Each baby and infant in our care is unique, with their own developing and changing needs, preferences and routines. The Australian International School Infant Care Program adapts to you and your child’s needs, through the creation of Individual Care Programs. These are developed in partnership with each family, ensuring the care we give is as similar to that they would get at home as possible.

AIS' community-building approach groups the youngest learners into mixed age groups where our little snugglers learn through observing their older peers, and toddlers learn the skills and concepts related to caretaking and empathy towards their littlest friends. Individual home routines are mirrored in Infant Care in consultation with caregivers. Their individual home routines (sleep and feeding) throughout their day are replicated in the Infant Care Pod. Children will sleep in a dedicated quiet rest room in cots or beds depending on their age.

"We were thrilled that Darcy was able to start at AIS as the first student enrolled in the new Infant Care program. Having only been there a few weeks, it’s already clear that he absolutely loves exploring the new space and making new buddies! His first week at Infant Care was also the week of his first birthday and we were so touched by the effort everyone made for him! Such a lovely community we already feel part of.
Rebecca and Pete, Infant Care Parents

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