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10 March 2017

Students Make Art Project called 'Erub Arts' to Raise Awareness about Sea life

Published by Rachel Bennett

Before the start of Term 1, AIS created a partnership with the Australian High Commission, Asian Civilisations Museum and ReDot for a project called ‘Erub Arts’.

Erub, also known as Darnley Island, is one of the most remote communities in Australia, located 160km north east of Queensland's Cape York Peninsula. This beautiful volcanic island situated on the edge of the Great Barrier Reef is home to approximately 400 Erubam people. Among other things, the small community arts group make sculptures out of reclaimed ‘ghost’ net fishing line in order to raise awareness of how abandoned fishing lines are damaging ocean habitats and putting sea creatures in danger.

Year 4 students at AIS have been learning about the project since Week 1 and their sculptures are now starting to take shape! Once completed, they will form part of the Children’s Festival at the Asian Civilisations Museum from May - September.

Layla Ettinger, from class 4FO spoke to us about the project: “Our art project this term is all about raising awareness of ghost nets which are fishing nets that are lost at sea and then kill sea creatures like turtles, sharks, dolphins and sometimes even divers! If we aren’t more careful then all that sea life is going to be destroyed!

“We have been practicing different sewing techniques, cutting the ghost nets up and creating coils which are the start of our turtle’s shells.

“It’s great to be part of a real art exhibition so I’m excited but also nervous as loads of people are going to see my art!”

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