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05 October 2017

The Australian International School – Developing Confidence In Music And The Arts

Published by Rowan Gibson

Kapil Bhuta is a Year 11 Music student at the Australian International School. He plays the drums, guitar and bass. But for Kapil, music is about so much more than playing his favorite instruments; it’s about passion, creativity and most importantly, confidence. Kapil tells us in his own words how AIS supports him in doing what he loves…

What do you enjoy about studying at AIS?

AIS offers a balanced education and gives me the opportunity to explore different interests. I have always enjoyed playing instruments, but my love and passion for music has only grown since being encouraged to take it as an elective subject for my IGCSE. The music program at AIS is amazing and there are so many opportunities to perform and collaborate with other students. One of the best things about studying here is the support of the teachers, who have encouraged me, as well as many other students who they see potential in, to follow our passions and be proud of our achievements.

How has AIS helped you to grow in confidence?

The culture here is very inclusive and supportive and we are encouraged to follow our dreams and do what we love. The School helps me to feel proud of who I am as an individual - every student has a place here no matter what their background or interests. For me, music is my passion and the Music department has encouraged me to pursue this. When I first started performing I felt really nervous, but I feel my confidence has grown so much over my years at AIS. I now look forward to getting on stage and performing to a crowd, and this is thanks to the encouragement and support of the teachers.

What exciting musical opportunities have you taken part in since joining AIS?

One of the great things about studying at AIS is having the opportunity to meet world renowned performers through the Inventors & Mentors program. Just recently I have met X Factor winner Isaiah Firebrace and guitar legend Tommy Emmanuel. It’s great to learn from these artists and hear their stories about where they’ve come from and how they got where they are today.

AIS also offers a huge range of performance opportunities for its musicians, both inside and outside of school. In the last year I have performed at the annual Music Ensemble Evening and Presentation Day at the National University of Singapore, the ANZA Ball at the Shangri-La, as well as events at the Australian High Commission. I’ve also performed in a number of school assemblies and at the school’s International Cultural Extperience (ICE.) These experiences are a once in a lifetime opportunity, and have made me appreciate music so much more.

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