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Professional Learning

  • Inquiry into the improvement of teaching, learning and school leadership to enhance student learning outcomes

  • Impacting the effectiveness and consistency of teaching and learning at AIS

  • Differentiated, personalised teaching methods to support student strengths and needs, enabling our students to achieve their potential 

The Australian International School provides a vibrant, technologically rich environment that promotes inquiry, skilful thinking, rich collaboration and personalised learning. As a school, we are committed to promoting and sustaining a culture of professional learning that is guided by our shared mission, vision and values.

We recognise that improvement in student learning and our organisation’s development is best achieved through the creation of a dynamic learning community for all stakeholders; students, parents, teachers and school leaders.

Centre for Innovation in Leadership and Learning

The mission for the Centre for Innovation in Leadership and Learning (CILL) is the promotion of inquiry for the improvement of teaching, learning and school leadership. The Centre aims to work towards the advancement of educational practice for the benefit of the School, Cognita Asia, Singaporean society and the wider educational community.

Key focus areas for CILL

Professional Learning

The improvement of teachers, school leaders and their practice through external and school-based learning opportunities, as linked to professional review and evaluation. Professional learning at AIS emphasises goal-setting, sustained inquiry, coaching and peer collaboration.

Organisational Learning

The improvement of the School through the development and application of knowledge about the effectiveness of its structures, systems and operations. Specific areas of interest in relation to organisational learning include teacher collaboration, school leadership and strategic planning.

Quality Assurance

The management of the structures and processes for quality assurance in relation to teaching and school leadership. Evaluation of the performance of teachers and school leaders at the School includes a focus on goal setting, classroom observation and the study of authentic evidence.

Educational Research

The improvement of teaching and leadership through the development and application of knowledge about professional practice and student learning at the School.  Research interests include student learning, leadership, teacher collaboration and learning with technology. 

Educational Services   

The Centre for Innovation in Leadership and Learning provides a range of professional learning options and services for schools, institutions, teachers and educational leaders. We currently work with teachers, schools, partner organisations and networks across South East Asia to support school improvement, change and innovation. Our approaches are customised to suit specific contexts and needs, with an emphasis on building sustainable and effective solutions to educational challenges. The Centre offers professional learning services across a wide range of areas including leadership development, professional learning, learning with technology and coaching. We also support curriculum reform initiatives in relation to inquiry-based approaches and traditional discipline areas, such as Mathematics and Language learning.

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International Baccalaureate Organisation

As an IB World School, AIS is strongly connected to a global community of internationally minded teachers, school leaders and school administrators through our membership of the International Baccalaureate Organisation. The School is recognised by the IBO as an international leader in the area of professional learning and regularly hosts regional workshops each year.

Significantly, a number of AIS educators are regularly involved in the delivery of workshops and courses throughout the region as part of our commitment to the worldwide IB professional learning community.


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