SPORT - Mr Justin Teves

Sports Wrap Up

Over the holidays we had our Under 19 Rugby 7s Team compete at the Scots College Rugby 7s and our Girls Cheerleading team performing at the Singapore National Championships. The report for Scots College Tour can be read in full below and I am pleased to share that the boys represented themselves very well and came away having learnt a lot about themselves and what it takes to compete against the best. We hope to bring a bigger and stronger team to Scotts College next year and make this an annual fixture for AIS.

Turning our attention to the round-ball game, our U15 Boys Football team will be travelling to Madrid for 10 days to compete at the inaugural Cognita Football 7s. The boys have been training solidly for close to 3 months in the lead up to this tournament. This is a phenomenal opportunity for all our boys to play against the best Cognita Schools from the UK, Spain and South America. Good luck to all involved.

I would also like to wish Coach Reddy and our Boys’ Cricket Team all the best for their tour to Kuala Lumpur. This annual trip to KL has become quite a tradition for AIS and we look forward to hearing all the news on your return.

Justin Teves
Head of Sport

Sharks Sport Website
Please visit the Sharks Sport website, situated on the School’s online portal (VLE) for any information you require regarding our Representative Sports Program. Click here to be directed to the site.

Denis Tan
Sports and Activities Coordinator

Cheerleading South East Asia Championships

The Cheerleading Association Singapore National Cheerleading Championship (CASNCC) was held on Saturday, 29 March in the D’marquee, Downtown East Pasir Ris venue. The day started off with the partner stunts and then the group stunts. There was a huge crowd of spectators, which meant lots of noise from their appreciation. Unlike last year, AIS Sharks did not compete but instead performed in the exhibition section due to age restrictions enforced by the Association, which meant that we only showed our routine but did not qualify for a medal.

After the long wait in our new, brightly coloured uniforms, we performed our routine to the rest of the teams of all levels. The whole team was full of excitement and nervousness before the performance. We hit most stunts and ended the routine with smiles and cheering. It was a relief to finally show our routine to other people. We had been training and rehearsing for over three months.
Hopefully the team has become more inspired after watching the older and more experienced teams’ routines and have a better understanding of what cheerleading is really like.   

Thanks to our coach Dion for organising us on the day and encouraging us to complete our cheer routine successfully.

Alexandra Clay
AIS Cheerleading Captain

AIS Cheerleading Squad

Alicia Barrera

Isabella Rivett-Carnac

Zara Baxby

Noelle Thomas

Natasha Doyle

Annabelle Wilson

Sarah Gunanto

Scarlet Young

Isabelle Hines

Tayla Head

Chloe Jones

Zac Teen

Jasmin Knight

Katie Lindsell

Portia Michau

Coco Hyles

Isabella Noe

Cassie Brill

Sky Radatt

Alisha Barter

Laura Ritchie

Alexandra Clay


15U AIS Cricket
It was a hot and tough day out for the AIS team on the last day of the holidays last Sunday.  A tough result after being just a couple of overs from having this one won before the vacation until the drought breaking rains came and interrupted 2 overs from a result forcing the replay. Cricket can be cruel at times!

Many thanks to Mr Reddy for managing the team last Sunday.

RMCA 275 for 9 in 35 overs (L. Stammer 3/36, R. Blayney 2/46, W. Ellam 1/34, M. Buck 1/40) 
AIS 69 all out in 19.2 overs (L. Stammer 22, W. Ellam 19)
RMCA won by 206 runs

Easter Weekend KL Cricket Tour
Best wishes to the squad below who are travelling up to KL with Mr Casson and Mr Reddy over the long Easter weekend:

Sam Lye

Jackson Tyler

Jack Axford

Taye Davis

Kynan Campbell

Adam English

Marc English

Ryan Blayney

Lachlan Barnesby

Wayne Ellam

Diresh Roshan

Tim Hudson
AIS Cricket


Upcoming events for AIS Golf

Sunday, 4 May
9 hole Secondary parent/child two-ball event (Executive Golf Course –Mandai Road)
Tee off times to be advised during Week 2.
Pairings are as below:

Jessy and Jason Maher

Rajeev and Samay Kumar

Geoff and Keith James

Geoff and Gareth James

Mr Hudson and Mitchell McLinton

Peng Loong and Jennifer Lai

Lucas and Nikki Tran

Tuesday, 6 May
9 hole Stableford event against UWC East and UWC Dover
Depart AIS at 2.40pm from the Gate 1 Car park.

Jason Tee

Angus Hudson

Jasmin Giddens

Mitchell McLinton

Sunday, 25 May
9 hole Elementary parent/child two-ball event (Executive Golf Course –Mandai Road)
Tee off times to be advised during Week 4/5.
Pairings are as below:

Stuart and Billy Turnbull

Patrick and Joseph Tung

Grant and Ethan Reid

David and Campbell Aitken

10/Under Rugby

Round 4 of the ACSIS 10U Rugby league was played at UWC East last term. It was a significant week in the season as it saw the first competitive matches for our ‘White’ team and also the first afternoon at which all three of our 10U teams were in action.

Across the afternoon the three teams played nine matches for only one loss - that being the White team falling to our Green team. It was a terrific effort then that no other school team could notch up a win against any of our boys and again demonstrates the depth of talent and enthusiasm among our 10/Under Rugby squad.

Following the two week break for school holidays, training began again in earnest on Monday, 14 April. There will be no matches in Week 1 and Week 2 of Term 2 meaning that Tuesday, 15 April and Tuesday, 22 April will not be match days. We hope that the boys can stay fit over the break and maybe even practice some of their ball skills. It is always useful also to watch some televised rugby; following just one player, noting their positional play, specific roles within the match and analysing some of their decisions and actions. We look forward to term two and building upon the tremendous performances thus far.

Tuesdays Round 4 Results

AIS 10/Under White




Match 1

AIS White 5 v 5 UWC East 2


Michael Jelavic

Match 2

AIS White 20 v 5 LFS


Michael Jelavic (2), Connor Doyle (2)

Match 3

AIS White 5 v 20 AIS Green


Michael Jelavic

Players Player

Michael Jelavic







AIS 10/Under Gold




Match 1

AIS Gold 5 v 0 TTS


Connor Doyle

Match 2

AIS Gold 30 v 0 UWC East 2


Van Hobgood, Marcus D’Acre, Matt Pain (2), Tom Hosking, Jack McMahon

Match 3

AIS Gold 25 v UWC East 1


Finlay Hagan, Tom Hosking (2), Jack McMahon, Matt Pain

Players Player

Tom Hosking







AIS 10/Under Green




Match 1

AIS Green 20 v 5 OFS


Joshua Marriott (2), Cameron Keir, Josh Kefford

Match 2

AIS Green 30 v 0 UWC East 2


Lawson Henaghan (2), Josh Marriott (2), Rex Pollard, Connor Ritchie

Match 3

AIS Green 20 v 5 AIS White


Jackson Terry, Rex Pollard, Joshua Kefford (2)

Players Player

Cameron Keir



Next fixture: Tuesday, 29 April @ AIS Oval

AIS 10/Under White

No Matches

AIS 10/Under Gold


Match 1

AIS Gold  v UWC East 1
@ 4.30-4.40pm

Match 2

AIS Gold  v CIS LS
@ 5.00-5.10pm

Match 3

AIS Gold  v TTS
@ 5.30-5.40pm

AIS 10/Under Green


Match 1

AIS Green v UWC Dover
@ 4.45-4.55pm

Match 2

AIS Green v OFS
@ 5.15-5.25pm

Match 3

AIS Green v UWC East 2
@ 5.45-5.55pm



Rugby Sevens

The Scots College Rugby Sevens Tournament
An impressive sight met us on arrival. Blue skies, and an immaculate field set and ready to go. With our team only having seven players, and Scots College having an excess of players – we were joined by five players from Scots.  These were impressive young men, who immediately gelled with the AIS boys. The spirit and skills that these Scots players showed went a large way towards making the day an enjoyable one for our boys.

Game 1
AIS - 5 vs Scots – 60
It was a tough game first up against a team with at least one Australian representative player. A very effective opposition high ball combined with a six foot-something ‘giant’ chasing it saw us under pressure throughout the game. AIS had the ball for around a minute of play, and did well to score when we had it.

Game 2
AIS - 15 vs Erindale - 29

Game 2 was against Erindale, another leading school this time from ACT. The team started to gel with our Scots boys who are on loan for the day. Positive play for at least two sets was the goal of this match and the boys delivered.   A couple of dropped balls and some lazy work after passing the ball let us down a little, but this was a much improved game again against quality opponents.  A deft inside ball from Liam Rabbidge saw one of our Scots boys shoot in for a try.  Commentators called it “the try of the day so far.”

Game 3
AIS - 14 vs Erindale - 24

This was another solid showing from the AIS squad. Big Brian Lay stamped his mark on the game early on with probably the biggest clash of the big men that we have seen. His opponent chose to place a “Maori Sidestep” on him, but he will not make that mistake again!

It was a game of end to end play, with victory tantalizingly within reach until the final two minutes as fatigue took hold.  I can see a strength and conditioning program swinging into action at AIS soon!

It was really pleasing to see the boys play together as a team and realising that they are competitive at this level.

Game 4
AIS – 12 vs St Kevins - 36

The Shield Final against a premier rugby school from Melbourne, St Kevins, was the most frustrating game for a coach to watch, because AIS had every chance to win.  This was another lesson for the boys will take home.  Once ascendency is achieved in Sevens, you need to keep the pressure on!  A couple of missed first tackles and the St Kevins boys crossed our line and swung the game their way just before the break.
In summary it was a great day with the squad having a good look (and up close!) of some of the best schoolboy talent in Australia including, schools such as Canberra Grammar and Palmerston North from NZ.  AIS pushed the competition in all but the first game and were the only team to have scored against Scots up until their final game.

Our team has five players eligible again for the tournament next year which is a fantastic building block. These players are well placed to lead the charge into the SCC Sevens. Hopefully, this taste of rugby at a faster, more intense level will inspire them to train that little bit harder over the coming months.

The leadership shown on and off the field by Liam and Ollie is also to be commended. These boys were a credit to the School and their families throughout the tour.

Craig Smith
Head of Rugby