CCA - Mr Michael Farrell


AIS TV Report from the Singapore International Student Film Festival
The gala event for the Singapore International Film Festival was kindly hosted by the Canadian International School on the evening of Tuesday, 29 April.  A nervous and excited contingent of AIS TV students, along with their proud parents, walked the red carpet to melodic tunes played the Singapore American School string quartet.  I want to commend the fantastic effort of all the students involved and thank the parents for their support. We were all thrilled when one of our entries ‘The Wild Side’ by Tom Killingback and Noah Tomich won for Best Middle School Video Art. Congratulations to them and to everyone who took part, we are already planning our films for SISFF 2015!

When asked about their inspiration for the film, Noah and Tom stated, 'We wanted to show that even in a busy bustling city like Singapore, there are still places of tranquility so we decided to create an artistic look at the beauty of nature found at Sungei Buloh Wetlands Reserve.'

Click to watch the winning film, The Wild Side.

Katherine Perry

Australian Rules Football CCA

Every Tuesday on the school oval, a loyal band of Australian Rules players have a run around and a kick. The small group size on some weeks leads to a large amount of running and skill work for all involved. The games sense and match fitness of the boys has improved enormously since we started at the beginning of the semester. There are plans in place for a game in KL in September and the consistent performers at CCA will be first picked for this team.

Mr Carmody and Mr Vlahov
Aussie Rules CCA


Every Tuesday afternoon we sit in period six counting down the minutes…seconds… until the final shriek of the school bell. As soon as it comes we rush to our lockers, grab our over-sized bags and run to the meeting point in anticipation of what we will venture to.

After a torturous taxi ride up the tough torrent of Yio Chu Kang Road we arrive at our destination; the AWWA centre. After a short team brief we leave the familiar humid Singapore atmosphere behind and enter The Smile Centre… and smiles are what we are greeted with.

Our CCA is a volunteer program. In honesty, the majority of us had selected this under the understanding that it would fulfill our NYAA Community Service requirement; it turns out be more fulfilling than that. The Smile centre is a day care and after school hour facility that caters for children with physical as well as developmental needs. Every week there is a different activity for us to throw ourselves into. This can range from ball games to puzzle. Underpinning all the positive influence taking part in the programed has provided for us, is the opportunity to extend our understanding of empathy. This will make more of a mark in our lives then the lines we will scribble into our NYAA logbook.

The Terrific Tuesday AWWA Team

Chess CCA

Chess CCA is offered to Upper Elementary students. This semester we have a group of 25 students. All students have enjoyed playing chess during lunchtime. In the beginning, students started out by learning how to set up the chessboard and how the pieces move. Very soon, students got to play against each other, make new friends, got to know each other better and learnt from each other.

Jae-yun enjoyed this CCA, and said it was fun. He thought that it was helpful for his brain to think and it was challenging.

Aidan said he liked chess because it was getting more exciting and he felt it got harder and harder.

Nelson loved the challenge of playing chess with friends.

Leo loved chess and said chess CCA was awesome and fun and he can’t wait to do it again.

Guangli Wu
Chess CCA

Claymation CCA

Claymation is an animation process where students use Plasticine figures that they have created, combined with stop-motion photography, to bring their characters to life.  This semester has seen a group of enthusiastic students, turned producers, creating story boards, modeling with Plasticine, taking digital photographs and using computer software to create their own Claymation with impressive results.

Skills that the students have been developing during Claymation sessions include:

  • The sequencing of events; storyboarding

  • The organising of ideas; goal setting and time management

  • Making choices; considering colour, sound, impact

  • Working collaboratively

  • Considering the purpose and audience for their Claymation, be it for entertainment and/or education (when the Claymation has a message to tell)

  • Transferring and transformation of knowledge

  • Developing ICT skills

Some comments from the students:

“I like Claymation because you can make whatever you want and create your own story.”  Jill

“I have been enjoying Claymation most of the time.  I have been working on two movies:  Ghostaram and Paladon.  It’s fun and creative, but very slow.  Claymation can be anything made out of clay.”  Caleb Moess

“I enjoy moulding the clay into shapes and faces.  I think Claymation is fun.”  Cameron Hamann

Mrs Nitschke
Claymation CCA

Home Art CCA

This term, Home Art CCA has twelve members from Year 4 and Year 5.  We meet in the Lower Elementary Art Room from 3.30pm to 4.30pm every Tuesday.  We had fun with our first collage art project where coloured papers, magazine pages, newspapers, etc, were put together to form works of art.  Using Austrian artist Gustav Klimt’s “Tree of life” as an inspiration, we started our own 3D “tree of life” sculptures.  We also explored using different materials to come up with creative art pieces.  The main thing about Home Art is its FUN! Here are what some of the students had to say about Home Art:

“Home art is interesting because we have different things almost every week.” Jojo
”It is fun because I get to meet new friends.” Emily
“I like it because it is art and I love art.” Ella
“I like the foil art and the collage.” Ruby  
“I like the activities about home art and making new friends.” Tatiana
“We do so many fun Arts and I really enjoy it” Ellie
“I wish Home Art went on for more time. I like home art because I’m creative.” Katelyn  
“It is lots of fun !” Hayley 

Mrs Angela Rai
Home Art CCA

Rock Climbing CCA

Top Ropes, Canopy Walks and Bouldering Gyms
The Australian International School’s core values are achievement, respect and opportunity and each of these are embodied in the Secondary Rock Climbiny CCA.

Each student is encouraged to set and achieve goals, whether it be climbing the most difficult route on the 25 metre wall or simply ascending to the top of a more modest 18 metre top rope climb where the climber is aided by a second student – the belayer - who takes in the slack in the safety rope as the climber ascends the vertical wall.

This scenario is certainly where respect is also a significant factor. Students learn to respect the dangers that can come about in this sport if they fail to properly inspect or fit climbing equipment correctly. All of the relatively young students in this semester’s group have earned the respect of their peers with the manner in which they have both tackled personal challenges and assisted their peers to reach their personal goals.

There is also abundant opportunity. There is the opportunity to engage in a challenging canopy walk supported by only a lifeline attached to an overhead wire cable while clambering across oscillating wooden slats and rope mesh walls.  The bouldering gym offers the opportunity to attempt risky manoeuvres unsupported on an indoor climbing wall. Climbers can test the limits of their ability with the comforting knowledge that a deep very soft safety mat awaits them below should they take a fall.

All the students doing this CCA. love challenging themselves. You should too – consider giving rock climbing a go some time, if you are not already a devotee.

Mr Piggott
Rock Climbing CCA