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Enhancing Fluency - Elementary

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At the Elementary School, your child will participate in daily Mandarin lessons. Our well-developed program is successful in helping develop their interest in an additional language and steadily build on their knowledge and understanding of Mandarin as well as Chinese culture.

The Program

Our Mandarin Team work closely with different subject and curriculum leaders across the Elementary School, linking the Mandarin curriculum to the relevant focus of inquiry at that point in your child’s school year.

In doing so, your child will develop a flow of understanding across subjects and so learn by linking Mandarin to the content within their units of inquiry.  They will also learn through the study of developmentally appropriate topic based units.

Lessons are designed to provide authentic contexts for learning, which increase in language complexity and foster confidence to speak, listen, read and write in Mandarin. Regular revision lessons are included to consolidate learning and apply the newly acquired language to new situations.

Our Teaching Team and Differentiation

Our dedicated and creative team of Mandarin teachers endeavour to provide an engaging, meaningful and differentiated program in the classroom.

Classes are differentiated into Core, Core Extension and Core Extension 1. Your child’s ability will be assessed during class time and they will be placed in groups to work with children who have a similar level of Mandarin ability.


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