Flexible Schedules

Infant Care at the ELV strives to provide you and your child the extension of your home. We achieve this through our individualized and personalized caregiving plans. The structure of the day is flexible, following children’s cues and their biological rhythms.

Our Infant Care Coordinator, Anna, will be in touch with you about your child’s unique needs and preferences. You will receive a form and have an online consultation with Anna who will be able to answer your questions about the program and prepare you for what you can expect on your first day in Infant Care.

Our flexible approach is also evident in the way we tailor our program offerings. To suit each family’s requirements, the Infant Care program is available:

  • 5 days: Monday to Friday
  • 4 days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday (No Wednesday)
  • 3 days: Monday to Wednesday OR Wednesday to Friday


Infant Care will be moving away from offering 3 and 4 day placements next year. We plan to honour the arrangements made for the existing families and we will still offer 3,4,and 5 day options for children who turn 18 months by December 2023.

Hence, moving forward, any newly enrolled children whose first birthday falls on (or after) June 2023, will only be offered 5 full days.

We remain responsive and flexible to guardians’ schedules. The Infant Care has an open door policy, inviting you to drop your child off and pick them up any time between 8 am and 6 pm Monday to Friday. Infant Care is closed for only 5 weeks out of the year (2 weeks in June/July, 3 weeks in December/January), 4 days of professional development and public holidays.

We are also committed to flexibility in embracing parenting styles and philosophies, finding ways in which our program can support families in this regard. Kindly note that we are bound by health and safety policies, however we do always try to work towards a middle ground solution.

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