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27 January 2015

Nobel Laureate Professor Brian Schmidt Hosts Dialogue And Lab Workshop At The Australian International School

Published by Wai Yan Yip

Nobel Laureate Professor Brian Schmidt visited the Australian International School (AIS) on Thursday to host a dialogue session and lab workshop with the school’s top science students.

The first of three international speaker sessions, Professor Schmidt discussed the role of science through the ages in shaping our current society and gave insights into his career path leading to his Nobel Laureate success to inspire students to excel in their chosen paths. The event is hosted in partnership with the International Peace Foundation’s (IPF) 5th ASEAN event series, “Bridges – Dialogues Toward a Culture of Peace”.

Professor Schmidt is recognised for discovering the accelerating expansion of the universe and was awarded the 2011 Nobel Prize for Physics at the School of Astronomy and Astrophysics at the Mount Stromlo Observatory of the Australian National University in Weston Creek, Australia.

In the AIS Senior Library, Professor Schmidt helmed a discussion with AIS students on the topic of “Science: Humanity’s universal bridge” following which, Professor Schmidt joined a physics class to advise students across several lab experiments at the School’s well-equipped lab facilities.

“To succeed in today’s world it’s important that students pursue a career that they love, work hard and persist and do not discount those moment of luck and chance,” said Professor Schmidt. “It was impressive to work with such an enthusiastic group of students and I hope that their curiosity and passion for learning will continue to grow, whether their interests lie in the sciences or elsewhere.”

“The manner with which Professor Schmidt engaged with our students was most impressive.  Notwithstanding the information that he shared about his Nobel Prize winning work he also left our teachers and students with a clear blueprint that was at the centre of his success,” said AIS Principal Andre Casson. “These tenets have significance to us all but are particularly poignant to those students who are embarking on their final years of education. The opportunities afforded by an association with the Bridges series cannot be underestimated as we seek to provide excellence in our students' educational experience.”

The next session in this distinguished international speaker series will be held on Wednesday, 4 February, featuring Nobel Laureate Professor Bruce A. Beutler who will discuss the global struggle against infectious diseases.

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