CCA - Mr Michael Farrell

CCAs in Weeks 6

Due to Secondary School exams, Secondary School CCAs will be CANCELLED in Week 6 with some exceptions as detailed below:

Representative Sport
Unless you have received an email directly from the coach stating training or fixtures are on, it will be CANCELLED in Week 6.

Please refer to the Music page of the Newsletter for detailed information regarding Music CCAs.

All Upper Elementary CCAs are ON as normal.

Mr Farrell
CCA Coordinator

Balloon Sculpting CCA

Ever wonder how balloons can be twisted into beautiful shapes and animals?  Balloon sculpting CCA involves in creating various models using balloons. Kids learn tips and tricks in twisting and shaping balloons. Those skills are useful to learn as impressive party tricks, and to brighten up events. Our CCA team also plans to engage and serve in a community service program at the end of the semester.

The skills to be nurtured during the Balloon Sculpting classes include: time management, making choices, working collaboratively and presenting to an audience. So far, student in the Balloon Sculpting CCA have been taught to make shapes including flowers and pumpkins, as well as animals such as a dog, pig and bear.
The student have had lots of fun making them.
“Something I am proud of is when I can finally do a twist called the tulip twist. Because when I learned how to do the tulip twist, the balloon always pops. I finally did it without popping. I definitely enjoy the final look of the balloons, when I finish making the balloons, I like to show to my friends and my parents.” Natasha Suhochev

“During this CCA course, I have learnt how to sculpt balloons (including balloon flowers, dog and a bear). I have learnt skills that help sculpting balloons. I have really enjoyed being able to sculpt balloons whilst in a friendly environment, where anyone will offer to help you.” Sarah Grono

“I have learned to sculpt the balloons into many kinds of toys like teddy bear and puppy dog. I enjoy spending time with new friends and learning new things after school.”Li Yue

Paula Peng
Balloon Sculpting CCA

Golf CCA

Elementary Parent/Child Texas Scramble – Sunday, 25 May at Executive Golf Course:

The following parent-child flights will tee off at Executive Golf Course next Sunday, 25 May vying for the Winners and Runners Up Trophies:

Stuart and Billy Turnbull                       
Patrick and Joseph Tung     
Grant and Ethan Reid                    
David and Campbell Aitken  
Blair and Jamie/Brayden Hope     
Basic Rules: Both players tee off and each ensuing shot is taken from the best position (best ball) by both players. 9-hole lowest gross score wins the trophies!   Count back on Par 4 holes if the tie needs to be split.
*Reminder to pay Mr Hudson $30 / player on the day of play, please arrive 15-20 minutes before your scheduled tee time above.   Good luck to all teams in this fun event.

 Cognita Games Golf Friday, 6 and Saturday, 7 June at Ria Bintan Resort:
 The following 8 students will represent AIS against Stamford American School in the Cognita Games Golf Tournament. 

This will be a two day 36 hole event, with individual prizes for Gross, Nett and Stableford, as well as a team’s Stableford between the two schools.

Jason Tee
Angus Hudson
Lachlan Barnesby
Jason Maher

Samay Kumar
Mitchell McLinton
Jasmine Giddens
Marcus Graham
Golf CCA

iPAD Ace Team

The iPad Ace Team have had a very productive term using iPads to produce an iMovie video trailer.  An iMovie trailer works differently to a normal video as there are set times, transitions and soundtracks that you must work with.  Therefore capturing entertaining video and structuring it with appropriate captions is very important. 

Various members of the team formed small groups and worked collaboratively to film and edit their videos. Working outside allowed the children to let their imaginations take flight and come up with some interesting scenarios that transferred well to video.  A range of themes such as friendship, school life at AIS, international spy agencies and sport were explored.  It was pleasing to hear the conversations that took place during the editing process, eventually leading to compromises that kept everybody happy.

Now that the iPad Ace team have completed their project, they are now encouraged to take their skills back to the classroom where they can be leaders of the use of technology.   

Mr Campbell
IPAD Ace Team

Textiles CCA

This semester in Textiles the students have learnt how to sew and they have enjoyed creating a small pillow to sit proudly on their beds. This project involved many steps; from the initial drawing of the design, to learning how to thread a needle, how to end their stitches, cutting and sewing their appliques to finally filling and sewing the pillow together. The students have enjoyed coming each week to work on their creations and it has been fabulous to watch their faces beam as their project has come to light! Who better than to share their experiences than the students themselves!

Lucia: ‘I like sewing the pillows. It is so fun and all my friends are with me.’
Claudia: ‘I think textiles is fun and I learnt how to sew.’
Eleanor: ‘I like textiles because I like to sew in my spare time so being able to do it at lunch is really fun. I love being creative.’
Mackenzie: ‘Textiles is fun, you can learn new things, you get the skills to make anything, you use your imagination.’
Brianna: ‘I think that sewing is really fun because you get to make things. I learnt how to do a running stitch and how to make a pillow.’

Ms Cohen, Ms Kelkar and Ms Li
Textiles CCA