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28 March 2014

Music Educator Richard Gill Visits AIS

Published by Claire Ettinger

Creating meaningful partnerships with education experts for the benefit of our students through curriculum development has always been a strength of AIS; this year we have already enjoyed the company of Professor Peter Sullivan who is working with us on our Elementary School Mathematics program, Dr Andrea Truckenbroedt who has been working with us to develop our school-wide language program, and just two weeks ago David Vinegard, whose work has underpinned our restorative practices approach to discipline in the Elementary years.

The program of professional partnerships continued recentlywith a visit from Australian music educator and creative thinker, Richard Gill working with our specialist Music Department, and a number of Year 2, Year 5, Year 7 and Year 9 classes.

Richard’s vision is that music education is imperative for all children, as it teaches the value of creativity. His assessment of music education at AIS was incredibly positive, and a vast improvement on most schools he has visited in Australia, which is pleasing to hear. The impact of having a specialist of Richard’s calibre working with our team will be felt by the vast majority of our students through their compulsory music lessons.

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