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Just some of the reasons parents choose us…

Inclusive opportunities


with 100
Competitive Teams

Training squads to top tier competitive teams offer all students, who wish to participate, a chance to excel and develop.

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Pursuing Excellence


with 500 sporting fixtures
in 10 countries

Our teams compete at the highest level in the Athletic Conference of Singapore International Schools (ACSIS). 50% of our division 1 teams became division champions in 2014-15!

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Athlete Development Program

Athlete Development

for exceptional

The Athlete Development Program offers the top 1% of AIS sportsmen and women the opportunity to train and be coached on a path to university scholarships and elite level sport.

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Coaching for Character

for Character

mind over matter

At AIS, the development of character is as important as the development of skills and fitness. Coaching for Character uses the latest research in adolescent & sports psychology to equip our students with the tools to build character through sport.

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Learn to Swim

Learn to

from just 2 years old

Our Austswim certified instructors introduce children to water; teaching water safety and swimming confidence. Students' progress to stroke technique and basic rescue skills, all within an enjoyable and safe environment in preparation for joining the AIS competitive swimming team.

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Welcome to Sport at AIS

Sacrifice, integrity, belief, excellence, respect, opportunity and achievement. These values and behaviours are central to sport at AIS.

As we redefined and reshaped the AIS Sports Program over the last two years, we looked to the world’s top sports teams, institutions and influencers to help build the best international school sports program in Singapore.

It is an honour and a privilege to wear an AIS jersey and we teach our athletes the importance of playing with a higher purpose; to play for the person next to you, to play for all who came before you and those yet to wear the AIS Green and Gold jersey.

The development of character and the sense of team is every bit as important as the development of skills and fitness. Each time we step out on the sporting field we ask ourselves, what will be your legacy? How will you leave the jersey in a better place?

We welcome you to find out how by joining AIS.

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