Dates to Remember

Monday, 14 – Friday, 18 July

Year 1 – Story Teller Incursion

Year 1 Pod area and classrooms

Thursday, 17 July

Upper Elementary Production Rehearsal

Year 5 Pod
3:30pm – 5:00pm 

Tuesday, 15 July – Friday, 18 July

Year 5 Camp A


Saturday, 19 July

Upper Elementary Production Rehearsal

12:00pm – 5:00pm

Tuesday, 22 - Friday, 25 July

Year 5 Camp B


Elementary School Notices / Announcements

CCA Program Semester 2

The Enrichment and Sport CCA Schedules for Semester 2, 2014 are now available for viewing on the School’s portal here (click here). You will need your parent login details to access the school portal.

Online registrations for the Semester 2 CCA Program will commence at 10am on Monday, 14 July 2014 and close at 4pm on Wednesday, 16 July 2014. Please ensure your parent login details are working properly prior to the commencement of registration. Please also refer to the Schedules prior to completing the online registration so you are aware of when and where the activity is taking place and any associated costs.

Should you have misplaced your login details or have trouble logging in please contact the AIS IT Help Desk for assistance. This help desk is manned Monday – Friday from 9am – 5pm. 

The CCA Program will commence in Week 3. However, the majority of Representative Sports will commence in Week 2 as noted on the Schedules.

The Ang Daun Pis Village Learning Centre

What happens when we empower students to take action as a result of their learning? Schools get built, children have access to education and we live our mission and vision.

The Ang Daun Pis Village Learning Centre came about through the efforts of the Elementary school students last year mostly through the read-a-thon. The school has been built on a site that experiences much of the atrocities initiated by the Khmer Rouge and is now a place of opportunity and learning. It was an incredible privilege for Darren Campbell, Debbie Duffield and I to travel to the village last Friday.

Below is an edited section of my message to the community at the official opening of the school:

"...We are here representing the AIS community, staff, parents and most importantly the students. It has been the students who have had the vision, passion and determination to make your school a reality.

Our children love coming to school and they love learning. One of our school values is Opportunity. Our students want you to have the same opportunity to come to school and be equipped to do wonderful things like our students are empowered to do.

We see today as the start of a friendship where we can learn more about each other and our communities and like our school mission our hope is that your school will ....enable you to realise your potential through exceptional opportunities, within a nurturing community which equips you to flourish in life and to make a difference for good."

Mignon Weckert
Head of Elementary


What a wonderful semester we have had, during which many exciting happenings have occurred that we have been able to share with you.

As a climax to our Units of Inquiry there have been opportunities this week for our Younger Group to engage in wet play and the Older Group taking water conservation action following their inquiry into responsible uses of water.

Wet Play in Younger Groups
Getting Soaked!!!-Connecting with our Preschool Community

The Wallabies joined the Emus and Platypus classes for wet play on Monday and Wednesday. The children were provided with a variety of science and art learning experiences, such as measuring the volume of water using cups, funnels and plastic containers, feeling the texture of shaving foam, feeling the temperature of ‘ice cubes’, ‘ice chalks’ and sliding on the green tarp over the sand pit.  Below are the children’s reflections on their learning experience:

Callum: I love all of it.
Ari: Getting wet…playing with the shaving foam.
Jacob: Playing with the can with water in it.
Kye Wen: I like water.
Nico: It was slippery…kids fell down…must be careful.
MJ: There was ice.


Preschoolers Take Action

Have you noticed the posters around the Preschool from the Crocodiles’ Class (Older Group)             


Father’s Day Preparations

We hope all Dads will be suitably surprised on Singapore Fathers’ Day this Sunday, 15 June.

The children took great pleasure in painstakingly choosing from the array of goodies to spend their $2 on.
In class, special wrapping and card writing has been occurring using all those developing fine motor skills and “caring attributes” for their special Dad. Thanks go to the AIS Parents’ Association Volunteers who again willingly gave up their time to provide this service for our Preschoolers. 

You may be very surprised at your children’s choice of ‘must have’ items for their dad, it always brings a smile to us as we watch their intense concentration as each child chooses their special gift.

Networking Tours
We regularly share our Early Years practice with colleagues and this week received these acknowledgements from fellow Early Childhood professionals from the Singapore International School sector:

"Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule this morning to host our visit to the Early Years at AIS.  The visit reaffirmed some of our existing early years practices and the plans we have made for the next academic year."

"Thank you so much for taking the time this morning to show us round your wonderful Early Years department. I am sure we all took away many fantastic ideas. The children are very lucky!"

For those leaving AIS Preschool and / or Singapore we wish you good luck, knowing that your child’s Preschool experience with us will hold them in good stead in their future endeavors.

Farewell and may we take the opportunity to wish you and your families a wonderful mid-year break.  Enjoy spending quality time with those you love, wherever in the world that may be!

Judy and Kirsti
Head of Preschool / Assistant Head of Preschool

Lower Elementary School

The highlight in the Lower Elementary School this week was undoubtedly the Prep Swimming Carnival. Similar to the Year 1 and 2 carnivals, this was an opportunity for the Prep students to demonstrate their swimming skills in an authentic way. The carnival was designed to maximise the time spent in the water, having fun, being active and using some of the skills developed through the Swim Scheme that has been undertaken over the past month.

Students were involved in four activities, each designed to demonstrate different skills. The activities were:

Big Swim: Students swim across the pool, when they reach the side they climb out and walk back around the pool to do it again. Each time they complete a lap they earn a house point.

Treasure hunt: Swimmers will take turns retrieving treasure for the team. Some treasure will float and some will not! Each piece of treasure retrieved equates to 1 house point for their team.

Boat crossing: Each house ferries one student across the pool at a time by pushing the raft along. When they reach the other side they climb out and swap with other students from their house who ferry another player back for the return journey. 1 point each time a student travels across on the raft.

Big splash: Students may jump or dive from the edge of the pool, or off the blocks at the deep end. Each time they jump in they get a point.

It was a wonderful morning for the students who all participated enthusiastically and had lots of fun. An enormous thank you to the crowds of parents who came along to support their child. Particular thanks to Mrs Miranda Teves, Head of Elementary Sport, for her dedication in planning, preparing and facilitating the carnival on the day.

Please see below results from the Prep Swimming Carnival for 2014.










1st =       Derwent
2nd =       Lachlan
3rd =       Fitzroy
4th =       Murray

Elementary School Mandarin Program

To conclude Term 2, students from Prep to Year 5 have reflected upon their Mandarin study for Semester 1. Their progress in all areas has been documented in a variety of different forms, including assignments, assessments, photos and videos. Students have been enjoying learning this language and are eager to share with parents their fine achievements in this subject. As teachers, we feel proud that we are seeing our students moving forward at a steady rate. We would like to thank parents for their strong support. It is now the time to celebrate the efforts of young learners. Below are some quotes from the children that demonstrate serious thinking and keen interest.

Deborah Devasagayam (2BU): “I am proud of myself because I am amazed of how much Chinese I can speak.”

Jack Streeter (3E): “I’ve learnt so much this semester. It’s been really fun playing lots of games with the rest of the class. It’s been great learning about drink words and everything else. It’s been a great experience.”

Georgie Bignell (4L) “I am really enjoying Chinese this year. I really loved learning the foods. I most enjoyed doing the menu and making combination words. I feel like I am learning a lot this year. I am having lots of fun.”

James O’Reilly (5C)
“I have enjoyed Chinese this year because I have learnt lots of new things and at least 3 new words a day. What I have learnt is really interesting.”
Insert Mandarin photos

Dee Dee Gao
Elementary Mandarin Coordinator