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10 May 2018

Investing in Life Long Learning

Published by Jessica Anne Tay
If passion for learning is the currency of a school, then AIS’s market value is high this week. [Read More]
2 May 2018

Understanding the significance of ANZAC Day

Published by Jessica Anne Tay
As our AIS community is made up of members from 45 nations, ANZAC day may be the first time that some of our students, staff and families are being introduced to the story that became the building block of Australia and New Zealand’s national identity. [Read More]
27 April 2018

Trekking through Nepal

Published by Jessica Anne Tay
Which Co-Curricular Activity (CCA) gives our students the chance to build water pipes, master their baking skills and test their ability to trek at high altitude?The Schools 4 Schools CCA is one of AIS’ most exciting programs. Started in 2006, by an AIS teaching staff member, the annual project helps to support f...

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4 April 2018

A winning performance at SEASAC

Published by Jessica Anne Tay
Our Core values of Opportunity, Achievement and Respect were all on show last weekend at the SEASAC Gymnastics and Softball tournament in Bangkok. 25 Students and 4 Staff members travelled to Thailand and the Gymnastics team Level 7 girls won Bronze while the Softball team were very proud to win the Sportsmanship Award...

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27 March 2018

Project Rockit

Published by Jessica Anne Tay
We launched an exciting new program from Australia in Year 8 & 9 – Project ROCKIT. Project ROCKIT is a fantastic youth designed social media platform which tackles bullying, cyber bullying and leadership with a focus on creating ‘a safer and kinder digital world’. Our students have participated in...

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19 March 2018

Inventors and Mentors: Amy Gibson

Published by Jessica Anne Tay
This week as part of our Inventors and Mentors Program we were lucky enough to have Amy Gibson to come and talk to our senior students this week. [Read More]
7 March 2018

Extending Learning Beyond the Classroom

Published by Jessica Anne Tay
Our Outdoor Education Program is centred around the school’s holistic approach to learning which aims to develop the 'whole student' by nurturing their individual talents, both in and outside the classroom. [Read More]
27 February 2018

Chinese New Year Celebrations

Published by Jessica Anne Tay
Gong Xi Fa Cai! Whether you stayed close to home or travelled afar we hope all our families enjoyed the Lunar New Year celebrations. [Read More]
19 February 2018

Waitangi Day

Published by Jessica Anne Tay
On Sunday, 11th February, AIS in partnership with the New Zealand Chamber of Commerce hosted Waitangi Day on campus for the fourth year in a row.  [Read More]
13 February 2018

Celebrating Excellence

Published by Jessica Anne Tay
This last week was a celebration of excellence across the school. We celebrated our excellence on the sporting field with our wonderful results from the SEASAC Tournament. And on Wednesday, 7 February we acknowledged our top achievers in 2017 in IGSC, HSC and IB at the Academic Excellence Assembly. [Read More]
7 February 2018


Published by Jessica Anne Tay
AIS is proud to be part of the South East Asia Student Activities Conference (SEASAC). AIS joined the group in 2017 and our students have been lucky enough to take part in a range of events across the Arts, Cross Country, Basketball, Football and Volleyball. [Read More]
29 January 2018

Lower Elementary Brand New Playground

Published by Jessica Anne Tay
The return to school at the beginning of the year is always exciting for our students. And this year the Lower Elementary students also had a brand new playground to add the excitement. [Read More]
5 December 2017

Early Learning Village Celebration Of Learning

Published by Rachel Bennett
The Early Years held their Celebration of Learning.  This event was an opportunity for children to demonstrate and celebrate their learning journey in an authentic manner with their parents. The teachers of the EY have renamed the 'Exhibition of Learning' to 'Celebration of Learning' to reinforce t...

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1 December 2017

Year 5 Exhibition Of Learning

Published by Rachel Bennett
We celebrated learning in the Elementary School with the Year 5 Exhibition. The exhibition is a culminating experience for our elementary students where they have the opportunity to inquire into an area of interest and then share their learning with the school community.We celebrated learning in the Elementary School w...

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24 November 2017

Coral Dixon Theatre Renovations

Published by Rachel Bennett
Almost six months ago, we embarked on one of the most challenging and ambitious renovations at the school. This was the complete overhaul and refit of the Coral Dixon theatre. [Read More]
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