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19 August 2015

Nutritionist Leads Healthy Lunch Workshop At Early Years Centre

Published by Wai Yan Yip

The Early Years Centre welcomed Vanessa McNarama, The Travelling Dietitian, to lead an interactive workshop for 30 parents on tips and recipe ideas for healthy, easy-to-make and kid-friendly school lunches.

Vanessa shared the importance of packing healthy snacks and meals for children as what they consume in a school day makes up more than half of their daily nutritional needs.

She shared samples of lunchboxes that cover all the vital food groups in appropriate proportions, demonstrating the importance of having enough vegetable, fruit and protein servings a day and limiting the number of treats to once or twice a week.

Her advice for parents with picky eaters is to involve the children in the food preparation process by inviting them for grocery shopping and packing the lunch. This practice makes children more excited to eat foods that they would normally leave untouched.

Vanessa also discussed how what's in a child's lunch can make them a more successful student, as a nutritious and well-balanced diet is key to building healthy individuals who can concentrate better and have more energy to participate fully in class.

This workshop is one of a series of sessions held at the Early Years Centre on topics relevant to the parenting community.

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