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09 June 2014

New School Opens In Cambodia, Thanks To The AIS Elementary School.

Published by Claire Ettinger

Money raised by Elementary School students at AIS last year through our annual read-a-thon has been put to a very good cause - building a new school in a village outside of Phonm Penh, Cambodia.

The Annual AIS Read-a-thon, which in 2013 was organised and promoted by two of our Year 12 students, raised close to $60,000, enabling AIS to support the creation of a purpose-built school building for older students (grade 7 - grade 9).  Previously, the 280 students shared just one teaching space, meaning that they had to come to school in shifts. The impact this had on their learning was considerable, with many dropping out before they took their high school examinations. The students now have a school with multiple building which can house them all.

Attending the opening of the school last week were Mignon Weckert, Head of Elementary School, Deb Duffield and Darren Campbell (Community and Service Coordinators at AIS).  They spent time speaking with representaitves from the school and the surrounding villages to understand more about the challenges they face keeping these young adults in education, what additional resources they still require, and also what impact the actions of our community has already had and will continue to have in the lives of the children attending the school.

Well done to all the AIS students who supported this cause!

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