AIS welcomes students whose mother tongue is not English. 

Our academically robust, comprehensive and high level English as an Additional Language (EAL) program is tailored and resourced to provide optimal conditions for the academic and personal success of students. 

The  program aims:

1.  To provide immediate, short term acquisition of sufficient English to ensure a seamless integration into both academic and social school life

2.  To strategically assist students to acquire a developed English proficiency to ensure success in the mainstream classroom without EAL support

At AIS, language support is available to all students for whom English is not a first Language from Prep onwards, in a number of forms, dependent on the level of support required

For secondary students, EAL is at the heart of our International Student University Preparation Program, preparing students for study at a university of their choice.

AIS is proud to host students from over 50 countries as we embrace and celebrate our internationalism. 

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