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Bus Service

Strategically located north of the city centre, the Australian International School (AIS) is easily accessible from all parts of the island. To ensure that students are able to conveniently commute between their homes and school, AIS engages the professional service of a local, independent transport company to meet all its transportation needs.

Johnson Transport and Trading Pte Ltd, the School's independent bus service provider, maintains a Transport Office located at Level 3 of the Lower Elementary School Building and works closely with the AIS Transport Coordinator to facilitate the requirements of the School. All buses are equipped with seatbelts and students travel to and from school with a Bus Auntie/Amah, who ensures the children’s safety and maintains a good demeanor.

Contact details for the Johnson Transport and Trading (JTT) Bus Service are:

Johnson Transport and Trading Pte Ltd
Room 328, Level 3, Lower Elementary School Building
Gate 3, 1 Lorong Chuan, Singapore 556 818

Phone: 6517 0255



Download the Transport Registration Form and Waiver & Indemnity form, fill in and submit to the Transport Office at least two weeks before the date of commencement of service. You will be informed of a placement within two weeks of registration.

Priority will be accorded to students who are traveling two-way. Single-trip service is subjected to availability.

Read down this page for important and useful Information when using the bus service.


Distance > (km)

Distance ≤ (km)


1 Way Only





































An estimated calculation of the distance based on straight-line radii from the school to the residence with the fare is offered upon enquiry. Finalisation of the fare will be communicated prior to commencement of service. Fares will be charged per term according to four (4) terms in a school year. All fares quoted are in Singapore dollars and are subjected to prevailing Goods and Services Tax of seven percent (7%).

Early Years Centre students will be charged full fare even if they only attend school on three or four days during the school week.


Four (4) termly payments are required in each school year. Upon receipt of invoice, payment must be made within two (2) weeks by crossed cheque made to Johnson Transport & Trading Pte Ltd. Payment must be received prior to the commencement of service. Payments not received by the end of the first week of each term could result in the suspension of service until the outstanding payment is received.

Johnson Transport & Trading Pte Ltd reserves the right to refuse a student on the bus if payment due is not made promptly after notice has been served.

No refunds will be made if students are on school camp, attending CCAs or on vacation.

Termination of service

If you wish to terminate the use of the bus service, please download the Termination Form and submit to the Transport Office at least two weeks prior to the date of termination. Refunds will be made on a pro-rata rated basis.

Important & useful information

Pick-up & Drop-off

We offer a point-to-point drop-off service. Students will board and alight from the bus at pre-designated points. This is usually at the main gate of the house or the guard house of the condominium.

Preschool and Preparatory students must be met by a parent/helper (as approved by a parent) or guardian at their drop-off point. As part of the School’s policy to ensure the safety for our young students, students will be returned to the School should no one be at the designated point of collection.

Students are not allowed to alight at any other point other than his/her home or travel in any other buses.

Bad Weather Conditions & Delays

In the event of rain, the drivers have been instructed to stop at the nearest sheltered area that is safe for boarding and alighting.

If the bus fails to arrive within 15 minutes of the scheduled pick-up time due to unforeseen circumstances such as storms, flash floods or road closures, reimbursement can be obtained from the Transport Office.

Travel Times

Johnson Transport and Trading Pte Ltd aims to deliver students to the designated drop-off within 45 mins of departure from AIS. (Certain areas will require a drop-off window of 60 mins)

At times, it may be necessary to re-evaluate bus transport requirements regarding schedules and acceptable maximum travel timeframes.

Change of Address

Click here for the Change of Address & Contact details Form and email it to the Transport Office at

Notification for Transport Changes

If your child is unwell and requires leave from school, either whilst at home or at school, please inform the Transport Coordinator at 6517 0255.

Arrival & Departure Times

Buses arrive at school from 08.10- 8.20am

Buses depart 15mins after Preschool, Elementary and Secondary School dismissal times.

Safety rules & bus etiquette

As partners in education, AIS would like to enlist your assistance as parents in imparting safety rules and etiquette to our students while they are on board. This will help to ensure that our students enjoy a safe and pleasant journey every day.

Students should :

  • Remain seated and keep their seat belts fastened throughout their journey
  • Put their bags under the seat
  • Keep the bus free of litter
  • Refrain from speaking loudly
  • Keep their stationery and any potentially dangerous items such as pen knives in their bags
  • Practise consideration towards fellow students in their use of language and behaviour
  • Observe punctuality when boarding
  • Not eat or drink in the bus (except for water)
  • Not change or remove their attire in the bus
  • Not take their pets on the bus.
  • Not reserve seats for their friends


Please download the form provided here should you wish to provide us with feedback.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Are the buses safe for my child to travel on?

It is a statutory requirement of the Land Transport Authority in Singapore for all school buses to undergo annual safety inspections before they are allowed to carry passengers and travel. Should this requirement not be fulfilled, the school bus cannot and will not run under any circumstances. In addition, the School conducts inspection on the buses before each new term to ensure that seat belts, first aid kits and fire extinguishers are in good working order.

Q: Why is it not possible for the air-conditioning run prior to children being placed on the school bus?

Due to regulations of the National Environment Agency in Singapore (Equal to the EPA in Australia), buses are prohibited to have engines running whilst being stationary. There are regulations concerning these matters and are subjected to a fine. However, the air-conditioning is started at 15.00 hrs in order to ensure proper ventilation once the children are seated on the school bus.

Q : Can my child take a ride in another bus with a schoolmate instead of his/her regular bus?

No. In our constant effort to maintain good order and punctuality, such “cross-transfers” may give rise to confusion and delays.

Q : My house and the School are in close proximity, can I request that my child be the last to board the bus?
Q : Why is my child the first to board the bus and yet the last on the drop-off?

As a rule of thumb, students residing closest to the school will be picked-up later, whilst those residing furthest , will be picked-up earlier. However, to optimise time-distance efficiency, the order of pick-up and drop-off is dependent on factors such as peak-hour traffic conditions and traffic rules.

Q : A different bus came to pick my child up this morning. Why is that so?
Q : I have been informed that the pick-up time for my child has been changed. Why is that so?

As the enrolment of the School changes throughout the year, the bus service actively responds to these changes by mobilising a suitable bus and re-scheduling. However, no effort is being spared to ensure minimum changes occur through the year.

Q : I am relocating to a new house. When do I need to inform the Transport Office?

A two-week notice prior to the date of commencement from a new address is required.

Q : Why was the bus late this morning/afternoon?

Although the bus drivers adhere to their schedules closely, occasional delays occur due to unexpected traffic congestion, vehicle breakdowns, poor weather conditions or when the bus is kept waiting for a late student.

Q: Is my child under any insurance coverage when using the bus service?

It is mandatory for all commercial vehicles in Singapore to purchase Third Party Vehicle Insurance Coverage. Johnson Trading and Transport Pte Ltd has additionally purchased Public Liability Insurance that covers accident claims up to the value of SGD$10 million.

Q: I would like to pay my bill/s. How do I do so?

Payment can be made either by cash or cheque made to Johnson Transport & Trading Pte Ltd.


Transport Office : 6517 0255

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