Head of Elementary

Mr Neil Smith - neil_smith@ais.com.sg 

Personal Assistant to Head and Deputy Head of Elementary

Ms Christine Sheehan - christine_sheehan@ais.com.sg +65 6319 7640


Deputy Head of Elementary (Teaching & Learning)

Ms Kerryl Howarth - kerryl_howarth@ais.com.sg

Lower Elementary School

Assistant Head of Lower Elementary (Student Wellbeing)

Mr David Kaineydavid_kainey@ais.com.sg

Assistant Head of Lower Elementary (Curriculum)

Ms Emma McAulay - emma_mcaulay@ais.com.sg 

Lower Elementary School Secretary

Mrs Aida Brual - lowerelementary_secretary@ais.com.sg - +65 6319 7589

Upper Elementary School 

Assistant Head of Upper Elementary (Opportunities and Events)

Mr Ian Ward - ian_ward@ais.com.sg

Assistant Head of Upper Elementary (Curriculum)

Ms Emma McAulay - emma_mcaulay@ais.com.sg 

Assistant Head Of Elementary (Student Progress and Achievement)

Mr Luc McKay - luc_mckay@ais.com.sg

Upper Elementary Secretary 

Miss Catherine Moey - upperelementary_secretary@ais.com.sg - +65 6319 3787