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16 February 2015

Dr Mohamed ElBaradei, Nobel Laureate For Peace, Leads Dialogue At The Australian International School

Published by Amy Buchan

2005 Nobel Laureate for Peace Dr Mohamed ElBaradei visited the Australian International School (AIS) yesterday to lead a dialogue and a roundtable discussion with secondary students from AIS and four local schools.

Dr Mohamed ElBaradei, the third guest in a series of international speaker sessions hosted by AIS, visited the school on 13 February to lead a discussion on the topic of global equity and security with 220 secondary students from AIS, National Junior College, Nanyang Girls’ High School, Dunham High School and CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School.

Dr ElBaradei is recognised for his efforts to prevent nuclear energy from being used for military purposes. His speech and question and answer session was followed by a further, more comprehensive roundtable discussion with AIS Legal Studies and Student Action students and a select group from Nanyang Girls’ High School.

“I hope that from today’s session, the students will understand that it is important that they find their passion in life but also to work hard to achieve their goals,” said Dr ElBaradei. “It was a pleasure interacting with such an enthusiastic group of students and I encourage them to pursue their interests and embark on their personal journeys to success.”

AIS Year 12 student Sarah Westvik said she found Dr ElBaradei’s visit both inspiring and humbling, and that his visit has furthered her interests to work for the United Nations upon graduation.  “Dr ElBaradei not only provided a different lens with which to view current world issues but imbued me with a sense of an obligation and a desire to make a difference in this world,” Westvik said. “I feel extremely honoured to have had the opportunity to meet such a learned and humble man, whose wise words have helped remind me what really matters in our world."

In addition, on 4 February, 2011 Nobel Laureate for Medicine Professor Beutler took questions on the topic of the global struggle against infectious diseases and shared his personal journey to success in the AIS Coral Dixon Theatre in front of an audience of 260 AIS Secondary students and parents. Professor Beutler is recognised for discovering an important family of receptors that allow mammals to sense infections when they occur.

Following the morning session, Professor Beutler joined a group of 30 AIS biology students, science teachers and parents for an in depth discussion designed to inspire the students’ studies.

“While the two Nobel Laureates’ incredible work and backgrounds differ, they undoubtedly share the common values of showing determination, willpower and hard work to achieve their goals,” said AIS Principal Andre Casson. “These values coincide with what AIS believes in – a commitment to lifelong learning and the belief that the pursuit of individual interests and passions should be combined with perseverance and resilience. We are extremely privileged to host Dr ElBaradei and Professor Beutler at AIS, giving both our students and local Singapore students the exceptional opportunity to meet with such esteemed individuals.”

The two events are hosted by AIS in partnership with the International Peace Foundation’s (IPF) 5th ASEAN event series, “Bridges – Dialogues Toward a Culture of Peace”.

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