Your child is gifted with natural creativity. We consider it our job to nurture their talent and ingenuity, without conventional constraints, to foster their innate ability to inquire and make links across our entire Early Years, Elementary and Secondary curriculum.

In Early Years, we introduce inquiry-based learning through our Reggio-Emilia inspired curriculum program. Our learning spaces guide each child’s exploration of the world around them, celebrating each child’s ideas, whether that be in mathematics and literacy, music and movement or learning a new language, we ensure each child receives the best early childhood education.

In the Elementary School, active inquiry is developed through the IB Primary Years Program, inspiring our students to build on their knowledge as they make connections across different areas of the curriculum.

Our dedicated Inquiry Centre in Lower Elementary school allows our younger students to delve deeply into particular areas of learning, developing their research, self-management and thinking skills.

As students progress into Secondary School, we offer further opportunities for exploration and inquiry through our inspirational Mentors and Inventors program, which brings internationally renowned thought leaders and experts into our school community to share knowledge and inspire ingenuity. They learn the International Baccalaureate curriculum to equip them for their future studies and career.

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