We know that the benefits of studying a second language go far beyond the immediate and include improved intellectual and academic potential. There are positive effects on English vocabulary, grammar and communication skills that can aid a child develop whether they are in Early Years, Elementary or Secondary school.

Consider the inextricable links that now exist globally between people, commerce and economies, and the extraordinary confluence of cultures in Singapore. At the Australian International School your child can take advantage of our multi-cultural learning environment and extensive language programs in the Early Years, Elementary and Secondary School curriculums.

To maximize this advantage for our students we offer daily Mandarin classes from Nursery through to Year 5 and then the option to continue Mandarin, Indonesian (Bahasa) or French for 220 minutes per week in the Secondary School.

Our native English speaking students study English language and literature within the curriculum, we offer a progressive high level Mother Tongue program in Elementary and Secondary School that creates equivalent opportunities for our non-native English speaking students. Courses are offered on demand - current programs include Korean, Japanese, Mandarin, Spanish, French and Indonesian.

This sits alongside our comprehensive EAL(English as an Additional Language) program, designed to improve English language skills for those non-native speaking students studying at AIS.

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