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29 February 2016

AIS Generates Solar Electricity with Sun Electronics

Published by Wai Yan Yip

AIS has partnered with Sun Electric, the first solar energy company to obtain an electricity retail license in Singapore, to generate solar electricity for consumers in Singapore.

Sun Electric's SolarSpace platform enables consumers to purchase blends of clean energy – through four tailored packages - even if they do not have their own roof to install solar panels.  AIS has become a pioneer in this program, enabling the school roof to be installed with solar panels capable of producing a megawatt of electricity that will be supplied to the City wide grid for smaller consumers of energy to purchase. 

"Smaller consumers of energy, such as SMEs, can now do their part for the environment and sustainability by adopting clean energy.” said Sun Electric CEO Dr Matthew Peloso.

Sun Electric will also facilitate an educational program at AIS, creating an interface for students to visualise the generation and impact of solar electricity through a component of the science and sustainability curriculum.

Andre Casson, Principal at AIS comments: “Educating the next generation about the environment and sustainability is critical to the future of our planet. Our partnership with Sun Electric places this exciting project at the heart of our sustainability curriculum, as a real-life example of what can be achieved.  Our students will have the ability to use real data to understand the mechanics and impact of this initiative which can only enhance the learning experience and improve the impact that our students have on the future.”

Dr Matthew Peloso continued: “One of the important things we see is to use the dense amount of data that we obtain through all the smart meters and systems that are being implemented throughout the city. Consumers will get a wealth of information about the electricity flows, the origin of the energy and we are trying to make that information accessible. Students at the Australian International School will also be able to see the performance of the electrical systems in the building due to the different kinds of factors like sunny or rainy days, opening up that information publically means that people see where energy comes from.”

Read reports on this exciting project from the media here.

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