CCA - Mr Michael Farrell

CCAs in Weeks 5 and 6

Due to Secondary School exams, SECONDARY CCAs will be CANCELLED in Weeks 5 and 6 with some exceptions as detailed below:

Representative Sport
Unless you have received an email directly from the coach stating training or fixtures are on, it will be CANCELLED in Weeks 5 and 6.

Please refer to the Music page of the Newsletter for detailed information regarding Music CCAs.

All UPPER ELEMENTARY CCAs are ON as normal.

Mr Farrell
CCA Coordinator

Lots of Smiles at AWWA SMILES

AWWA SMILES is one of very few after school care programs for children with special needs in Singapore. It is also the only one which receives students studying at  special schools island-wide.  AWWA SMILES provides respite to parents so that they can continue to pursue their career and improve their family’s financial situation.   Apart from being a place where students can spend their after school time, AWWA SMILES prides itself on the wide range of enrichment activities from performing arts, horticulture, modified sports to pet therapy. These activities enhance students’ learning so that they can lead independent and dignified lives despite their special conditions.

Every week, seven willing volunteers from AIS travel to the AWWA SMILES, located at Lorong Napiri, to support the staff in rolling out enrichment activities to their 30 students aged seven to eighteen. The volunteers are always assured of a warm welcome by the students at AWWA SMILES and the hours pass by very quickly.  AIS students derive as much enjoyment from their experience as the children themselves. 

The following reflections from our student volunteers are testimony to this:

 “It’s been awesome being part of the team for AWWA SMILES enrichment activities this year, I have loved getting to know the children and hanging out with them each week. It’s been really good being able to take some time out of busy school life to help people other than yourself, whether its helping with gardening, coloring, or playing in the playground. The children and staff at AWWA are all so lovely and I have had so much fun being involved!”
Sarah Adeane
“To be at AWWA SMILES is a wonderful Community and Service. It provides me opportunity to interact with children with special needs. Each session is spent completing different enjoyable activities such as gardening, doing puzzles, drawing or visiting the library. There is a great sense of fulfillment after having completed a session at AWWA SMILES; the happy waves good-bye from the children are indicative of their appreciation of the time spent with them. It is lovely to be able to create new friendships and make a difference within the community.” 
Amelia Woodward

Wednesday afternoon. The smiles that light up the children’s  faces whenever they see us coming to spend time with them makes it all worth the while, and now we really know them. I personally realise how lucky I am that I'm able to spend time with these wonderful children and watch them grow. Volunteering at AWWA SMILES is a rewarding experience and one of my favourite hours of the week. 
Amy Jelsma                                                                                  

I’ve always loved working with children and the CCA for AWWA SMILES caught my eyes when I saw it in the catalogue. I was impressed by the efficiency of the staffs and volunteers there. The children are absolutely wonderful. Volunteering at AWWA SMILES encourages me to take on responsibility and release my compassion and empathy. This is sometimes difficult to express during an ordinary day at school.      
Jessica Flyn

Maths Talent Quest CCA

How much of your life so far has been spent at school?
How many hours will you spend during your lifetime watching television?
How big is the classroom compared to the theatre?

In the Maths Talent Quest (MTQ) CCA we have been using mathematical thinking and problem solving to answer questions such as this.  We will present our findings in a booklet that we are going to submit into the MTQ competition in Australia.

Here is some student feedback on this CCA:

‘Wow, what an amazing CCA! I got to go on the field and measure it.  MTQ is about thinking of a question and trying to figure it out using maths.  It’s especially fun when we also get to play Mad Minute.’  Christopher, 4K

‘In the MTQ CCA I have enjoyed the game Mad Minute. We have researched a lot of information.’ Vithour 3B

‘I like MTQ because it is fun and it is great for learning. We play lots of games about maths.’  Leaksmy 5A

‘In MTQ I am focusing on how many people at AIS prefer soccer to basketball and so far soccer has 19 and basketball has 13.  It’s really fun and interesting and the fun bit is at the start of every lesson we play Mad Minute.’  Riccardo 3G

Ms Kirchner
Maths Talent Quest CCA

Theatre Sports CCA

Every Thursday afternoon down the Music and Drama corridor an ordinary black box room becomes an improvisation studio of much hilarity and mirth.  We are Theatre Sports, an endless stream of drama games and improvisation activities to pit our wits against each other, fastest thinkers, wildest ideas and most bizarre circumstances always win. See you there if you dare!

Ms Bentley
Theatre Sports CCA