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09 February 2017

Results That Just Keep Getting Better

Published by Rachel Bennett

Creating choice with the best of International and Australian Curriculums

AIS is the only school in Singapore to offer both the IB and the HSC curriculums. Both pathways are academically rigorous, and the school sees its most able students choosing both streams. The teachers at AIS work with each student as they move into Year 11 to develop a program of study that best matches that student’s needs and gives the greatest possible opportunity for success. To that end students undertake the IBDP or the HSC depending on their areas of strength and future aspirations.


Highlights from the IB

The 2016 IB cohort achieved a 100% pass rate which is a great achievement in itself, but when compared with the average global pass rate of 70% this is truly phenomenal, and shows just how well AIS students performed in these challenging exams.

AIS students achieved a 34 point average (out of a total score of 45 points) which was 10% higher than the global point average. Six students achieved 40 points or more, with one student achieving 44 out of 45 possible points available.


Highlights from the HSC

The HSC cohort put in an equally impressive performance, and this year’s results were the strongest seen in five years. One student was placed 14th in the overall world ranking for General Mathematics, and 8 students made the NSW HSC ‘Distinguished Achievers’ list, which is an outstanding achievement and a testament to the dedication and hard work of the AIS students and teachers.


Success in numbers – understanding ATAR

The results from the HSC and IB are converted into an ATAR score for each student. The ATAR system is used to measure a student’s overall performance and eligibility for entry into Australian universities. AIS students achieved an average ATAR score of 84.87 (out of a total of 99.9), with 69% of students achieving a score of 80+. This compares to just 33% of students achieving an 80+ ATAR score across New South Wales. 40% of AIS students achieved an ATAR score of 90+ compared to just 17% in New South Wales.


A place for every child

The Australian International School is incredibly proud to produce a non-selective education system that seeks to support all young men and women in achieving their potential. As the only school to offer an Australian educational experience for students aged 18 months to 18 years in Singapore, AIS believes it has an obligation to offer opportunities for all students, regardless of their academic abilities. This philosophy makes the 2016 results even more exciting as it shows how students are thriving in the school’s inclusive environment and achieving beyond their potential.

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