EAL - Mr Tim Hudson

Dates to Remember





Monday, 2 June

Year 10 – IGCSE  Art Exhibition for moderator

All day

Mezzanine Level

Tuesday, 3 June

Senior Musical Rehearsal



Wednesday, 4 June

UE & SS Music Ensemble Rehearsal

9am – 4.30pm

Yong Siew Toh Concert Hall

UE & SS Music Ensemble Evening


Yong Siew Toh Concert Hall
NUS - click here for tickets

Thursday, 5 June

Senior Musical Rehearsal



Friday, 6 June

Year 12 Buddy Program Picnic Lunch

12pm – 1pm

Year 12 and Preschool Students

ICE Auditions – Rehearsals

4pm – 6pm


2nd CASA Games – Swimming

All Day

(Years 2 – 9, Selected students tbc)

Saturday, 7 June

2nd CASA Games – Golf

All Day

Ria Bintan
(Years 2 – 9, Selected students tbc)

Sunday, 8 June

Senior Musical Rehearsal

10am – 4pm



Information subject to change, correct at date of circulation. 

Parents are urged to check their child’s Assessment Calendar on the Student Portal.  This will provide details of forthcoming assessments.

Dear Parents,

I had the great pleasure on Wednesday evening to watch the First XI Football (Soccer to some) Team capture their inaugural title.  The match was a thrilling affair against LFS with the two combatants locked at 3 all at the close of play.  The fighting spirit of the AIS players was evident throughout the match as they came behind to draw level three times during the game.  The two goals to move to 2 and 3 all were truly spectacular!  The match went to penalties with AIS victorious after two sudden death shots.  A more detailed match analysis is provided in the sport section of this Newsletter.

Next Wednesday is one of the highlights of the school year – the Annual Music Ensemble Evening.  The level of performance at this event is always amazing and is testimony to the talented students at our school working with a group of the most committed music teachers it has been my privilege to witness. [click here to book tickets - they are going fast!]

At Friday Briefing today the AIS staff had the opportunity to express our gratitude to departing AISPA President Mrs Tara Milne.  Tara’s contribution to AIS is immense and it is appropriate to mention here, the appreciation that the Secondary School has for her work. 

Yours faithfully,

Andre Casson
Head of Secondary School

Dates to Remember

Dates to Remember:



Monday, 2 June and Tuesday, 3 June

CCA Assemblies for Upper Elementary

1:00pm – 1:40pm
Coral Dixon Theatre

Friday, 6 and Saturday, 7 June

Cognita Games

Various Locations

Wednesday, 4 June

LOTE taster sessions for Year 5s

Year 5 classrooms

Friday, 6 June

Semester 1 CCA’s conclude


Wednesday, 11 June

Prep Swimming Carnival

8.40-9.40 - PDI, PIT, PSY, PCO

9.50-10.50 - PLO, PWH, PJA, PHO

AIS Pool

Friday, 13 June

ICE Festival – Dress up day

Various Locations

Assessment and Reporting at AIS

Assessment is integral to all teaching and learning and involves the gathering and analysis of information about student performance and is designed to inform practice. It identifies what students know, understand and can do at different stages in the learning process.

AIS is committed to using a variety of data, including national assessments (e.g. the recent NAPLAN testing), teacher observations, standardised testing, peer and self‐assessment, learning journals and student reflections. The use of a range of data offers a more complete and holistic insight into student learning rather than a single type of data.

Teachers are currently using the range of data to develop the student reports, which will be sent out at the end of the Semester along with Student Learning Journals. 

Mignon Weckert
Head of Elementary School

International Cultural Extravaganza - ICE

On Friday, 13 June, the Elementary School will be taking part in the AIS International Cultural Experience, also known as ICE.  This is a school-wide celebration of the 50+ nationalities within our student body, as well as the cultures many of our students will have also experienced during their travels.

We are very fortunate to be able to celebrate this with the Secondary School through the fun and engaging opening ceremony as well as the ICE showcase. This is a concert that highlights a selection of cultural performances from the Secondary School.

The rest of our ICE day will be spent engaging in Year Level activities, highlighting the wonderful array of cultures we have at AIS. Children will be exploring foods, activities, music as well as having an international dress up day.