At AIS, we regard Visual Arts not as a study separated from other knowledge, but as an integral part of developing the whole person. Like all learning, creativity needs to be nurtured in a positive, friendly environment and students treated with sensitivity so that they are not hesitant in expressing their personal visions within their artworks.

Art is compulsory from Preschool to Year 8, after which students can choose to study Visual Arts and/or Photographic and Digital Media. We have a dedicated art room in our Junior School, a dedicated Primary art room in the main school building, and a suite of rooms accommodating Secondary School Visual Arts, and Photographic and Digital Media.

Students’ work is regularly showcased throughout the school, celebrating their creativity and brightening corridors and classrooms. We hold annual exhibitions to further highlight our talent and from time to time work is loaned to the Australian High Commission and other public spaces.

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