CCA - Mr Michael Farrell

Chess CCA

During Semester 1 the advanced chess students have enjoyed playing chess against a range of players. This term they prepared and presented their favourite chess moves to the group. All the students enjoyed learning from each other.

My favourite thing about chess is . . .

‘It is a time pass game and it is even a patience game. It is really fun!’

‘Getting to relax in a quiet environment and being able to play with friends and the fact that chess requires a lot of thinking’

‘That you don’t know what your opponent will do next. Also that you can use different strategies to beat strategies’
‘I get to verse someone and we always get a turn to play chess’

‘That it is a very old game’

‘Gaining strategies and showing my skills to others’
‘Coming to chess club to play and getting better every day. Also playing at home to improve your chess’

‘The fact that you have to use your brain to think about what move to make next’

‘Learning new moves playing against people that are my level in chess. Playing with my friends and winning against them’

‘It is all about strategy and fun! I also like it because eyou can verse new people’

‘That you get to play with your friends. You can learn new strategies and improve them’

‘Playing against other people and learning new strategies’

Mrs Steggles
Chess CCA

Chinese Dance CCA

Chinese Dance CCA was started to give the students an opportunity to learn more about Chinese culture and beauty. The students not only learnt about the different steps and choreography of Chinese dance, they also learnt the meaning and significance behind every step and posture of the dance.

In Term 1, students started by learning the Chinese fan dance. They learnt to coordinate their movements by counting in Mandarin to synchronise their dance steps. The students had a fun time swinging and waving the Chinese fans in coordination with the famous Chinese classic music, The Jasmine Flower. They learnt different dance steps and postures to form a beautiful Jasmine flower dance story. The students also had the opportunity to learn and improve by taking turns to perform for their friends and give constructive feedback and comments to one another. It was an exciting and enjoyable session for the girls.

Ms Siow
Chinese Dance CCA

Graphic Design CCA

There are a range of students attending Graphic Design CCA from Year 6 to Year 8. So far this year we have been designing and painting personal ornamental masks. Students explored Venetian masks for ideas and inspiration to inform their designs and overall composition. Researching, planning and drawing drafts and devising colour schemes is always an important factor in the design process. Our teacher Ms McKiernan demonstrated and helped us paint them in a very creative yet professional looking way.

We have just about finished our artworks and are really impressed with how they are looking! We could keep and use it for ourselves or perhaps it will make a lovely gift for one of my family members or friends.

Every Wednesday is a lot of fun with Ms McKiernan. We also listen to our favourite tunes in the background; we have improved in our painting skills as well!

Students of Graphic Design CCA

Sailvega CCA

“Service from the heart” is the motto in Sailvega and we have worked tirelessly this semester to ensure that the Vega can commence her 2014 voyage of humanitarian work with the ‘wish list’ of supplies that we received in 2013.

Just over 300 of the old school back-packs, library and lunch bags were filled with kindly donated stationary, school supplies and of course, who can forget our wonderfully donated pre-loved plush toys from the Elementary School! The bags were finally loaded onto the Vega by 13 very dedicated Secondary students after a very physically demanding move from school to Keppel Marina!

In addition, we purchased boxes of educational supplies and toys for a struggling school in Timor Leste and two dopler heart-rate monitors to be used in the mobile clinics that ply the remote islands of Indonesia on the Vega. The additional $8000 that we fundraised will, for the very first time, help to fulfill the demanding medical needs of the Bairo Pite Clinic and the philanthropic work of Dr. Dan clinics in Timor Leste. Needless to say, we can’t wait for the photos!

Last week we commenced our 2015 fundraising in earnest with lolly bags being sold at the swimming carnival and a drinks stall at the AISPA Fish and Chip night! Stay tuned for our Semester 2 initiatives: more Friday lunchtime satay stalls, the world’s biggest chocolate raffle (ok, maybe not the world, but definitely Singapore!) and an awesome Year 6 – 8 Read-a-thon!!

For more information on the Vega and the humanitarian work that we help support, go to

Ms Gover and Mrs Johnson
Sailvega CCA