Australian International School is pleased to offer a boarding program at ACS Oldham Hall for our students who have families that reside in another country. 

The safety and wellbeing of our students is the number one priority for us at AIS. We know that our students learn and thrive in a safe and secure environment. The Boarding Program available to AIS students provides an environment that develops both social and emotional wellbeing as well as academic growth. The Boarding Program is available to students aged 12 and above. There is regular communication from the Head of Boarding and Boarding Team to the Academic and Pastoral Care Teams at AIS. The Boarding Programs focuses on 3 key areas:

Safety & Guardianship

Our Boarding Program supports physical, emotional and pastoral care. Australian International School takes the responsibility for safety and well-being of students seriously. 

  • An assigned Head of Boarding and Boarding Team is responsible for the safety and wellbeing Boarding students. Guardianship duties include areas such as assisting with communication from School to Parent and Bus and Cafeteria registrations. 
  • All staff within this Boarding Program have been background checked to international safeguarding standards and are CPR, first-aid and Safeguarding trained. 
  • There is 24-hour staffing including on-site supervision at the Boarding House. Students access with fingerprint access and guests are required to sign in.

Academic and Wellbeing

Our Boarding Program supports academic growth. Australian International School has a strong track record of our graduating students attending universities all around the world.

  • Additional university and academic counseling is available to students boarding.
  • Additional tuition in English is available to students boarding.
  • Students boarding can study either in their rooms or in the open plan study areas.

Community and Social Bonding

AlS is known for its supportive and diverse community. Our Boarding Program is no different and offers a nurturing and fun community, offering such support services as:

  • Building community with student social evening and weekend outings.
  • Building a network with structured activities at the Boarding House.
  • Building community with free-flow activity and communal areas for students to use.

When residing at the Boarding House. Students will have access to:

  • Clean, safe and cozy rooms comprising of 2, 3 and 4 bedded rooms. Rooms are air-conditioned, with Wi-Fi as well as personal study desks and wardrobes. 
  • Two nutritious meals a day (breakfast and dinner) are served at the Boarding House cafeteria. Lunch options are available at the School Cafeteria. During weekends, lunch will also be provided at the Boarding House.
  • Comprehensive services for boarding students including; laundry facilities, wifi, study rooms, music practice room, common rooms, gym, courtyard.  The tennis court, basketball courts and swimming pool is available for use on the days that is booked.  


Deposit: $2200 

Boarding Fee: $30,155 per annum (billed semesterly)*

The above fees include GST.

*This fee includes:

(a) shared air-conditioned boarder rooms; (b) meals (breakfast and dinner daily; lunch on weekends/public holidays); (c) laundry is up to 9 pieces per wash, total of 27 pieces per week. Laundry is open from Monday to Saturdays, (9am to 8pm). and (d) internet access, (e) insurance, (f) all the fixtures, fittings and household effects but does not cover any miscellaneous charges such as holiday coverage, cleaning, storage fee etc. Such fees will be billed by the school depending on the requirement.

Boarding arrangement with AIS will only cover the academic days of the year. Each boarder will have to organise holiday coverage directly with the Head of Boarding. Other miscellaneous fees imposed by the Boarding House may apply. Please refer to the boarding contract for more details.

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