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Pursuing Excellence, with 500 sporting fixtures in 10 countries

Sport in Singapore provides some wonderful opportunities for our students. At AIS we are part of an International Schools Association through ACSIS (Athletic Conference of Singapore International Schools) and have access to competition with local schools through the MOE (Ministry of Education).

The mission of ACSIS is to provide student-athletes with an opportunity to compete in a broad and balanced inter-school athletic program that is an integral part of their educational experience. Win or lose, the ACSIS schools will encourage student-athletes to provide a winning effort, exhibit sportsmanship and demonstrate respect for all.

In 2012, we started two International Conferences to supplement our Singapore based sports program. AISA (Australian International Schools Association) was formed with the first AISA Games held here in Singapore in June 2012. There are six member schools from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, UAE and Hong Kong. The AISA model now provides competition for students aged 15 years and under across the sports of Basketball, Football, Netball, Touch and Swimming.

At AIS, we are continually striving to provide a nationally competitive sports program at Elementary and Secondary School levels, whilst maintaining a strong focus on academic integrity. Our accomplishments are a source of pride, enriching our school and community.


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