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09 June 2017

Exciting New Renovations Planned For 2017

Published by Rachel Bennett

Over the upcoming six months the Australian International School will be investing more than $8m in the renovation of a significant number of areas that are used on a daily basis by a large number of our students. The details of these spaces and expected timeframes are as follows:

Main School Oval: Mid-June to Mid-August

Many hundreds of AIS students use the current main school Oval on a weekly basis – it is a key space for our sporting teams, as well as being a well-utilised space for daily play and for some of our annual family and community events.

The current all-weather surface was installed in 2011 and now requires a complete replacement. In renovating this space, we have taken the opportunity to extend the playing surface, giving us a total new area of 5,670sqm. The surface will be cushioned through the use of the highest quality shock pads available along with the innovatively-designed blades of ‘grass’. The infill will be replaced by a material called ‘Zeolite’, which absorbs more water and disperses it slower, keeping the surface cooler. It will be guaranteed for 10 years and a rigorous maintenance schedule will be put in place to keep it in a good condition for as long as possible. In addition we will no longer have to be concerned about rubber being transported to homes and around the campus from the big pitch on children’s shoes!

The new playing field has been designed to be used for as many sporting events as possible. It will be fully-lined for both rugby, touch and football, (soccer for both 7-a-side and 11-a-side matches) as well as incorporating two small 5-a-side football pitches on the southern end of the field. 18-metre high netting will be installed on three sides to ensure the safety of everyone around the area.

Small Gym: Mid-July – Mid-October

Our Small Gym, which is used daily for our PE and sports programs, as well as representative sports competitions, has been in operation since 2002 and is in need of complete renovation. The new space will incorporate:

  • A sprung-timber floor
  • 1.3m high padded walls
  • An acoustic panelled ceiling
  • New speakers, monitors and scoreboard
  • Double-glazed acoustic glass windows

The impact of this renovation will be significant because we will now have an appropriate space for all students during their PE lessons and many of our sports teams while they practice and compete.

Coral Dixon Theatre: August – December

Our current school theatre was also completed in 2002, when the School first opened on this campus. The Theatre is one of the most well-used spaces in the School as it hosts three drama productions each year, as well as being used for countless student, staff and parent events.

Exact details for the renovation are currently being considered by the key departments at the School who use this space on a regular basis (music, drama and academic teams). Final plans will be shared when we have more details, however, the considerations for the team are:

  • A complete refresh and modernisation of the current decor 
  • (carpets, seats, auditorium lighting)
  • Professional stage flooring and an extension of the stage
  • State of the art lighting, sound and audio/visual equipment
  • Increase in the amount of audience seating
  • Refurbishment of backstage storage areas and green room
  • Extension of the sound and lighting box
  • Sound-proofing of walls
  • New air-conditioning system

Lower Elementary School under-croft play area: Mid-December – Late-January

Following the complete renovation of the Elementary School Oval and play equipment in 2015/2016, the Lower Elementary School Team are turning their heads to the final play space in this area; the under-croft. This is currently a hard bitumen floor, as it is a necessary fire access point for the building. However, with our students in mind, the team intends to re-develop this area as a more conducive play area for them, resurfacing as much of the space as possible with soft-fall flooring, and include seating and high-value play spaces for our younger students to enjoy, come rain or shine.

As with the Theatre renovations, plans for this space are currently being developed by the teaching teams and further details will be shared when they are ready.

Other renovations: Mid-June – Mid-January

Following the opening of the Early Learning Village and final changes to traffic flow, the location of our current Gate 3 reception will be relocated to a new area opposite the new Early Learning Village drop-off. This will necessitate a number of works to non-teaching spaces on the Lower Elementary School campus during the Semester 2 period, which will include:

  • New Gate 3 Reception and Drop-off / Pick Up Area
  • Expansion and relocation of the Parent Café
  • Relocation of the Junior School Canteen
  • Development of new office spaces for the Elementary Executive team on the ground floor which will provide greater access to parents and students

Bathroom renovations:

During the past two years we have completely refurbished a number of bathrooms across the School. We are continuing with these improvements with plans underway to completely renew the bathrooms between our two gyms as well as the swimming pool change rooms.

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