It’s the way that determination is transformed into achievement that shapes your child’s success. Whether it’s on the sports field, in the classroom or on their lifelong journey, an AIS education will inspire your child to put in their maximum effort wherever they go.

At the Australian International School (AIS), we believe the development of character is as important as the development of skills and fitness.  Each time we step out on the sporting field we ask ourselves, what will be our legacy? How will we leave the jersey in a better place?

The Australian International School proudly implemented an Athlete Development Program (ADP) at the start of 2015, to train and develop the top 1% of student athletes in the school. The program is the first of its kind at an international school in Singapore and aims to enhance the Representative Sporting Program already firmly in place at AIS, where students of all abilities can participate in a variety of sporting opportunities. 

Watch our video below to find out more:

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