Dates to Remember

(Please check the CCA page for information about which Secondary CCAs are on in Week 6)

Monday, 19 May – Thursday, 22 May

Years 7-9 Exams (Including NAPLAN)

Years 7 – 8 - 8.40am  – 10.30am
Year 9 - All day

Tuesday, 20 May – Wednesday, 21 May

Year 10 IGCSE Exam
First Language Japanese

Session 1 - 9am
Session 2 - 1pm

Year 10 IGCSE Exam
First Language Chinese

Session 1 - 9am
Session 2 - 1pm

Wednesday, 21 May

APSMO Math Olympiad 2014

Period 2 (Year 6)
Period 3 (Year 8)
Period 5 (Year 7)
Senior Building Class Rooms 305/301

Cambodian House Building Visiting Speakers

7.30pm – 9pm
Theatre – Year 10 Cambodia House building Students

Wednesday, 21 May – Sunday, 25 May

Year 11 Visual Arts Bali Camp

Depart 4.30pm
Ubud Bali

Friday, 23 May

Year 10 IGCSE Exam
Mandarin as Foreign Language

Session 1 - 9am
Session 2 - 1pm

Performers - ICE
Auditions & Rehearsals

4pm – 6pm
Coral Dixon Theatre

Sunday, 25 May

Senior Musical Rehearsal

10am – 4pm
Coral Dixon Theatre

Parents are urged to check their child’s Assessment Calendar on the Student Portal.  This will provide details of forthcoming assessments.

Dear Parents,

Last week I was representing Dr Miller at the Australian International Schools Association Heads Meeting.  This association brings together schools from the region that all have their roots in Australia.  The group works collaboratively to share our best practice and to promote the cause of Australian education.  It was exciting to share the innovations that each school was developing to ensure quality Australian education in Asia.  I am pleased to say that AIS in Singapore is promoting excellent practice.

After the meeting I remained in Hong Kong over the weekend to watch our students compete in the AIS Games.  This event saw the students participate in Touch (boys and girls), Basketball (boys and girls) and swimming.  All of the students performed magnificently both on the field and off.  Their level of skill was impressive as was their sportsmanship and the positive manner in which they interacted with their colleagues from other schools.  Moreover, the students looked magnificent in their new sporting kit.  They all represented our school with distinction.  Details of the weekend can be found in the Sports Section of this Newsletter.

It was my pleasure this Wednesday to present the Year 12 students with their Senior Badges.  Year 12 marks the pinnacle of secondary education.  Therefore, our Year 12 students are the leaders of our student body.  We of course have our School Captaincy Team which has provided the School with magnificent guidance since their induction.  However, it is important that leadership extends beyond the Captains and to all Year 12 students.  The Senior Badges are a symbol of the important place that these students occupy at AIS.  They are a tangible symbol for younger students with which to aspire.  The class of 2014 have already done some exceptional things this year.  I know that this trend will continue throughout the rest of their tenure.

The School has had a strong academic focus this week with the commencement of the Semester 1 examinations.  I have been impressed by the studious nature of the students in the way they have conducted themselves during these assessments.  Moreover, the manner with which they have utilised their time in preparation for these assessments has been most satisfying.  By facilitating major assessments such as end of semester examinations we provide students with exposure to the type of conditions that will be common in their final years of schooling.  All students are to be congratulated on their efforts.

Last night I had the pleasure to join a number of parents in listening to a lecture from world renowned Music educator Richard Gill.  Richard provided a fascinating insight into the importance of Music within any balanced curriculum.  More than this, his passion for the education of students was palpable.  Richard’s oration was the culmination of the week he spent with AIS staff and students.  His enthusiasm for learning and for life was infectious.  I am immensely grateful to Dr Richard Owens and Mr Simon Hughes who facilitated Richard’s visit.

Yours Faithfully,

Andre Casson
Head of Secondary School

Reminder: Find My Mac!

We have had a few cases again, this week, of lost devices. Fortunately, in each case, the device was found the next school day, and had been put safely away by staff. However, with Find My Mac (or Find My Phone for iPads and iPhones), a simple login would have immediately shown pings of these devices still at school, significantly reducing the emotional burden of wondering where they could be.

I have personally used Find My Phone on a number of occasions, including having left the iPhone in a taxi, and I am always amazed at the simplicity, yet power or locating and managing lost devices.

For assistance, come and see us at ICT, or go to

Andrew Mowat
Director of ICT

Year 6 Update

In Drama Year 6 classes have been looking at the Stephen Berkoff adapted text of Franz Kafka’s Metamorphasis. Students have created performances around the following text:

As Gregor Sampson awoke one night from uneasy dreams.
He found himself transformed in his bed into a gigantic insect.
His numerous legs, which were pitifully thin compared to the rest of his bulk, waved helplessly before him.
What happened to me, he thought, it was no dream.
He looked at the alarm clock ticking on the chest half past six and the hands are quietly moving on Gregor, Gregor said a voice, a gentle voice, it was his mothers.

The class learnt their lines and experimented with different effects in choral speech, moving between speaking in unison or cannon and highlighting words with solo moments. Often hushed tones were chosen to create emphasis on the peculiar nature of the theme, all decisions were justified in the groups evaluations during the rehearsal.

The metamorphosis of the beetle was dramatised even with students developing their lighting ideas. Each group brought in torches and using a white display sheet projected images of their physical representations up in shadow for performance. This produced a wealth of different creative images and added to the already eerie atmosphere of the story. 

Ms Martha Bentley
Secondary School Drama Teacher

Year 8 Update

The students in 8Y have been engaged in an innovative awareness program during Term 2.  Each student has been allocated a particular day to present an inspirational video to inspire the class. The videos can be to motivate you to learn better or they could be a video just telling you never to give up!  This wonderful idea was thought up by Ms Vannavong, 8Y’s homeroom teacher. A few examples of these videos are:

Paratrooper -
Look Up -
Jelly Bean Life -

All of the students in the class have enjoyed and been inspired by these presentations.  Mr Nitschke and Mrs Bhogal often drop into the class, just to be inspired at the beginning of the day by the video clips.  Although it can be difficult to find the time to do the presentations in the busy schedule of a school day, the members of 8Y have really valued the experience.  Take the time to investigate and be inspired by following the above links and never give up!

8Y Home Group

Year 10 Update

Year 10 began their term by mapping their workload and assessment load onto an A3 calendar.  Parents hopefully have seen this pasted up around their students’ workspace at home.  As a time management tool, it is useful to be able to see the big picture and to dedicate homework and study time accordingly. 

Art exams for IGCSE were completed in Week 3 and this week students sat their IGCSE exams in Drama and Chinese.  The positive energy around preparation for these exams has been obvious in the Year 10 corridor, with many students quizzing each other and using classrooms at lunch time for group study.  Further practice tests will be conducted in class over the coming weeks leading up to Mock exams early in Term 3.

In PGD sessions, students have participated in a social media survey relevant to their group.  The results generated much follow-up discussion in home group sessions.   As well in PGD sessions, students have been looking at memory and study skills as ways of helping with exam preparation.

We have made an early start regarding course choices for Year 11 in 2015.  Next Wednesday, 21 May, during PGD Mr Vetrano, IBDP Coordinator and Mr Jolly, HSC Coordinator will address all students regarding these courses.  This will be followed up on Wednesday, 28 May by a talk from our Academic Captains, Meg Newman and Ben Jamieson, who will speak first-hand about their Year 11 and 12 academic experiences.  Parents will be invited to an evening information session and students will attend a face-to-face interview with the coordinators prior to making their final choices.

A big congratulation is due to our Sharks’ representatives who spent last weekend in Hong Kong at the AIS Games.  Year ten boys and girls participated in Swimming, Touch and Soccer.  We were all very proud to welcome them home as runners-up in all sports.

Our Student Representative Captains, Jackson, Jacob, Joel and Daniel launched the ‘Mind Your Language’ campaign in homerooms this week and have been very active in seeking suggestions for making Year 10 even more awesome than it is already.  A graffiti wall and music in the mornings are two of the innovations our captains can put their names to.

On a final note, students were reminded this week of the importance of keeping all their belongings secure in their lockers with a sturdy lock. 

Mrs Sandy Kiehne and Mr Luke Tyson
Heads of Year 10

Drama Update

IGCSE Drama students sat their ‘end-of-year’ examination on Thursday.  As this course’s examination is only offered in the May/June session, Drama students are among the first in Year 10 to be taking a written paper.  To celebrate their hard work, solidify their understanding and prepare them for their exam we held a ‘Revision Breakfast’ in the Drama Room.  This was very well attended and provided students with a great opportunity to talk about exam skills and content as well as demonstrate they have become experts in their course.  

Mr Ash Huxtable
Head of Drama

Year 12 Update

The calm before the storm
Year 12 has been progressing nicely in the past few weeks, with plenty of activities outside of the classroom to take the mind of study. The Buddy Program has become a weekly highlight, a handful of students jetted off to Hong Kong for the AIS Games and Valedictory preparations have begun. However, the core focus remains on the Diploma (DP) and Higher School Certificate (HSC) studies, with a number of crucial deadlines fast approaching.

The DP students have a significant deadline next Wednesday, when their Extended Essay (EE) is due to be submitted to supervisors. This has been a long process, which is a culmination of over a years’ worth of planning. The due date is the last opportunity the School has to accept the EE’s to give supervisors enough time to review and turn them around before the students make their final submission to the International Baccalaureate. On top of this deadline, many students will also be working on CAS projects and their Internal Assessments for various subjects.

HSC students are entering another busy period of assessment also. Almost all HSC subjects will be having internal assessment tasks due over the next 4 weeks. It is vital that students are aware of the deadlines, aware of the assessable content and remain well-organised to be prepared for these tasks. After this busy period, there will be no respite, as students will begin preparations for their 2nd most important examination of their schooling lives, the HSC Trial Examination beginning Week 3 of Term 3.

The Buddy Program has become the highlight each week for both Year 12 and Preschool. Watching the buddy’s interact this week, it became apparent of the strong bonds that have developed between these two groups of students at opposite ends of their education journey. The Years 12s have really encompassed the task of role-model and Preschoolers have become increasingly dependent on their senior counterparts weekly visit. It really is the most beautiful thing to watch and “soup for the soul”. There are only three more sessions available in the Buddy Program, culminating in a Teddy Bear Picnic on Wednesday of Week 8.
Below are a few photos of the buddy’s as well as some reflections for the Echidnas class.

I painted a picture for him. I made a card. We played everything.’ Cooper

‘We played play dough. We made shell pasta. We had fun.’ Emma

‘I like my buddy. We played at the Art table. I make a snowflake.’ Zoe

‘We played computers and we did painting and we painted a spotty king Indigo. We played with her in the home corner. The clothes didn’t fit Undram though!’

‘We played outside with the bikes. Me and Hannah were driving. Luca was sitting in the back. My buddy was pushing us when we were stuck in the hole.’ Cameron

‘We played trucks outside. He helped me to build a helicopter.’ Ethan

‘We played soccer. He’s good at soccer. But I’m even faster and better than Rino. I liked playing the matching game too.’  Sammy

‘We played running and basketball. We played on the swing Ellie couldn’t get a turn because she was too big.’ Scarlette
Finally, this week was the launch of the Valedictory committees. These committees will be helping the Heads of Year and the Home Group teachers in preparations for the Valedictory Dinner and other celebrations at the end of Term 3. The date for the Dinner has been set, Wednesday, 17 September from 6:30pm, at the Fullerton Hotel. At the end of Term 2 we will send out information to parents regarding the dinner and other events. The committees were well received by Year 12, with every student joining at least one committee from the following list:

  • Entertainment (Ms Campbell-Pegg)

  • Digital Media (Mr Piggott & Mr McCandlish

  • Year Book (Mr Bhogal)

  • Student-Lead Assembly (Mr Snelling)

It has been a very busy week and an increasingly busy term. Good luck to the DP students meeting those important deadlines and to the HSC students in their preparations for assessments. Remember, it is only six more months of hard work.

Marc Capstick and Indrani Banerjee
Heads of Year 12

Mother Tongue News

Zou Xuan and Yuan Anni from the Year 9 IGCSE Chinese First Language class participated in the 8th YMCA Mandarin Speaking Awards (MSA) on 27th March, 2014. Participants are mostly from local government schools, including some reputable schools, such as CHIJ, St. Nicholas Girls’ School, Nanyang Girls’ High School and Raffles Institute. Despite the intense competition, both of Zou Xuan and Anni prepared well, overcame their stage fright, and did a great job in the contest. It paid off.  Zou Xuan won the bronze award and Yuan Anni received a Certificate of Participation. Congratulations to these two brave, brilliant girls! 


Paula Peng
Secondary School Chinese Teacher

Mandarin Update

第二语言学生- 自我介绍,我最喜欢的地方或者和所学单元相关的小文章。
The AIS Times (Chinese) Website goes Live now! 

The link is:

We hope you find the series of articles to be not only informative, but also interesting and inspiring as our purpose is to establish a Chinese Language learning and sharing platform for all the enthusiastic learners.  To do so, we will continue to strive to produce good stories, useful recourses and warmly welcome contributions from all of you.

Your feedback on the articles of our website is always welcome.  If you have any questions or feedback on any of the articles, please feel free to contact us at Contributions are welcome!

Chinese A Students- 题材不限,文体不限,400-600字
Language B Students -  Chinese Self Introduction, my favourite place or topic related articles.
AIS Times (Chinese) CCA Team

Ling Su
Secondary School Chinese Teacher

Science Update

Year 11 Field Study in Thailand
In Week 3 of this term 68 students from Biology, Geography and Environmental Systems and Societies classes and five teachers travelled to Thailand to do field studies in the jungles outside of Chiang Mai.

Pang Soong Lodge sits at the entrance to the Mae Lai Community Forest area, nestled between Jae Sorn National Park and Mae Takrai National Park meaning there was plenty of undisturbed rainforest for a real wildlife experience. There were plenty of critters too – birds and bugs; frogs and snakes. One particularly friendly green tree racer snake was curled up beneath the bathroom sink and caused quite a bit of excitement.

The staff at the lodge are trained Biologists and Environmental Scientists who are involved in genuine field work in the area as well as working with local villagers on sustainable farming practices. One project involves insect farming for human protein consumption – our group stuck with the green chicken curry for lunch. The exposure to these studies and the involvement the students had in doing research was an invaluable experience outside of the textbook and outside of the classroom.  The walks through the jungle were breath-taking and always revealed some interesting flora and fauna to identify and appreciate.  In addition, students learned useful skills that are used by field scientists in their area of study and they gathered genuine data that will be used throughout the year for analysis.
A special thanks to the teachers who took part: Pauline Zwanikken, Michael McKnight, Suzanne Johnson, Colin Mulholland and Rob Slider. Ms Zwanikken and Mr McKnight who did an outstanding job arranging a flawless learning adventure for these students organized the trip.

Rob Slider
Head of Science

Vertigo and Aspectrum raise funds and awareness for HEAL

It was wonderful to see two of our AIS bands giving back to the community on the weekend. Vertigo - Lizzie Tanner, Leonid Pikov, Jacob Cox , Isabelle Kane and  Andy Smith and  Aspectrum - Rino Darusman, and Tejo D’Cruz teamed up with local Latino bands AlmaLatina / The Pablo Tani Horn Section in a benefit concert  raising funds for local charity Club HEAL (where Hope, Empowerment, Acceptance and Love prevail) an organisations which assists people in Singapore with mental health issues.

Over $5000 was donated to HEAL on the night. The bands were outstanding and had the very enthusiastic audience wanting more. It is fantastic to see Vertigo and Aspectrum giving back to our local community, taking action and sharing their talents to raise awareness and funds to help others. Rock ‘n’ roll!
Mrs Ardene Mandziy
Assistant Head of Secondary – Welfare

AIS Cake Cooking Competition: Wednesday, 28 May

Take part and help raise funds for cancer research as part of Australia's Biggest Morning Tea. Enter the AIS Cake Cooking Competition and stand the chance to win a number of exciting prizes. The top prize will be for one lucky student to attend a two hour Saturday Midday Cooking Class with the Kitchen Team at Bacchanalia, worth $500.00! Thanks to Emmanuel Benardos the General Manager of Bacchanalia for this generous donation.

More prizes will be announced on the day, so what are you waiting for? Let's get baking and raise some money for Cancer Research! Funds will be raised through the entry fee of $2 and through cake sales on the day. Click here to read more about Australia's Biggest Morning Tea.

Despina Joannidis
AIS Cake Cooking Competition