Developing Musicality With Exceptional Music Opportunities

AIS is one of the best international schools in Singapore to provide music education, our music teachers are dedicated to providing a rich and meaningful classroom music program that extends our students at every level, whilst instilling joy and understanding of Music as an art form. The Classroom music program is based on a carefully constructed scope and sequence of concepts and skills that continues throughout 13 years of school education in Early Years, Elementary School and Secondary School. We see this (as do most music educators) as a “spiral curriculum”. This means that the same 6 concepts/elements of Music are revisited 13 years in a progressively more complex and abstract manner within a variety of different contexts through performance, composition and listening (aural skills, score reading, theory).

We cater to students of all levels through naturally differentiated classroom activities that bring out the personal best in all students. Intrinsically linked to Classroom Music at AIS are our Instrumental program and Ensemble programs. Students are able to learn a musical instrument with one of our highly skilled and professional instrumental tutors and can also access our extensive Music Ensemble program where Music making skills continue to be developed outside of the classroom context. The skills learned in instrumental lessons and ensemble the social and academic lives of all students who participate.

Music Curriculum Offered In Secondary School:

  • Australian National Curriculum – Years 6 to 8 General classroom music
  • Cambridge IGCSE – Year 9 and 10 – Elective music
  • BOSTES Higher School Certificate Year 11 & 12 – Elective music – Music Course 1, Music Course 2 and Music Extension (Year 12 one year course)
  • IB Diploma Music – Year 11 & 12 – IBDP standard level, IBDP Music – higher level
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