EAL - Mr Tim Hudson

Dates to Remember

Sunday, 25 May

Senior Musical Rehearsal

10am – 4pm
Coral Dixon Theatre

Tuesday, 27 May

Senior Musical Rehearsal



Wednesday, 28 May

Year 12 Geography Students - Urban Places Fieldtrip 

All day

Meet at Holland Village MRT 9am

Year 11 NYAA Gold
Information Night – Parents/Students


Senior School Library

Thursday, 29 May

Senior Musical Rehearsal


Coral Dixon Theatre

Friday, 30 May

Senior School House Swimming Carnival

All Day

Yio Chu Kang Swim Complex

Saturday, 31 May

AISPA Family Fish and Chip Night

3pm – 7pm

Small/Big Gym, Oval

Sunday, 1 June

Music Ensemble Evening – Rehearsal

10am to 3pm

Music Department

Wednesday, 4 June

AIS’ Annual Music Ensemble Evening


Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music Concert Hall
NUS Campus
Tickets here.

Information subject to change, correct at date of circulation. 

Parents are urged to check their child’s Assessment Calendar on the Student Portal.  This will provide details of forthcoming assessments.

 Dear Parents,

This week the majority of the Secondary students have been engaged in the Semester 1 examinations. These assessments are now just part of the normal academic year expectations.  They form a natural part of the assessment cycle for the students.  This is an important consideration as examinations play a crucial part in graduating from school.  By affording the students with the opportunity to practice these assessments in examination conditions, the School is attempting to assist this process. 

In the last few weeks of Term 2 the teachers will be marking the assessments and preparing the reports to provide students and parents with feedback.  The Secondary School Reports will be posted home to parents in the first week of the holidays.  By moving the report deadline to this week the teachers have been able to have an extra week of teaching in the best interests of the students’ learning.  I would urge parents to ensure that their contact details are correct.  If you have moved in the last year, please email  to update details. 

Andre Casson
Head of Secondary School

Winners of the 2014 Secondary EAL Writing Competition

Year 6/7 PMC    Sammi Chan
Year 8/9 PMC    Can Dai
Year 6/7 EAL       Chunyi Sun
Year 8/9 EAL       Muhammadsodiq Rasulov
Year 10-12 EAL Gina Kim

Congratulations to all 40+ students who submitted entries this year, it was a difficult job for the judges. Winners above will receive their awards in the Wednesday Assembly scheduled for the final week of this term.

Dates to Remember

Tuesday, 27 May

Year 1 Swimming Carnival

AIS Pool
8.40am - 9.40am
1ST, 1BO, 1HA, 1JO, 1HE

9.50am - 10.50am
1DA, 1OC, 1MC, 1DE, 1CU

Thursday, 29 May

Upper Elementary House
Swimming Carnival

Yio Chu Kang Swimming Complex
Ang Mo Kio Ave 9
9:00am – 2:45pm

Wednesday, 11 June

Prep Swimming Carnival

AIS Pool

Upper Elementary Sport
This week the UE students will be starting their second rotation of the cricket and netball program. After three weeks of learning the skills and basic rules of cricket and netball the students enjoyed a week of game play. The boys will now be starting the Netball program and the girls will be outside participating in the Cricket program. It is advised that the UE girls now bring a spare change of school uniform the day that they participate in the sports program. Students will participate in Cricket outside even if it is raining.

Lower Elementary EAL Classes
In EAL classes, Year 2 students have been talking about their favourite places in Singapore. To enhance the students engagement in English, Mrs Nalletamby asked them to identify their favourite place, describe it, articulate why it is their favourite place and create a model using materials of their choice. Students will then explain the features of their place and use the Pic Collage application to design a poster advertising their chosen place and the reasons as to why people should visit that place.

The Prep, students in EAL have been exploring materials and the language associated with different materials found within the School. They were required to explore a selection of different materials, focusing on describing the materials and then construct something incorporating the materials and explain their creation, labelling the different materials used.