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03 May 2018

Top 5 Foods That Could Positively Affect Your Child’s Mood

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A British comedy film released in 1950, entitled The Happiest Days of Your Life, features an amusing plot twist. During the Blitz, girls at an exclusive London school are mistakenly evacuated to a school for boys in the English countryside. More recently, British comedian Paul Merton commented: “My school days were the happiest days of my life; which should give you some indication of the misery I’ve endured over the past twenty-five years.”

As a grownup, you can probably identify with the idea that school days are blissfully happy, free from adult concerns. However, being in school today is not necessarily a carefree experience. For some young people, anxiety about exams or experiences of being bullied affect their lives negatively. Then there are the more intangible yet universal stresses of growing up that arise from simply trying to fit in or deal with changes triggered by adolescence.

Mood swings are one important indicator of children who are worried or feeling stressed.

Moods and foods

The science of how food affects your mood is based on the knowledge that dietary changes can alter your brain structure, both psychologically and chemically, which may, in turn, lead to altered moods and behavior. For families living in or moving to Singapore, the Australian International School (AIS) offers a well-thought out catering provision, which means that your children enjoy nutritionally balanced food options at every stage of their education. This encourages them to engage in healthy eating habits as they grow.

For example, particular foods that are known to be beneficial for your children’s moods include:

1. Salmon

2. Organic eggs

3. Whole grains and oats

4. Dark leafy greens

5. Legumes

You will also find that eating berries and drinking plenty of water has very positive effects and can help your children be happier and more productive and in Singapore's equatorial climate, staying hydrated is a must....which is why you'll rarely see a student at AIS without a water bottle to hand.

Salmon and oily fish

Salmon contains a form of Omega-3 called DHA, and also a range of B vitamins, which scientific studies have shown is vital for brain development in children. It’s also known to support learning abilities. The same can be said of tuna, mackerel and fish oils in general. Salmon is a natural mood enhancer and may reduce the risk of depression. It’s a rich source of quality amino acids and protein, thus helping to regulate appetite and sleep patterns.

Organic eggs

Protein contains various amino acids that increase specific hormone levels such as epinephrine, dopamine and nor-epinephrine. These will help you and your child to feel alert, energized, and positive. Besides the focus on eggs, you should also encourage your child to eat low-fat dairy products like beans, lean cuts of meat and tofu, to make sure they get adequate amounts of protein.

Whole grains and oats

The amino acid tryptophan is present in many whole grains. It occurs naturally and your body needs it to produce melatonin and serotonin. Serotonin is well known as the feel-good hormone, which improves mood and relaxes your body as well as your brain, while melatonin helps establish and maintain regular sleep patterns. As a mood booster, oats are effective because of their low glycemic index (GI) and the mineral selenium. This means they release energy into the bloodstream slowly, so you and your family can avoid the kind of blood sugar rush that often descends into irritability.

Dark leafy greens

While there are mood-regulating substances such as dopamine in organic eggs and serotonin in whole grains, dark leafy greens such as spinach contain both and are additionally rich in folate. In fact, all dark leafy greens (think broccoli and chards) are great for calming kids’ nerves, as are fruit and many other vegetables, with the exception of dried fruit and fruit juice.


Beans of all kinds are remarkable when it comes to better physical and mental health. Choose from black beans, chickpeas, lentils, split peas or kidney beans, to name just a few, that are packed with nutrients. These will help your child benefit from increased levels of calcium, copper, folate, iron, magnesium and zinc, thereby improving their mood.

Chartwell’s unique Smart Food Program in the AIS school canteen follows the ‘Fresh Food First’ philosophy, offering the very best of fresh seasonal produce and a great range of options.

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Security and Retention: The School will ensure that your personal data is always secure by implementing appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorised access, collection, use, disclosure, copying or modification of your personal data, in particular when the processing of data involves third parties. The School will only retain your and your child(ren)’s personal data for so long as there is a legitimate business or legal reason for retaining the personal data or if required by any law.

You can read our full school policy here

Student Parent Portal for Online Learning

The relationship between student, school and home is critical to building a successful partnership. We understand that communication is an essential element of the educational journey, which is why at AIS we use an online learning environment, Connect AIS, to streamline communication and provide easy access to your child’s learning journey. Features include:

  • Your primary source for information; access to the weekly school newsletter and up-to-date information on School activities, events, Canteen menu and more.
  • Providing visibility of your child’s assessment tasks allowing you to track progress to completion 
  • Ability for two-way communication with your child’s teachers, CCA leaders and school staff. 
  • Homework assignments are listed online which allows for additional engagement, assisting with delivery of homework and the opportunity to celebrate your child’s progression on their educational journey.  

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*New AIS families, please note your login details are not active until the first day of school. Details of how to access the site will be send directly to you from the IT Department. 

If you have any trouble logging in or have misplaced your login details please contact for assistance

School Nursing Team

Nurses are on site from 7am to 5pm Monday to Thursday and 7am - 3.30pm on Fridays during school term.

There are two nurses located in the main campus at the front of the School adjacent to Reception (Nurses Room). Another two nurses are located in the Lower Elementary School campus (Health Centre) adjacent to the undercroft area near the playground.

The Nursing Team provides health care for students during the school day and is also available to provide information and education to parents and teachers on any health related issue of relevance to the AIS community . The Nursing Team maintains a comprehensive database of all children and provides additional support for families with allergies and/or medical conditions.

If medication needs to be administered to your child at any time, please download and complete the Request to Administer Medication form and provide the completed form and medication to the Nursing Team. Students are not permitted to self medicate while at school.

You can contact the AIS Nursing Team here via email.

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Our School Canteen

Canteen services are a critical part of the School’s provision, not least because we are all aware that nutritionally balanced food options for children can encourage them to engage in healthy eating habits as they continue to grow.

The two AIS canteens are managed for the School by Chartwells. Chartwells is a leading provider of food service to schools and universities around the world and has a food philosophy of “Healthy Food, Healthy Kids and a Healthy Planet”.

Its core message of “Eat, Learn & Live” provides a healthy, nutritious and delicious food selection which helps students to develop, learn and perform at their best. The Smart Food Programme takes a “Fresh Food First” approach that encourages nutritionally-balanced food choices that are tailored to meet the Singapore-specific guidelines and the USDA Dietary Guidelines.

All the new AIS menus reflect the parent and student feedback that Chartwells has gathered over the last few months. If you have any questions or comments, or if you would like more information on any particular food area please email the team at

Feedback can also be provided direct to the School, via our Parent Experience and Helpdesk on

Food choices for Early Years and Lower Elementary School students

During the consultation period, there were lengthy discussions with parents and staff about what menu choices should be available for pre-order for the Early Years and Lower Elementary School students. A special menu has been designed which allows our students to choose from a selection of hot main meals including a simple rice or pasta option. Every meal will be presented in a ‘lunchbox’ style container and will be served with some fresh fruit. 

Each of these meals is available for pre-order only and will be served out of the Junior Canteen. You can view the menu here and can pre-order it here

Food choices for Upper Elementary School and Secondary School students

As well as revamping the Main Canteen area, Chartwells has devised a brand new weekly menu, the first week of which can be seen here. Alongside the main meal choices, there will also be the option of buying freshly made sandwiches at Mondo Subs as well as there being a large selection of snacks and drinks (which can be viewed here). There is also a new breakfast menu (the menu can be seen here) and a daily BBQ meal. 

Parent Cafe

The AIS Parent Café, also managed by Chartwells, is a stand-alone venue with its own menu, and acts as a meeting point for parents away from the bustle of the main canteens. Parents are asked to note that unaccompanied children are not permitted in the AIS Parent Café (with the exception of Year 12 students who may purchase items in the café during school hours for consumption elsewhere). 

You can view the food and beverage menu here.

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Our School Uniform

Uniform Distributor for AIS

AIS school uniform items are sold and distributed solely by Lim Meng Keng Department Store, located at Holland Village Shopping Centre.

Lim Meng Keng is a well-known uniform provider, servicing the needs of other top International Schools in Singapore. They are based at Holland Village Shopping Centre and offer the added benefit to our community of being to operate open much longer opening hours than the School is able to facilitate. See below for Contact Information for Lim Meng Keng.

Families can choose from three flexible service options: 

  1. Visit Lim Meng Keng Department Store direct to fit and purchase AIS uniform items on the day;
  2. Fit and order at the AIS Uniform Shop on the school campus, and then pick up and pay at Lim Meng Keng Department Store direct when the order is ready for collection; or
  3. Fit and order at the AIS Uniform Shop on the school campus, and then return to the AIS Uniform Shop to collect from Lim Meng Keng and make payment (Lim’s will visit AIS every Monday during term time between 2-4pm to facilitate this service).

The AIS Uniform Shop will operate the following services only:

  • The display and fitting of all school uniform items (Formal, PE and House)
  • Placing order of uniforms for parents to Lim Meng Keng
  • Sale of Representative Sports uniforms (as used by AIS sports team players). These items will only be sold at the AIS Uniform Shop and will not be available at Lim Meng Keng Department Store
  • Sale of assorted accessories
  • Should you have any questions regarding the new Uniform Distributor or the AIS Uniform Shop, I would encourage you to speak with our Parent Helpdesk Manager in the first instance who will be very happy to assist you.

Lim Meng Keng Contact Information

Address: #02-18 Holland Road Shopping Centre (above Cold Storage), 211 Holland Avenue Singapore 278967

Operating Hours:
Monday – Saturday 10:15 am – 7:45 pm
Sunday and Public Holidays 10:30 am – 6:00 pm (except Christmas Day and Chinese New Year)

Contact:  +65 6468 3655

Bus:  7, 61, 75, 77, 106, 165, 970

MRT: Holland Village Station, Exit C

AIS Uniform Shop Contact Information

Monday - Friday

Morning: 8.00am - 12pm
Afternoon: 1.00pm - 3.45pm

Closed for lunch break: 12pm - 1pm 

Foundation building, next to Gate 1 Reception, AIS Campus.

Shoe Provider Contact Information

Students can purchase Start-Rite shoes at the following:

  1. Shop online at Delivery within 5 business days. 
  2. Sonya Q located at #02-26A Holland Rd Shopping Centre (opposite Lim Meng Kee uniform shop)
    Operating hours:
    Mon to Sat , 11:00-7:00 pm
    Sunday and public holidays, 11:00 am to 5:30pm
    Contact: 6467 8303
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