Dates to Remember





Monday, 2 June

Year 10 – IGCSE  Art Exhibition for moderator

All day

Mezzanine Level

Tuesday, 3 June

Senior Musical Rehearsal



Wednesday, 4 June

UE & SS Music Ensemble Rehearsal

9am – 4.30pm

Yong Siew Toh Concert Hall

UE & SS Music Ensemble Evening


Yong Siew Toh Concert Hall
NUS - click here for tickets

Thursday, 5 June

Senior Musical Rehearsal



Friday, 6 June

Year 12 Buddy Program Picnic Lunch

12pm – 1pm

Year 12 and Preschool Students

ICE Auditions – Rehearsals

4pm – 6pm


2nd CASA Games – Swimming

All Day

(Years 2 – 9, Selected students tbc)

Saturday, 7 June

2nd CASA Games – Golf

All Day

Ria Bintan
(Years 2 – 9, Selected students tbc)

Sunday, 8 June

Senior Musical Rehearsal

10am – 4pm


Information subject to change, correct at date of circulation. 

Parents are urged to check their child’s Assessment Calendar on the Student Portal.  This will provide details of forthcoming assessments.

Dear Parents,

I had the great pleasure on Wednesday evening to watch the First XI Football (Soccer to some) Team capture their inaugural title.  The match was a thrilling affair against LFS with the two combatants locked at 3 all at the close of play.  The fighting spirit of the AIS players was evident throughout the match as they came behind to draw level three times during the game.  The two goals to move to 2 and 3 all were truly spectacular!  The match went to penalties with AIS victorious after two sudden death shots.  A more detailed match analysis is provided in the sport section of this Newsletter.

Equally as impressive as the efforts of the players was the support provided by the spectators.  Almost two hundred students, staff and parents were in attendance to support the team.  Their enthusiasm for the game was evident and I am sure they assisted in lifting the players to ultimate victory.  Congratulations must be extended to the entire team that were manfully led by Captain Logan Cheers and superbly coached by Mr Capstick and Mr Harrow.  This was a magnificent evening for AIS.

Maintaining the sporting theme the Secondary School House Swimming Carnival took place today.  At the time of writing I am unable to comment on results or performances – I will discuss this in next week’s Newsletter.  However, I would like to comment on the importance of participation and camaraderie.  I have mentioned on many occasions the focus on academic attainment at AIS.  We strive for excellence in all that we do and teaching and learning is our core business.  That being said it is incumbent on an educational institution to educate the whole student – mind, body and spirit.  Events such as House Swimming Carnival encapsulate the themes of holistic education and excellence.  Our gifted athletes have the opportunity to excel in the pool – which is an important part of education to allow students to express their talents.  However, the carnival also has a clear participation element where all students are able to contribute to the overall result by having a go.  Additionally they are able to support their classmates in the stands through cheering and vocal encouragement.  Events such as the House Swimming Carnival are part of what makes AIS great.  I am always so proud of our community at these events.  I know today will be similar.

Next Wednesday is one of the highlights of the school year – the Annual Music Ensemble Evening.  The level of performance at this event is always amazing and is testimony to the talented students at our school working with a group of the most committed music teachers it has been my privilege to witness.  I look forward to being in the audience to experience all of the hard work coming together. [click here to book tickets - they are going fast!]

On Wednesday, this week, the Technology Department hosted the first AIS Cake Cooking Competition and cake sale in aid of Cancer Research. The cakes produced were of an outstanding quality and helped raise over $1000 for cancer research. Congratulations to the winning students and to the Technology Department for organising the whole thing. A full report and details of the winners and their prizes, can be found further down this page.

The Annual ANZA Volunteer of the Year Awards Ceremony was held on Thursday evening at the Australian High Commission.  This gala event is an opportunity to celebrate the immense number of ANZA volunteers who worked tirelessly to provide a plethora of sporting, cultural and community service activities to the community.  All attendees at this event are the people that work behind the scenes to ensure ANZA events run smoothly.  To allow them to enjoy the evening the AIS School Captaincy Team stepped forward to act as wait staff for this event.  The students did a magnificent job and were a credit to the school.  The comments of the people in attendance were universal in their praise of our articulate, mature students.  They represented AIS with distinction.
At Friday Briefing today the AIS staff had the opportunity to express our gratitude to departing AISPA President Mrs Tara Milne.  Tara’s contribution to AIS is immense and it is appropriate to mention here, the appreciation that the Secondary School has for her work.  She is unfailingly positive in her outlook toward our school and her enthusiasm is infectious.  Tara has worked closely with staff and students alike.  Each of these encounters has enriched the lives of those involved and has enhanced the cause of AIS.  She will be missed by all in the Secondary School.  On behalf of all in the community I would like to thank Tara for helping make AIS the wonderful place that it is today and wish her and her family well as they returns to life in Texas.

Yours faithfully,

Andre Casson
Head of Secondary School

International Cultural Experience
Vouchers on sale next week

A reminder to all Secondary students that you need to buy your vouchers for ICE by Wednesday, 4 June. You can buy vouchers during Home Group time. One book of vouchers is $10.

ICE is coming! Friday, 13 June.

ICE Team

Year 6 Update

Real World Experts Visit Year 6

This term Year 6 have been delving into the world of persuasive writing. Part of our studies included looking at advertising and how persuasive techniques such as pathos, ethos, logos, colour, neologism and slogans are used to great effect to subliminally affect consumers. 6U are extremely lucky to have two parents who were willing to share their experiences and expertise as Creative Directors for large advertising agencies based here in Singapore. Tim Green (Tom’s Dad) and Barrie Seppings (Mandela’s Dad) presented to us all in the Coral Dixon Theatre last month. Both Dads came at the task from different, yet equally informative, angles!

Tim showed us some beautiful examples of effective print and film advertising and ‘deconstructed’ the advertisements talking about which techniques were used and how they help push a message. Barrie talked about what advertising agencies are like, what creative people do inside them and how the kids might end up with a job doing this sort of work. He also discussed how advertising has changed. Barrie opened our eyes to the ever-broadening field of advertising in digital, social & mobile environments.

Tim and Barrie, thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedules to share your knowledge with us!

Ms Kirsten Murphy
Year 6 Home Group Teacher

Year 8 Update

Students in Year 8 completed their first round of exams for the year last week and conducted themselves with much integrity and maturity.  For many, it was hopefully an opportunity to demonstrate not only their growing understanding and mastery across the subject areas but also to explore the most effective strategies and skills needed to revise, consolidate and retain all the content covered thus far this semester.

In the final few weeks of this busy term, our attention in Year 8 is turning to our digital footprint and the impact our online behaviour can have both on themselves and others online.

In Australia, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) delivers cybersafety programs, presentations and resources to teachers, children, parents, cares and community members through its Cybersmart branding including the Cybersmart Outreach Program.  We will be engaging in discussions about our cyber practices and will complete an online quiz on the cyber smart kids website ( to gauge how Cyber Smart we are.  Cyber safety and netiquette will also be the focus of these sessions. 

The above website is full of interesting activities, videos and articles.  One that drew our attention was the “The CyberFIT goal setting activity” which aims to encourage students to set goals for the months and even years ahead and provide tangible records of tracking online behaviour.

Some things to consider when we think about our online behaviour are summerised as the “CyberFIT Domains” which encourage students to consider their own behaviour in each of these four key areas of their lives.

Entertainment and enjoyment

Organisations and planning

Time Online

Set reminders to complete homework

Balanced lifestyle

Get organised

Set goals

Reference your research

Unplug sometimes

Re-set passwords

Consider the future


Protect privacy




Collaboration and communication

Health and wellbeing

Social network (with friends)

Time online

Leave a positive digital footprint

Balanced lifestyle

Consider who may be affected before clicking or tapping

Unplug sometimes

Be secure online

Consider the future

Recommend good apps and websites    

Protect privacy


 Anne Bhogal and Wayne Nitschke

Heads of Year 8

Year 10 Update

Year 10 are keenly looking ahead to the upcoming break, with a large number of students having just completed their first IGCSE exams. Drama, Art, Mandarin foreign language, Mandarin first language and Japanese first language students have all now completed their external examinations.

Here’s what some of them had to say after the exams:

“Art was good. I didn’t think I’d finish but I did”

“Glad it’s over!”

“I felt very prepared for Drama. I felt calm when I read the paper.”

“If you studied it was ok”

“Not as hard as I imagined”

“The content was very similar to what we’d done in class.”

“Drama was a blast… No, really, it was actually fun!”

Whilst firmly focused on their current IGCSE preparations, Year 10 have also been casting one eye towards the future. Mr Jolly and Mr Vetrano visited Year 10 to give an overview of the HSC and IB Diploma programs for years 11 and 12. Our year 12 Academic Captains, Meg Newman and Benjamin Jamieson also spoke to the group about their experiences of the two programs. All of the speakers gave our students invaluable information and advice as they begin to think about their final years of schooling.

Year 10 students have been encouraged to begin discussions about their choice of program next year, both at home with parents, and with their teachers. There will be an information night next term for parents along with a subject expo for students and one-on-one interviews with Mr Vetrano and Mr Jolly. Stay tuned for further details of these events.

Ms Sandy Kiehne and Mr Luke Tyson

Heads of Year 10

Year 11

The Year 11 cohort shared a collective sigh of relief as the exam period drew to a close last Wednesday. We’d like to congratulate all the students on their engagement and effort throughout this important week of assessment.

The Merchant of Venice

Many of you may have seen the recent Singapore Repertory Theatre production of The Merchant of Venice in Fort Canning Park. Amongst the seasoned cast was one of our talented Year 11 students, Benjamin Spratt. Ben has written a short reflection on this experience:

Do you ever dream of being a businessman, a bodyguard, a police officer, an interior decorator, and a party goer all in one night?  Are you also keen to give up your evenings 6 nights a week for 3 months in a row? If you are still interested, you might want to consider auditioning for the Singapore Repertory Theatre's Young Co. because I played all of these roles in the recent Shakespeare in the Park production of The Merchant of Venice.

As part of The Merchant of Venice Ensemble, I had the amazing opportunity to work alongside a professional cast and crew from around the world.  I played some of the "extra" non-speaking roles. I think the highlight for me was getting to know the cast and crew and being considered part of the team. I learnt valuable lessons about working in the Theatre industry – especially just how hard everybody works to put on a big production like Merchant.

Being involved in this production has been an extraordinary experience, and one that I will remember for the rest of my life.

Ben Spratt

Visual Arts Bali Camp

Our Visual Arts students returned from their Bali camp this week with tales of exciting adventures and experiences. One of the main highlights shared by the Year 11s was having the opportunity to learn alongside their Visual Arts teachers in workshops. By all accounts, the trip was a huge success.

The year 11 IB and HSC art students went to Bali for a five-day immersion into the culture, sights and artist styles to inspire our body of work. We cycled down a mountain, visited a temple, learnt Bamboo wood art, walked the famous ridge, viewed three art galleries and ate very well. Our main focus was creating studio art, which we developed through the guidance of Bruce, our artist mentor. Bruce instructed us on the importance of line and colour in Balinese art and how we could learn these techniques through the use of pure pigment. Our theme was mythical creatures inspired by our Bali experience. We were told to not plan and to just see where the lines and brush took us. The outcome was very expressive and unique paintings that encapsulated each individual perspective on what we had absorbed in beautiful Bali. Every student deeply enjoyed their Bali experience having been spoilt with brilliant art and a great pair of teachers - Mr Coulter and Mrs McKiernan - who encouraged us to dive head first into the rich world of Balinese art and became art students too. We enjoyed a lovely relaxing, yet action packed trip. The people we met and the time we spent travelling, learning and laughing will always mark an immensely positive stamp on this trip and we believe the rest of Year 11 will wish they did Visual Arts just to go on our awesome trip! Our pieces of art will be on display later this year.

Elodie Tweedie and Ciara Flanagan
Art Students

Year 12 Update

Another term is slowly coming to an end and it has not been an easy one, for various reasons. Moreover stress levels for the students are mounting as the deadlines and major assessments are coming closer. In the midst of this, the students can look forward to a couple of events in the school calendar, which will help them relax and take a break.

One of these is the swimming carnival to be held on Friday, the 30th of May. This is a major event and one that brings different houses together in a fun filled competitive environment. It is a good opportunity for the Year 12’s to display their House spirit and they are encouraged to take full advantage of this, to have an enjoyable day.

The other chance for the Year 12’s to showcase their talents and have a memorable day is at ICE on the 13th of June, which is the last day of the Term. It is a celebration of the international nature of the school and provides a wonderful opportunity for the students to display their interests. They get to participate in various cultural workshops and also enjoy food from different parts of the world, during this ICE day.

Finally, as part of the PGD program, the Year 12’s have also been going to the preschool to spend time with their buddies on a weekly basis. It has been a very successful program and has helped build strong bonds between the buddies. This program will conclude with a picnic, which is being organised for the 4th of June.

All of these experiences will go towards building a rich tapestry of memories that the Year 12’s will carry with them as they leave school and step into adult life. Hopefully these events will help the students’ transition into the next Term in a more settled manner.

Indrani Banerjee and Marc Capstick
Heads of Year 12

AIS Cake Competition for Cancer Research

On Wednesday, 28 May, the Technology Department held a Cake Cooking Competition to raise funds for Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea for Cancer Research. 

Students in 3 categories: Years 6-8, 9-10,11-12 designed, produced and decorated cakes and cupcakes that demonstrated their creative cooking skills.  We were overwhelmed by the standard of cakes presented and by the super participation by the students.

The judges; Mr Casson, Mr Harrow, Ms Yeung and our guest judge, Mr Emmanuel Bernados from Baccanalia Restaurant had the difficult task of cutting and tasting each yummy entry as they discussed the taste and texture, visual appeal and unique design.

Congratulations to the winners!

Year 6-8 category
Skye Radatt
Prize: Dinner voucher at Blu Kouzina Restaurant, presented by George Kokkinas

Year 9-10 category
Brittany Matthews
Prize: A 2 hour cooking class at Baccanalia Restaurant

Year 11-12 category
Gwen Sim and Sophie Fleming
Prize: Cake donated by online cake company Cinta Cakes Bakes

Other highly commended entries were rewarded by a bottle of fine Extra Virgin Olive oil donated by Blu Kouzina. Thank you to our staff and students for generously supporting this event, we are very proud to announce that $1162 was raised for the Cancer Council.
Check out the AIS Facebook page for more photos of the amazing cakes from the competition!

Technology Department

Visual Arts

Year 11 Visual Arts HSC and DP students were recently accompanied by their Art teachers Mr Coulter and Ms McKiernan on a fabulous five day immersion trip to the Bali Centre for Artistic Creativity (BCAC) in Ubud, Bali.

Ubud is a visual feast, surrounded by most of the features that attract people to Bali; scenic rice fields, small villages, art and craft communities, ancient temples, palaces, rivers, cheap accommodation and fantastic art galleries. It is known for its rich Balinese culture and the Arts. It was a fantastic opportunity for students and staff to leave their usual classroom environment and truly engage themselves with new creative possibilities and artistic experiences that certainly enhanced their own understanding of art and artmaking practices.

The fabulous studio space was under the tutelage of Director Bruce Sherratt who is an international educator with over 45 years’ experience. Our intention was to work together to inspire and direct the students in their artistic and also spiritual appreciation of Balinese culture. It is good arts practice for inspiring young artists to get a different perspective and learn about new and different skills and techniques to enhance and possibility shape their own art making practices.

Throughout the program many experiences we offer; we went on an incredible 25km cycling trip from Mt Batur through the villages and temples during the Hindu Gulungan celebrations. We had spectacular lunches in beautiful traditional Balinese bales amongst the rice paddies. We learnt about the importance of traditional natural medicines and tasted the local coffee and cocoa in a planation and visited the Ubud traditional craft markets. On many occasions we visited both traditional museums and contemporary galleries to see influences of Impressionist and Expressionist reprsentation. For the first time this year, we also introduced a sculptural component where students made dragonfly’s out of bamboo with the assistance of local craftsman. Students had the opportunity to learn about the symbolism of ritual offerings with some of the local ladies who showed them how to construct them. One morning we went on a fabulous artists walk along Campuhan Ridge where the first European artists painted scenes of exotic Bali to send home. Students also explored Rudolph Steiner colour theories for the structure of colourful expression symbolic meanings. As a result of all of these rich and awe inspiring experiences we gained a better understanding of the Balinese culture and a sense of place. It certainly gave our work greater depth of meaning and significance. This allows for greater access to the higher marking bands in assessment.

The artworks created by the end of our five day course were simply outstanding. Bruce claims they (both the students and the paintings) are the best he has ever seen out of any group he has had the pleasure of meeting. The artistic potential of the students at the Australian International School were revealed as a result of this liberation of budding expressive energy. While participating in the exercises at BCAC, student’s imagination and creative possibilities were realised in our beautiful Surrealistic paintings that they are so proud of and will soon adorn the corridors of our school along with the previous year’s creation.

Mr Nick Coulter
Head of Visual Art