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Igniting Curiosity

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The IB PYP is not only what is taught, but how it’s taught. Inquiry, as the leading pedagogical approach of the PYP, is recognised as allowing students to be actively involved in their own learning and to take responsibility for that learning.

Inquiry allows your child’s understanding of the world to develop in a manner and at a rate that is unique to them.

There is of course a role for practice in the classroom. Yet teaching to the fullest extent possible about central ideas, that are conceptual, leads to the most substantial and enduring learning.

Lower Elementary Library and Inquiry Centre

An extension to the Lower Elementary Library, the AIS Inquiry Centre allows our younger students to delve deeply into particular areas of learning, developing their research, self-management and thinking skills.

The program references the current PYP Units of Inquiry that the students are following at the time and embeds key skills such as IT, research and inquiry into their sessions. Literature is used to enrich student inquiry and foster a love of reading.

The Year 5 PYP Exhibition

The Primary Years Program exhibition is a culminating experience of each child’s journey through the PYP.

It is an opportunity for your child to engage in a collaborative, trans disciplinary inquiry that involves them in identifying, investigating and offering solutions to real-life issues.

While demonstrating their independence and responsibility for their own learning, each student applies their learning of previous years and reflects on their learning through the PYP.

This provides the perfect platform to move in to the rigours of the first years of Secondary School in Year 6 and beyond.


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