EAL - Mr Tim Hudson

Dates to Remember

Tuesday, 10 June

Senior Musical Rehearsal


Coral Dixon Theatre

Year 6/7 PMC and Year 6 EAL
Language Excursion

All Day

Singapore Zoo
Year 6/7 PMC & Year 6 EAL Students

Wednesday, 11 June

APSMO Math Olympiad 2014

Period 2 (Year 6)
Period 3 (Year 8)
Period 5 (Year 7)

Senior Building Rooms 305/301
Year 6, 7 & 8 Selected Students

GCSE D&T Graphics Final Exam

1.30pm – 4pm

Year 10 D&T Students

Year 12 DP English Literature Internal Assessment

8.30am – 12.30pm

Senior Library
Year 12

Interim Reports Distributed
Year  10


Year 10

Thursday, 12 June

Senior Musical Rehearsal


Coral Dixon Theatre

ICE Festival – Set Up & Final Rehearsal

All Day + 4pm– 6pm

Oval, Sml Gym, Big Gym, Theatre, Canteen, Bus Bay Undercroft
Selected Students Year 6 - 12

Friday, 13 June

ICE Festival

All Day

Secondary School Staff and Students

Friday 20 June

Year 6-9/11 Reports posted



Term 3

Wednesday, 9 July

SL & New Staff Return to School

All Day


Thursday, 10 July

All POR & TA Staff Return to School

All Day


Thursday, 10 July – 15 July

Year 10 – 11 Indonesian Language Trip

All Day

Indonesia Yogyarta
Years 10 – 11

Friday, 11 July

All Staff Return to School

All Day


Monday, 14 July

Start of Term 3

School begins at 8.25am


Information subject to change, correct at date of circulation. 

Parents are urged to check their child’s Assessment Calendar on the Student Portal.  This will provide details of forthcoming assessments.

Dear Parents,

It was my great pleasure to attend the Annual Music Ensemble Evening on Wednesday at the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music Concert Hall.  This was a spectacular event that brought together students from throughout the entire School. 

ICE, “the coolest day of the year”, will take place next Friday.  Our school motto is “Globally focused, distinctly Australian” and the School strives to live to this sentiment in all that we undertake. I do not think that any event does this more than ICE.  For most of the Secondary School this is the highlight of the year.  This event celebrates the diversity of culture that is prevalent at AIS and in Australia as a nation.  I look forward to the activities planned for the day.  The School Captaincy Team working closely with their staff mentors, Mr Michael Farrell, Ms Kirsten Murphy and Mr Paul Carney, have planned a brilliant day.  I am most appreciative of their efforts.  

Mr Andre Casson
Head of Secondary

Dates to Remember

Wednesday, 11 June

Prep Swimming Carnival

AIS Swimming Pool

Friday, 13 June

ICE Festival – Dress up day

Various Locations

Friday, 13 June

End of Term 2


Monday, 14 July

Start of Term 3


Elementary School Notices / Announcements

On Friday, 13 June the Elementary School will be taking part in AIS’ International Cultural Experience, also known as ICE. 

This is a school-wide celebration of the 50+ nationalities within our student body, as well as the cultures many of our students will have also experienced during their travels.

We are very fortunate to be able to celebrate this with the Secondary School through the fun and engaging opening ceremony as well as the ICE showcase. This is a concert that highlights a selection of cultural performances from the Secondary School.

The rest of our ICE day will be spent engaging in Year Level activities, highlighting the wonderful array of cultures we have at AIS. Children will be exploring foods, activities, music as well as having an international dress up day.

Preschool - New Classroom and Staff Notice
We are excited to announce that due to overwhelming demand for Preschool places we will be opening a new class in Term 3 called ‘The Kookaburras.’

This week we are also able to announce the return of a very experienced and highly qualified classroom teacher, Jude Winten, who returns to Singapore and the Australian International School.   

We look forward to welcoming back a valued and dedicated former staff member to our team in Term 3.