading @ your library

With the prospect of a long holiday upon us, you will be wanting lots of good books to read. So here are some reading suggestions for students of all ages.

Our Secondary students in Years 7 and 9 have had extensive training is using the Adobe Digital Editions ereader to access ebooks in our collection, and advised on how to do this with ipads too.

We plan on reaching classes in Years 6, 8 and 10 next term.

In the meantime, instructional videos for both MacBook and ipad are available here:

Our ebook shelf is located here:

In conjunction with our library network we have developed summer reading lists for students of all ages.
They can be accessed using the following links:

Early Years:

Younger Readers:

Older Readers:

Mature Readers:

Secondary Library (Level 3 of the Peter Bond building) will be closed over the holidays, but the Central library (Level 4 of the Main School Building) will be open from 10.00am to 3pm each weekday during the school break.

Happy reading!

Linda Twitchett
Head of Libraries