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Sports Wrap Up

What an amazing year of sport for AIS. We have proven ourselves as the number one Elementary School in Singapore across the ACSIS Sporting Year having won the shields for JS Cross Country Boys and Girls, Athletics Boys and Girls, 11U Netball, Basketball Boys and Girls, as well as 10 and 11U Rugby. That’s an amazing 9 Division One Premierships. Semester 1 has been full of highlights with our inaugural Sharks Spirit Games bringing in average crowds of 200-300 spectators. We have seen the continued growth of our Sharks Basketball and Swimming programs, while our Rugby Club has been successfully launched and is really starting to pull in a great group of young students. Our 19U Boys Football team must be acknowledged for piecing together one of the most exciting spectacles I’ve ever witnessed in school sport.

July brings a new sporting year and all our athletes will age up one group after this break. Congratulations to all Sharks Athletes for their amazing achievements. We look forward to an even better 2014-2015 season!
At the beginning of next season, all students will need to sign up for all Sports and CCAs regardless of their involvement this semester.

The CCA Schedule for Semester 2 will be available for viewing on the VLE as of today. Sign-ups will be open on Monday, 14 July so please make sure you sign up. The survey will display your child’s name and age group that they fall in for the 2014-2015 season. The age group displayed is the youngest ACSIS Age Group that your son/daughter can compete in for 2014-2015.

On Friday, 6 June we held our second Sharks Spirit Game here at AIS. The sport this time around was rugby and we were privileged to host one of the proudest schools in Singapore, St Andrew’s. The U16 teams took the field first in front of close to 300 parents, students and staff. From the kickoff, our AIS Boys put their stamp on the game. Sharp passing, strong drives and disciplined defines helped the Sharks run out convincing winners and set the stage for what the crowd hoped would be an AIS double.

The U19s were competing for the inaugural Dr Miller Cup. This would be the first of what we hope to be many annual meetings between our two schools. It was evident from the beginning that this was a much stronger St Andrew’s outfit. Their strength, speed and skill proved a bit too much against our boys and we eventually lost 3 tries to nil. St Andrew’s ­ winners of the inaugural Dr Miller Cup! I would like to thank our School Captains and Year 12 students, AISPA and the Sports Department for putting the game together.
Tuesday saw the Teachers and Students take the crease in the annual Staff vs Students Cricket Game. A full report can be found in this newsletter but if you can’t wait, the students took out the 4th annual Staff vs Students Cricket Game on the second last ball of the day. Thanks to Mr Hudson for organising this event.

We at the Sports Department would like to wish you a wonderful break and look forward to seeing you all in the new semester. We would also like to wish all our departing students all the best in their new adventures. Many of you will be missed on the 'sporting field’ and we hope you continue to pursue your passions and interests wherever you end up.

Justin Teves
Head of Sport

CASA Golf Report – AIS Wins CASA Golf Teams Event

The AIS Golf Team travelled to Ria Bintan last Friday and Saturday to compete in the Cogntia Asia Schools Association (CASA) Games Golf Tournament against SAIS, it was a truly international event with students from Australia, India, UK, USA, Finland, Indonesia, France and South Korea involved.

The AIS students were a true credit to themselves in their conduct, sportsmanship, respect of the opposition and support of each other.

I spent a bit of time with each group as they played their rounds and the students' support of each other, and the opposition was wonderful to observe . . . golf is a tough game, each player needs all the moral support they can get as they navigate their way around the course! The low handicap group playing off the blue tees was treat to follow for a few holes, some very good ball striking happening there for 16 year old students, SAIS were a bit more accurate down the fairways and on the greens than the AIS players, something for the AIS lower handicappers to work on next semester.

As you can see from the results below, AIS was consistently in the top three across all three formats and were deserved winners of the team competition. The AIS 15U team (Mitchell McLinton, Jasmine Giddens, Samay Kumar and Marcus Graham) were particularly dominant over the opposition. The AIS 17U team (Jason Tee, Angus Hudson, Lachlan Barnesby and Jason Maher) fought hard against high quality opposition pulling back 20 team points on Day 2 after being dominated on Day 1 by 28 points on the soaking wet greens.

Special congratulations to Jasmine Giddens who also won two of the 15U Individual awards, Stableford and Nett, Jasmine had an outstanding round on Friday afternoon, shooting 10 shots under her current handicap.


36 Hole Gross          : Jason Tee (3rd)
36 Hole Nett            : Angus Hudson (3rd)
36 Hole Stableford : Lachlan Barnesby & Angus Hudson (equal 3rd)


36 Hole Gross          : Jasmine Giddens (2nd)                    
36 Hole Nett            : Jasmine Giddens (1st) , Marcus Graham (2nd) , Samay Kumar (3rd)
36 Hole Stableford : Jasmine Giddens (1st) , Marcus Graham (2nd) , Samay Kumar (3rd)

Team Final Standings:
1st AIS 119 points
2nd SAIS 104 points

Other notable performances were:
Jason Maher improving by 10 strokes on Day 2
Samay Kumar improving by 18 shots on Day 2

All players are to be commended for their efforts and conduct, they were a credit to the school and their families.

Finally I would like to also thank the Phil Brew Golf Academy, as without their weekly work with our school CCA golf training program, and connections with Ria, none of this would have been possible for our students.

Tim Hudson
Cricket & Golf CCA

2014 Annual Staff v Student T20 Cricket Match - Tuesday, 20 June

This game went right down to the final two balls this year, with the teachers putting in a much better fight than in 2013. Winning the toss and electing to bat, the Staff XI amassed 194 runs from their allotted 20 overs after losing 3 quick wickets in the first 3 overs. Unfortunately Mr Flanagan edged a ball into his chin whilst batting and had go to hospital and get a few stitches, we wish Mr Flanagan a speedy recovery. In reply, the students passed the total 8 wickets down and a single ball to spare in the 20th over. Mr Jolly nearly pulled of a miracle trying to bowl the final over with just 3 runs to protect. It was a fitting end of school cricket for 2014 First XI Captain and Year 12 student Liam Rabbidge to hold aloft the trophy he was integral in creating back in 2010 when Mr Toohey pulled him for 6 into the Secondary School louvres, causing a louvre to come crashing down. The louvre involved became the prize, and has been kindly mounted on a fine piece of varnished oakwood by Liam’s father Peter, and now remains a permanent fixture of annual AIS Cricket tradition.

4/194 off 20 overs (Mr Watson 58*, Mr Hubbard 50*, Mr Casson 25, Mr Toohey 21, C Read 2/19, L. Stammer 1/22, J Anstee 1/24, A Hudson 1/26)

8/196 off 19.5 overs (L Barnesby 53*, J Edmondstone 50, J Anstee 17, R Blayney 11, Mr Casson 2/6, Mr Watson 1/16, Mr Hudson 1/19, Mr Heazelwood 1/24, Mr Hubbard 1/26)
Student First XI won by 2 wickets with 1 ball to spare

Tim Hudson
Cricket and Golf CCA

Boys vs Girls Netball - Round 1

On Wednesday, 11 June students from the boys' Basketball Team versed the girls' Netball Team in a good ‘clean’ game of netball. The game started in the big gym with the first quarter being a time for some of the boys to learn some new rules of the game. With the boys having an advantage of starting with the first centre pass, the girls quickly regained possession of the ball and scored.  After the first four goals that the girls scored, the boys made a comeback, the goal shooter, Josh Brennan and their goal attack, Ned Scott made a big effort to get the score even again. The boys’ goal defenders towered over Bailee and Abie, but the girls pushed through and managed to score more goals throughout the quarter. The first quarter ended with a two-point lead by the boys and this is when the players as well as the spectators moved up stairs into the MPH.

When the game continued into the second, third and fourth quarter, the boys were starting to get the hang of things and were almost playing like any other netball team that the girls have come across in netball competition. From the end of the second and third quarter, the girls took the lead by two points ahead; we knew we had to keep in front if we wanted to win. The boys in the mid court worked well together when it came to intercepting the ball, it was as if they appeared from nowhere. The girls told each other to throw bounce passes, but after the first quarter, the boys caught on and started defending low.  The boys knew they had a height advantage and their passes into the circle were way out of reach for our goal defenders.

The last quarter was very intense; the girls were down by four points. The girls worked extremely hard in all areas of the court to keep possession of the ball. With four minutes to go in the last quarter of the game, the girls were down by two points, but they quickly got it back and with two minutes to go, the game was at a draw. Unfortunately, for the girls, the boys got the ball and carried it far above our heads to reach the shooters who, ever so elegantly, placed the ball through the ring. The game ended with a final score of 31-29 with the basketball boys defeating the netball girls.

In the end, the game was a lot of fun and we would not have been able to play if it weren’t for our amazing umpires; Ms Potts and Mrs Plant, without them, the boys would have never learnt that you have to be three feet away from a player with the ball before putting your arms up. The girls will be doing a lot more training in order to make a comeback next term to defeat the basketball boys in a good, clean game of Netball.

Sasha Chee
Player - AIS Netball

Sharks Sport Website

Please visit the Sharks Sport Website for any information you require regarding our Representative Sports Program. Click here to be directed to the site.

Denis Tan
Sports and Activities Coordinator